Christmas is one of those festivals which has a larger than life people celebrating it. It is a fun filled experience for one and all. Everyone loves to enjoy at Christmas. Food, games, love, everything is in abundance. This exuberance is experienced by all who celebrate Christmas. We can find people from every ethnicity, culture, and part of the world celebrating Christmas. Snowflakes are an important aspect of Christmas. With all the ice sheets and snow all around in this cold season. We are covered all around with snow and snowflakes. The best way to inculcate that feel and vibe is to make paper snow flakes. We can make these beautiful snowflakes easily. Let us get started.

Paper snowflake Image tutorial

Paper snowflakes are really easy to make. With the right folds and the right kinds of cuts, you can always achieve beautiful paper snowflakes. Usually there are two different kinds of sheet folds used to make snow flakes. The one in which two triangles protrude at the top and the other one is even at the top. Here we will be using the even top fold.

To start with it, start by taking a square sheet of paper. Now give it a diagonal fold. Fold the sheet of paper once again. To make a smaller triangle. Fold it once again. Give it one more fold, halving it once again. Now you have a triangular shape. You can choose from a variety of snowflake cuts to choose from to make your own snowflake. Always make sure that you have substantial amount of paper attached at the folds, or your snowflake will fail.  You can go for straight designs with less intricacies or some wavy or star designs to achieve the fullest of a paper snowflake.

You can either make a collection of single design snowflakes and then decorate your home with them or make different designs to show variety. You can even decorate the snowflakes by using glitter, sparkles, spray paints, cotton, etc. You can take some clues from the given snowflake designs or make some designs of your own. Paper snowflake making is a learning process. You will slowly understand where and when to cut to get a successful snowflake. Make your own snowflakes, color them, beautify them and decorate your home using them.

We hope you liked this beautiful representation and tutorial of Paper Snowflakes. We hope these snowflakes brighten up you Christmas. Merry Christmas to all of you. You can check out other related articles on K4 feed. We would love to know your feedback. You can leave your comments in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such ideas and articles. Keep smiling and creating with K4 feed!

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