Christmas is one of the most beautiful festivals we have. Christmas is a full-on enthusiastic festivity where everyone is looking forward to contributing to the festivities. The toughest part is to add the contribution of highly energetic kids to this festival. But do not worry we have you covered. It is the time of the year when it is so cold outside and the children have their holidays. Let us look at some easy to make crafts.

1. Christmas Tree crafts for kids

To start with Christmas Crafts for Kids, you can ask them to make Christmas trees made of twigs. First, gather small twigs from the house garden or any park nearby. Then make a triangle for the conical area and then add another twig in the middle of the smallest side of the triangle as done in the above image. This will work as a structure so join them tightly. Now take the red and white-colored thread and tie the ends of the twigs. Now, start wrapping the threads around the structure for the design. You can ask them to use artificial leaves for the trees and add some flower buds from the garden. Tie a thread at the top for hanging.

2. Beautiful Christmas decor hangings for kids

You can finally use those worn-out clothes which are colorful and soft for this Christmas Crafts for Kids idea. Ask your kids to cut long strips out of these clothes. Now take a circular disc made of metallic wire and hang it with the help of a ribbon. Use these strips to make hangings by tieing them on the metallic wire as done in the above image. You can tie the knot in the middle of the strips so that they look good from both front and back. If you wish, ask them to cut a Star from a sheet and hang it in the middle of the circular disc. Add pom pom balls for more aesthetics.

3. Easy to make Christmas crafts for kids

The most important step towards art is making exact circles with a pencil. Not so easy for the kids. Ask them to practice this art and then they can make faces with the eyes, smile, and nose. For the ears in these Christmas Crafts for Kids, they can use popsicles sticks as done in the above image. The scissors must be used by the kids in your proper guidance and ask them to refrain from any sharp material in general for safety.

4. Beautiful Christmas tree crafts

This Christmas Crafts for Kids might look tough but actually it is quite is easy. Take a rectangular piece of paper with really long in length. Then ask your kids to cut the paper to make attached strips up to half of the breadth. This will make a pattern. Now use this patter to wrap it around any long cylindrical support such as a long roll. Make sure you decrease the length of the paper around the support and keep it evenly in space between any two consecutive patterns. You will get a conical shape at the top. Now give support below also with the help of large circular cylinder. You can add decorative stones to the tree which are light in weight.

5. Cute Christmas crafts cat

Here the idea is to make a cat out of waste papers that are to be recycled. The sheets are folded such that it makes a coil for the body and a smaller coil for the face. A heart shape cut out from a sheet is attached for the nose and pipes are used for the mustache. Add a conical colorful hat and an ear for this Cute Christmas Cat. You can craft the tail with the help of folding the hard paper. Don’t forget to join all the pieces with glue so that the Cat can stand on the table without falling apart.

6. Pine cone Christmas crafts

The pines have a beautiful appearance and texture which is one of a kind in this craft world. Ask your kids to paint these pines with light colors such as the light shades of pink, yellow, blue or white and then join one cone at the bottom of each. Draw the smile and attach artificial eyes to the cones as done in the image. You can also add a pom pom ball at the pointy end of each figure to make beautiful hedgehogs.

7. Lime Christmas crafts

As told, the art of circles is one of a kind. We can see the arcs everywhere around us. In this Christmas Crafts for Kids, large semicircles are drawn to signify the base of the craft. On these semicircles, the shapes of lime are drawn. You can use colorful charts for this idea. This will help your kids to get started with painting with their careful hands. It will require a bit of attention from them. You can use ribbon to tie the ends of two similar colored limes when one is kept upside down on the other. Refer to the above image for more clarity.

8. Beautiful and easy to make Christmas crafts

Ice creams are loved by most of us no matter if it is winter season or any other. Does making this Christmas Crafts for Kids idea is a compulsion because of our love towards them. With the help of different colored paper, draw and cut the shapes of the edible part of the ice cream. Now, use popsicles sticks at the bottom and join the group of three on the paper sheet as done in the above image. For decorations, you can use small pieces of the chart, small pipe cleaner cutting, buttons and any other decorative piece which is small in size. Use one item only for decorating one ice cream to avoid the possible chaotic result.

We hope you liked all these beautiful Christmas crafts. We wish you a Merry Christmas! We hope these crafts will brighten up your Christmas. Check out other related articles on K4 Feed! We would love to hear from you, you may leave your feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such articles soon.

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