Craft ideas have a lot of variety and challenges while making them as they require a completely out of the box thought and a creative mind to execute that thought. It requires hard work, hit, and trial with constant improvement in your area of craft. But to start with, you can opt for a few Step by Step craft ideas to help you start climbing the ladder of new ideas. At first, you should follow the steps from such articles and tutorials. Then the next level is to modify those craft ideas according to your creativity. And then, at last, you create your own innovative ideas in this craft world and teach others. So for beginners and the intermediates, we are listing these step by step craft ideas.

1. Step by Step craft ideas

The waste shampoo bottles are now finally to use. And that too for these beautiful pen holders. For this step by Step Craft Idea, first cut the shampoo bottle from the middle. Try to create a design while using the cutter. Now on the above part, draw two small hands careful cut them out from the piece. Attach these two hands on the lower part as shown in the above image with glue. For the face of this craft idea, you can use simple white and black paper to draw the eyes and the monstrous mouth. Now with double-sided tape, stick this crafted piece on the wall and you can use them as pen & marker holder or even as a toothbrush stand. We have shown a few designs in the image for reference and guide.

2. Steps to make crafty gift wraps

Are you unable to select the perfect gift wrap for your surprise? Worry not, with this Step by Step Craft Idea, they will notice your efforts and it is easy to make too. All you will need is a brown cover, white paint, and a pencil. Take the white paint in a pallet and use the top of the pencil as a die to impress the white paint on the brown paper. You can create your own pattern with this or just go randomly in any direction and make it even at the end. Then let the paint dry and your gift wrapper is ready. For the next stage, you can use another item like buttons, the star dies, heart dies, stones, etc for creating your own design.

3. Step by Step crafty flower

Quilling is an art in itself which is mastered by only a few. Here we will use only the basics of quilling for creating this beautiful Step by Step Craft Idea for a flower. Take a long strip of red color and fold it in half via breadth (keeping the length same). Now cut lines on the closed sides while moving the scissors along the length. try to maintain a constant distance between the cuts so that the symmetry can be observed in the flower. Now, when done, add a small piece of a yellow strip and with the help of a quilling pen, start rotating the piece on the pen as shown in one of the above images. When the strip has been completely rounded on the pen, use glue to join the end on the piece. Spread your flower petals with the fingers by keeping it on the table. You can go for a variety of colors for the petals and the bud in the middle of the flower.

4. Step by Step ballet tulle skirt

The patterns surround us from every corner of this world. So, why not use one to craft a masterpiece? Start with an A4 white sheet for this Step by Step Craft Idea and cut it into a square shape. Now fold the square piece as shown in the above images step by step. We have shown some designs you can use to craft your masterpiece. Feel free to modify them according to your preferences. After drawing the design, cut it with the help of scissors and then unfold the piece. You will get amazing patterns and craft pieces for the decorations.

5. Crafts step by step tutorial

For this easy bowl Step by Step Craft Idea, take any color sheet of high GSM (for strength). Then cut a large circle out if by measuring the diameter with the help of a scale, compass tool and scissors. After that half cut a few trapeziums on the circle arc as done in the above image. Make sure the traps are of the same size and equally apart. Then punch holes at the ends of each with a 1cm gap from the edge. Now pass a thread a ribbon along these holes and pull the thread to have the required craft piece. You can add artificial flowers to the thread or any other decorating artificial item for the beauty of it.

6. Step by step crafty shark

Sharks are mesmerizing creatures that are dangerous and excite most of the humans with fear and adrenaline. For this Step by Step Craft idea, take a cylindrical piece. You can get it by folding a chart paper or any waste roll in the house. Draw and cut the shapes shown on the left of the image on a blue chart paper. These are the parts of the shark. Now with the help of glue, paste these shapes on the cylindrical roll carefully starting with the body of the shark, then tail and wings. The white roll will provide strength and stiffness to your shark. Similarly, you can draw fish, whales and other creatures.

We hope you liked all these beautiful crafts tutorials. They will surely help you achieve great crafts. Do check out other related craft articles on K4 Craft. We would love to hear from you. You can share your feedback and views with us in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such content.

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