Christmas is the most happening time of the year. Around this time, the weather freezes down but the spirits are bright from within. It is the time of the year when each and everyone is looking forward to gifts. This is the time of shear love and joy. We must celebrate this occasion with our hearts filled with love, compassion and kindness. Decoration at Christmas is very important. One must decorate their houses well to enjoy this beautiful festival to the fullest.

Christmas Craft Step by Step Tutorials

1. Beautiful Hanging Christmas craft step by step tutorial

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This is a beautiful Christmas tree hanging. This Christmas tree hanging can be made with the help of a base and a plastic cup. Prepare the base of the hanging using a piece of styrofoam. Fix miniature animals and Christmas tree replicas in the styrofoam. Cut the styrofoam to size of the plastic cup. Fit the cup on top. Seal the edges of the plastic cup on the base. Add a hook on top of the plastic cup. This hook will be used to hang this Christmas hanging to the Christmas tree.

2. Beautiful Christmas tree Step by Step tutorial

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This is a beautifully beaded Christmas tree. You can even make this beautiful Christmas tree. This will surely look beautiful kept on a coffee table or a side table. Buy some threading wires and beads in green and white color. The green colored beads will be used to depict the greens of the tree and the white beads will be used to show the snow on the tree. Start by threading the beads into the wire. Keep on making such green beads line with a white bead at the tip. Keep on increasing the size of the bead lines as we move downwards in the tree structure. Now combine all these bead lines together to make a beautiful Christmas tree.

3. Paper cup Christmas craft step by step tutorial

These little styrofoam cup snowmen are really pretty. These little snowmen will surely fill up your Christmas decoration with joy and enthusiasm. They give the right feels to the Christmas decor. You can start by collecting some styrofoam cups. Keep with you a black sharpie pen, colorful tapes, felt cloth, pom poms, glitter, etc. Start by keeping the cup upside down. Now decorate the base of the cup with colorful tape or Christmas quotes. You may also use ribbons for the beautifying effect. For the top of the snowman, use another cup for a hat or you can make a headgear using two pom poms, one on either side and a piece of wire to join them. You may even use the ends of a socks as the cap for these little snowmen. Use a black sharpie pen to draw the features of the snowman. Add an orange nose to the snowman using orange felt cloth. You can fill up small places with these beautiful snowmen.

4. Beautiful Christmas wreath tutorial

Wreaths look beautiful hung from the main entrance of the home or above the fire place mantel. To realise this beautiful Christmas wreath start with a circular hoop made from cardboard. You must make sure you have enough width of cardboard available. Take a Christmas hanging which is green in color. Start wrapping it around the circular hoop. Make sure you use enough amount of glue to stick the decorative bunting. Also add Christmas balls in golden and red color to beautify it further. You may even use small sized gift wraps to add an element of gifting to this beautiful wreath. Add a large bow tied ribbon to the base of the wreath to make it look more festive. Add a loop of ribbon at the top to help in hanging the wreath. You may also line it with fairy lights for the extra glow.

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