Easy to make paper animals

Animals are an integral part of nature. We see a lot of animals around us. There are a lot of animals which live far away in the jungles and we do not get to see them on a daily basis. To increase the awareness of our kids yowards these animals we must try to inculcate activities like drawing, coloring and making such rare or far living animals. This would sensitise our children towards animals and nature. We can use sustainable ways to teach our children the value of animals in our lives. And making crafts is one such tangible way to help our children to understand the way animals live. Let us look at some of these paper animal crafts.

1. Making a reindeer using paper


This paper reindeer is an absolute fit for the Christmas season. You can make this paper reindeer easily by using hard stock brown paper. Start with a dark brown circular base for the face of the reindeer. Draw and cut out a mouth for the reindeer from a lighter shade of brown. Draw and cut out two characterisitic horns of the reindeer from the dark brown colored sheet. Stick the horns to the top of the reindeer face and the mouth piece to the bottom of the reindeer. Now cut two leaf like shapes from each of the brown shade for the ears. Stick the easrs to the either side of the face. Make two big round eyes for the reindeer and stick them at the appropriate place. Cut a small circle from a red colored sheet. Stick it on the mouth region and detail the reindeer using a black sharpie pen. You can add this beautiful reindeer to your Christmas decorations.

2. Paper bag reindeer craft


This paper bag reindeer is the best choice to give small gufts to your loved ones. Choose a brown paper bag. Cut out the horns for the reindeer. Also cut two ears for the reindeer in dark and light brown color. Paste the light brown ears on top of the dark colored ears. Make two big eyes for the reindeer. Stick them in the middle of the face. Now add a bright pom pom nose for the reindeer. Use a sharpie pen to detail the reindeer face. You can also use this decoration on brown paper gift wraps.

3. Paper bear craft


This is a sweet brown bear paper craft. You can help your children to make this paper bear. Start with a light brown colored sheet and cut out a large circular disc from it. Now draw and cut out the mouth region from a dark brwon colored sheet. Make ears for the bear from both light and dark colored brown sheet. Teh ears from the dark brown sheet must be smaller than those cut from the light colored sheet. Paste the ears in place. Make two big eyes for the bear. Use a black sharpie pen to highlight the details of the bear. You can use this paper bear to tell bed time stories or even teach your kids about the habitat, food habits, and other facts about a grisly bear.

4. Brown paper monkey craft


Monkeys are the most common animals. You can make a goofy paper monkey easily. All you need to do is start by getting two different shades of brown colored paper. From the dark brown sheet cut out a circle for the base of the monkey’s face. Now use the light brown colored sheet to make the mouth and eyes of the monkey. Cut out the ears of the monkey from the light brown sheet. Cut out two quirky eyes from a white sheet of paper. Use a black sharpie pen to highlight the details of the paper monkey.

5. Cute owl from paper


This is a cute paper owl. You can make this wise owl easily. Start by cutting out the basic body structure of the owl from a brown paper sheet. Cut two eyes, side wings flaps, and the central tummy portion from a white sheet of paper. Cut out orange triangles for the ears. An orange polygon for the nose and two feet from the bright orange sheet. Stick the wing flaps on the sides, the feet at the bottom, the tummy portion at the base of the belly of the owl. After stickibg the eyes, nose and ears. Use a black sharpie pen to highlight the details of the owl.

We hope you loved all these paper animals crafts for kids. We wish that these crafts happen to bring a smile to your kid’s face. You can check out more such crafty articles on K4 craft. We would love to hear your feedback. You may leave your comments and opinion in the comments section given below. We will come up with more such craft articles.

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