Candies have always fascinated everyone and as the days lead to Christmas we get more and more nostalgic with candies and feasts in mind. Christmas is one of the best times in an year. One always looks forward to the sumptuous food, candies and beautiful decorations of the occasion. Candy canes are an integral part of Christmas celebrations. We can beautifully inculcate these beautiful candy canes to our Christmas celebrations. Candy canes are easy to mold and form. Let us make some beautiful candy crafts from these beautiful candy canes.

Christmas Special Candy Cane Reindeer Crafts

Candy Cane reindeer crafts

Rainbow Candy Cane Reindeers 

Colorful candies have always held strong foothold in our hearts. This beautiful candy canes look pretty and are able to provide a festive feel easily. To make a colorful candy cane reindeer, start by buying some colorful candy canes. By the ones which are covered in plastic sheet. Take a colorful pipe cleaner and tie it around the hook of the candy cane. Stick two googly eyes on the front of the candy cane hook. Also add a bright red pom pom ball at the front of the candy cane.

Chocolate Candy Cane Reindeers 

Reindeer look pretty. Take two candy canes for this craft. Hold them together side by side. Dip the candy canes together in molten chocolate and let it solidify. Once the chocolate has hardened, stick two white colored candies by using some molten chocolate. Also stick a red m&m for the nose on the chocolate region. This will surely look great. To finish it off, make a neck sash using some fondant or tie the reindeer with a ribbon.

Standing Candy Cane Reindeer 

Candy cane can also be used to make a beautiful standing reindeer. It will surely be the grand table decor. Make a felt cloth pocket using brown colored felt cloth. Now use candy canes to make four legs of the reindeer. Fix the hooks of the candy canes in the felt pouch. Also fix a candy cane at the top like the face of the reindeer protruding out. The head of the reindeer will be made by the top candy cane hook. Add a brown pipe cleaner at the top hook to make the horns of the reindeer. Tie a red ribbon across the brown felt pouch to secure the candy canes in place.

Candy Cane Reindeer Ornament

Candy canes can also be used as a part of the decorative pieces. Start with a brown felt cloth. Cut out a head from the felt cloth. Stick two googly eyes for the reindeer. Add two small ears made from felt cloth. Also stick in place a bright red circular nose for the reindeer. Use small candy canes as the horns of the reindeer. This looks classy. Stick the candy canes using hot glue gun. Now you hang this beautiful decorative piece using ribbons.

Beautiful Christmas crafts for you

Candy Cane Reindeer Wrap

This candy cane reindeer wrap is really easy to make. Start with two candy canes. Tape the two candy canes together. Now take a cardboard roll and stick it around the two candy canes. Once this is done, add two googly eyes to the reindeer in small size. Also add a round nose. Cover the nose with sparkles. The bright red sparkles will make it look beautiful. Cut out two ears from a cardboard sheet. Paint the ears and stick them to the sides of the cardboard roll. You can even use a ribbon to give it a finished look.

Twine Candy Cane Reindeer

This is perhaps a beautiful candy cane reindeer craft. Take two red and white twine candy canes to make a cute reindeer. To make a reindeer out of the candy canes, stick the candy cane together using some tape. Now one they are stuck together, add two googly eyes to the front. Use a golden trinket and red ribbon to decorate the neck of the reindèer. Now add a bright red small sized nose for the cute reindeer.

Candy Cane Reindeer Gifts

These are pretty little gift bags for everyone. First of all punch down two tie tag pieces. Now staple the sides of these two tie tag pieces. Take two candy canes and tape them together so that they stay together. Now push them in and secure the bottom. Now stick two googly eyes on the tie tags. Also add a bright red pom pom nose to the reindeer. The candy canes here act as the horns of the reindeer. Tie a ribbon at the top. The ribbon can be threaded through the punched area in the tie tags. This cute reindeer gift looks great and is true to the festive theme.

Reindeer Gift Bag 

We can make beautiful reindeer crafty bags for goodies and tasty treats for the kids. All you need for this is a brown paper bag, googly eyes, scissors, glue and a big red button. Starting with making two additional pockets in the brown paper bag using some extra brown paper. Take a brown paper bag and add two small pockets in front of it. Stick the sides of the pockets well using glue. Add two googly eyes as the eyes of the reindeer. Stick a large red button in the middle of the reindeer’s face. Keep two candy canes, one in each pocket for a beautiful effect.

We hope you liked all these beautiful and easy to make Candy Cane Reindeer crafts. This will surely brighten up your holidays. Merry Christmas to all our readers. You can check out other related articles on Christmas. We wish all our readers a Merry Christmas. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. we will soon come up with some great content for you. Keep creating and smiling with K4 Feed!

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