Christmas is a festival of joy and enthusiasm and one cannot consider it complete without a snowman. But making a snowman by going out in the cold seems unimaginable. It is just too cold outside. One dare not leave the hot home and step out in the cold to make a snowman. It is really tough to decide between not making a snowman and leaving the hot home and stepping out in the cold. So let us solve this issue of conflict for you. You can now make a snowman inside your home using plastic drinking cups. This is a nice way to make a snowman without even stepping out of the home. If we use, the already used drinking cups, we will be able to reduce the waste generated. Let us get started.

Making a Snowman with Plastic Cups

Start by collecting a lot of plastic drinking cups. Now decide a diameter for the lower sphere and the upper sphere. Start aligning the drinking cups around the circumference of the decided circle. Make a layer of the cups. Now add one more layer on top. Keep on secureing every cup with the lower layer and the plastic cups on its sides. It will ensure that the structure turns out to be solid and sturdy. Keep on repeating this step until you are able to close the sphere with the plastic cups on top. Make two such spheres which are open at the bottom.

You need to keep the smaller sphere on top of the bigger sphere. Seal the two spheres together with the help of hot glue gun. Now decorate the snow man with black eyes made from felt cloth. Also add buttons made of felt cloth on the lower sphere. Add a red colored mouth made of felt to the face of the snowman. Add a conical nose in orange color.

You may also add a woolen cap and a scarf for the required effect. You may use real big sized buttons to decorate the snow man. This will add drama. You can even twist some shiny buttons and eyes using gift wrapping paper. The choice of decoration is yours. You can decorate your snowman in any way you like. Now lift your snowman and fit it above a light source. The light source will glow through the plastic drinking cups. This snowman will surely look very beautiful.

how to make a snowman with plastic cups

Image/Tutorial: Colorcitos

We hope you liked this beautiful snowman with plastic cups craft. This will look pretty set up in your home. We wish all of our readers, Merry Christmas. You can check out other related articles on K4 Feed. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your comments and suggestions in the comments section given below.  We will come up with more such useful articles for you soon. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Feed!

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