As the Christmas is approaching day by day, the decorations fro Christmas has already been started. Every year, there is the task to find the ideas and how to implement them. We all love to decorate the house and the trees to spread joy and love on this special occasion. But the first task is quite confusing with so much variety of craft ideas in this era.

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The handmade ones are always appreciated more than the artificial ones bought from the market. The handmade decoration has its own uniqueness in it as we compile the ideas from different articles, making a new combination every time. So, to ease your efforts and help you decide, we bring a list of Newspaper crafts for Christmas which you can implement in your house decorations. So let’s start with the list now.

Beautiful Newspaper crafts for Christmas decor

1. Beautiful angel made from newspaper

Angels have an ability to show their purity on every occasion. So we will love it if you will include this Newspaper crafts for Christmas idea in your decorations. Start with making 3 paper fans by folding the newspapers. The two of them must be of the same size, and third one can be of 1.5 to 2 times the size of the two. Now keep the longer one in the middle and add the two on the sides. With the help of glue or a rubber band tie them together and you can use a small bell and a heart for the representation. Tie a thin ribbon at the top for hanging it in your Christmas house tree.

2. Unique newspaper crafts for Christmas

We all know how to make cones of newspaper which are similar to ice crams cones by just rotating the square piece of paper. The extra part which is not in the square is of the newspaper or a book paper can be used to make patterns between the flower. here we have joined 5 such shapes together with glue and then passed a thread between them for hangings. You can add pearl-like cheap stones in the middle. Artificial stones are easily available in the market. Make sure you make equal sized cones for the best aesthetics.

3. Easy to make newspaper crafts for Christmas

In this Newspaper crafts for Christmas idea, we have used circle cuttings from the newspapers to craft this unique and beautiful cones. They are curvy and look adorable. Join these cones together to make the flower as done in the above image. You can add a button in the middle for the center portion of the flower. You can also vary the size of the flower by varying the size of the cone which is related to the diameter of the circle cuttings at the start. Takin it to the next stage, color your circles for more beautiful effects.

4. Newspaper fan crafts for Christmas tree decoration

If you love the simplicity and also don’t have much time for the decorations, you can opt for this Newspaper crafts for Christmas idea where multiple small fans made of the newspaper are joined together to form a big round circular fan. For the center hole, to hide it, you can use any of the antique or decorative pieces in the middle which fits the size of the same. After adding a thread to it, you can hang this craft on the Christmas tree.

5. Beautiful and easy to make newspaper Christmas tree crafts

If you spread the paper fan in the previous image, where you decrease the density of the folds considerably, you will get the above design. It will not look like a fan but will definitely enhance your Christmas tree with its beauty, Adding a simple circle from the black sheet paper will do the work and the thread or ribbon can be used for hanging it on the tree. It will surely look pretty.

6. Beautiful newspaper crafts for Christmas

As the pact is stronger when they all stay together, similarly all these above newspaper crafts when combined and hanged on the same Christmas tree will look fabulous. This will enhance the beauty of your tree and your house will look fascinating with such  Newspaper crafts for Christmas designs. As they don’t require much efforts, material or expenses, anyone can easily go for such ideas on this Christmas for decorating their houses.

We hope you liked all these beautiful Newsppaer crafts for Christmas. You can check out other articles related to Christmas decorations on K4 Feed. We would love to hear back from you. You can leave your comments in the comments section below. We will soon come up with more such interesting content.

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