Christmas is an important occasion for every household. Everyone in the house looks forward to Christmas season with great enthusiasm. All of the high energy children are filled with exuberance. They are specially excited for the gifts they will be receiving on Christmas eve. The adults of the house keep on hustling and bustling through the house in the days leading to Christmas. The grandparents are all smiles to see their family come together after so long. They love to watch everyone smiling and happy. This time of the year brings smiles to the faces of all the family members. The bright and colorful decorations of Christmas adds joy and happiness to the festivities. Santa Claus and Snowman are the major two attractions of Christmas. This bottle cap ornament we are going to make is a depiction of the snowman in a different way. Let us get started with the bottle cap snowman ornament making.

Bottle cap Snowman Ornament for this Christmas

This bottle cap ornament is very easy to make. We all love to pop soda bottles among the festivities. This bottle cap ornament can be easily made by the kids as well. First of all we need some soda bottle caps. Every bottle cap ornament will require three bottle caps.

Take a red colored thin ribbon. Clean and dry the bottle caps. Now stick these bottle caps on the red ribbon in succession. Make a ribbon loop at one end of the bottle caps. Seal the joints with hot glue gun. Now use a thin paint brush and the suitable colors to make the face of the snowman on the ornament in the top bottle cap.  Also add an orange nose for the snowman.

The top bottle cap is the one at the end of the loop. Also add buttoned down design in the middle bottle cap. You can decorate the snowman using a ribbon sash at the neck or by sticking a button at the neck of the snowman. You may even use a serie of buttons along with a thread of colorful yarn. You may even use glitter at the edges of the bottle cap.

This will surely look beautiful. You can hang this bottle cap ornament from the door knobs, Christmas tree branches, fire place mantel, etc. You can even make this bottle cap ornament using plastic bottle caps. Just make sure you stick the bottle caps firmly. You can even paint the bottle caps for better effect.

Image/Tutorial: Amy latta creations

We hope you like this beautiful Bottle cap Snowman Ornament. This will surely level up your Christmas decoration game. You can check out other related articles on K4 Feed. We would love to hear from you. You may leave your feedback in the comments section below. We will soon come up with more such useful articles for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Feed!

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