Christmas tree is an important part of the festivities. We look forward to decorate the beautiful Christmas tree we set up in our backyards every year. So this year we decided to have many such cute Christmas trees around the house. Christmas trees can be added to the decorations in many other ways. Let us explore some of these ways this Christmas season.

Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids

1. Making Christmas tree themed cards

This beautiful card design is really easy to make. Collect some stamp or make one using soft wood. Now take a squeegy roller and dip it in paint. Now roll the paint over the stamp. Take a hard stock sheet and stamp the impression on the stock sheet. This way you get an easy to make Christmas card. Now you can decorate it further by adding sparkles and glitter details. Write Christmas greetings inside the card to make it a good Christmas card. You can make different kinds of stamps to make different cards for the Christmas.

2. Beautiful potato stamping Christmas tree

Stamping not always needs to be done on soft wood. There are other things which can be carved easily. You can use a potato. Start by sutting the potato in half. Now carve out a Chrostmas tree or other Christmas elements on the potato surface. Now take a squeegy roller and dip it in paint. Roll the paint dipped squeegy roller on the carving. Once the paint is uniformly spread, stamp the potato on the gard stock sheet. You can create a guft wrapping paper or a card using this technique. Make more of such stamps to get your work done easily and at a greater speed. You make different shapes.

3. Popsicle stick Christmas tree hanging crafts for kids

This beautiful popsicle Christmas tree is really easy to make. You can start by taking some popsicles and cleaning and drying them. Now take a base popsicle. Cut the other popsicles in succession of size. Now paste the smaller popsicles in succession of size to the base popsicle. This way you get a Christmas tree shape with the popsicles. Now decorate the popsicle sticks with glitter, sequins, butttons, etc. You can use a ribbon to hang it from the Christmas tree.

4. Paper folding tree crafts for kids

This is a beautiful paper folding technique Christmas tree craft. You can make this paper craft Christmas tree by taking a square piece of green paper. Now fold it diagonally. Mark equally spaced strips on the folded sheet. Leave a centimetre of distance from the middle rib of the sheet. Now cut along the marked lines. Once the strips have been cut, fold them towards the front and stick them at the middle rib of the square sheet. This will give the perfect impression of a Christmas tree once all the strips have been folded. Add a golden star at the top to complete the Christmas tree. You can also add sequins and sparkles to decorate this Christmas tree.

5. Beautiful cutting and pasting tree crafts for kids

This beautiful Christmas tree craft can be made by toddlers as well. First of all cut regular rectangular slips of green paper. Help your toddler to align these strips in acending order of size from top to bottom. Now get some small colorful dots to decorate this simplistic Christmas tree design. You can also use glitter or sparkles to decorate the Christmas tree craft. Add a golden star on the top to complete the craft.

6. Beautiful Christmas tree card

This is an easy to make crafty Christmas tree. You can use it as the front of a Christmas card or as a painting to display. Start by sketching a shape of the Christmas tree with a pencil. Now dip a plastic fork in green paint. Dab it at the middle of the Christmas tree and pul it outwards. In this way fill the sketch of the Christmas tree fully.

7. Pipe cleaner tree crafts for kids

These green pipe cleaner Christmas trees are perfect for a perfectly laid out dining table on Christmas eve. Start by making a cone of paper. Now start winding a dark green pipe cleaner from the base of this cone. Stick the pipe cleaner to the paper cone as you go on winding it around the paper cone. Also use a light green pipe cleaner to give it a textured appearance. Add a small yellow or red pom pom to the top of this little Christmas tree to enhance the beauty of it. Set these cute pipe cleaner Christmas trees on the dining table to enhance the beauty of it.

8. Paper plate Christmas crafts

We all got used paper plates which are bound to be thron out in the bin. But we can utilise them to make these beautiful crafts. You can start by painting the base of the paper plate in a light blue color. Now collect some patterned green colored paper. Cut out strips from this patterned paper. Stick the strips in the shape of a Christmas tree in the middle of the paper plate. Add a brown stem to the tree. Also cut and paste a golden felt star on the top. You can also add white dots twinkling on the paper plate with the help of the pencil back. Thsi looks pretty. You can also use glitter and sparkles to make it look better. Add a ribbon at the tol back of the paper plate to hang it in place.

We hope you like these beautiful Christmas tree craft ideas. These will surely brighten up your Christmas season. You can check out other Christmas related articles on K4 Feed. We would love to hear from you. You can share your feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such useful articles for you. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Feed!

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