The Viral 1 + 4 = 5 Puzzle : Maths Puzzles with Answers
This puzzle is no ordinary one.

Answer = 96


Benefits of Math Puzzles for Childrens

1. Number puzzles make math a pleasure

Maths games and activities can help your child develop an enthusiasm for maths. You can involve children in the subject and help them develop a sense of purpose in what they are doing.

2. They take away the fear out

There is no question that some aspects of mathematics are difficult. When you work on mathematical activities, especially at home, you have the opportunity to practice and talk about mathematics in a relaxed context. This reduces the pressure that some children feel in the classroom and makes it less frightening.

3. You help your child to understand different mathematical concepts

Mathematical activities can help your child master a variety of mathematical principles, from timetables to geometry. They can also help children master the mathematical concepts that are an important part of everyday life, such as timekeeping and dealing with money.

4. Develop a fluent language

Mathematical activities help children to become fluent in using numbers and to make better use of mental images to solve problems.

5. Number puzzles help develop strategic thinking

Mathematics games not only give children an understanding of a particular mathematical concept. Basically, playing helps a child understand the rules and practice mathematics, but as they improve, they can think more strategically and develop their problem-solving skills.

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