Animals are an important part of the civilisation. We believe that the animal habitat must be preserves in all circumstances and we should start to sensitise our kids to the grim situation of nature at an early stage. Making these animal crafts and helping them learn the situation of wildlife should be done. These animal crafts can also be used to tell bed time stories, do role play, take part in plays, etc. All of these animal crafts can be easily made with paper. Let us start exploring some animal crafts.

Easy to Make Animal Crafts for Kids

1. Make a squirrel craft

This is a really sweet squirrel paper craft. You can start by making a basic structure on the brown paper. Take some yellow colored paper. Now cut out the details from the yellow colored paper. Add the yellow paper details at the ends of the tail, on the sides of the tummy, on the face and at the ears. This will enhance the structure of the squirrel. Use a white paper sheet to make the teeth and the eyes of the squirrel. Use a black sharpie pen to enhance and detail the structures of the squirrel. This squirrel will surely look pretty and will play its part.

2. Fox craft for kids

This fox craft is easy to make. You can start by drawing and cutting the basic structure of the fox’s face on an orange sheet of paper. Now take a cream colored paper and draw and cut out the inflated mouth of the fox. Also cut the triangular portions for ears of the fox. This add precision and detail to the fox’s face. Now make the eyes of the fox using black colored sheet of paper. Also add a blue tint to the pupils of the fox. Add a round black nose to the fox to complete the fox.

3. Animal crafts for kids

This porcupine looks cute and innocent. Start by cutting off the shape of the body of the porcupine in grey colored sheet. Now take a light brown colored sheet and cut some spikes for this cute porcupine. Now add big black spikes at the end of it. This completes the outer structure of our porcupine. Make a cute yellow belly for the porcupine. Cut and add the arms and legs of the porcupine on top of the yellow belly. Give a red apple ij the hands of the porcupine to make ot look dramatic. Use a black sharpie pen to highlight the details of the porcupine. This porcupine looks cute indeed.

4. Unique animal crafts for kids

You can make this pink jelly fish very easily. Start with a baby pink semi-circle for the head of the jellyfish. Now cut out broad strips and stick it at the base of the semi-circle. Twirl the strips outwards to give it a free effect. Use pastel colored pastel designs to enhance the jelly fish. Now use a white sheet of paper to make the eyes and mouth of the jelly fish. This truly looks great.

5. Easy to make fish craft for kids

This fish looks so bright and dainty. It is very much easy to make. Start with a semicircle cut from a colored sheet of paper. Cut out two triangles from the same sheet of paper. Add the triangles as fins on the sides of the fish. Cut out a big triangle and add it to the back of the fish. Add big googly eye to the fish in the front. Also add a red smile to the fish’s mouth. This fish is really easy to make and looks pretty.

6. Colorful fish craft for kids

This fish craft is more intricate than the previous one. This looks pretty. Start with the basic structure of the fish. Draw a fish on white sheet of paper. Cut the fish. Outline the fish and other body parts like fins, eyes, mouth, etc. With a black marker. Now take some neon colored sheets and cut out circles from them. Fold this circles in half and paste one half of it onto the fish body and leave the other half hanging out. This gives a beautiful scaled look to the fish body. This fish looks pretty.

7. Lady bird making craft for kids

Lady birds are a common sight. They can be located in bushes, on tree tops, etc. We can even make lady bird crafts using colored paper. Start by making a dark green colored leaf for the lady bird. You can refine the leaf using colored pens. Now take a black colored sheet and design the base body of the lady bird. Do not forget to make the antenna of the lady bird. Cut two red colored circles from a red sheet of paper. Fold these two circles in half. Paste one half on either side like an open flap and at an angle. Cover the red tops with dots. Add two googly eyes to the face of the lady bird.

8. Caterpillar making craft for kids

Caterpillars are prevalent in every kitchen backyard. One can say that the caterpillars love to munchy on juicy veggies. They can even be found inside fruits and vegetables if enough care is not undertaken. This caterpillar craft won’t harm anyone. Check our Full tutorial at K4 Craft.

We hope you liked all these animal crafts. These would surely lend a wildlife insight to your child. This will surely be a great learning process. You can check out other related articles on K4 Feed. You can also share your feedback and opinion with us in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such articles for you. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 Feed!

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