As Christmas is approaching day by day, so is the excitement for this festival. Christmas is considered to be the topmost festive day as around 2.4 billion people on the earth (that is approx 33% of the population) are Christians. Thus, it is marked as the day of importance and joy. The birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated all around the world even by people of other religions. Thus, the decorations on this day must be of utmost and lovely. To pass on the culture and beliefs to your kids, they must learn and enjoy such days. They must not only know about one religion but the rest of them too. So, to engage you and your kids in Christmas decoration crafts, we have compiled a list of Christmas Popsicle stick crafts for kids. And while teaching them how to make these art pieces, you can tell them the stories of Christianity. Which will help them build more interest in the topic and will remember that for long. So, let’s get started with the list.

Some colorful Christmas Popsicle crafts


Any tree we craft has two main parts. The upper one resembles branches and leaves, the lower one which is the trunk of the tree and provides support. For this Christmas Popsicle stick craft idea, start with making a triangle of the popsicles for the upper part and paint it with green shade. For the lower portion, join two or three popsicles lying side by side. Paste these parts together with glue. With the help of different buttons that are not of much use now, decorate the upper region as shown.

The snowman is the sign of winter season and thus can be used on this day. For this Christmas Popsicle stick craft idea, join 5 popsicle side by side and paste one popsicle on them which will be a little bit tilted as in the upper right image. After this paint the tilted popsicle and the region above it with black color, and the lower region with white color. In the end, draw the eyes, nose, and smile.

These reindeer Christmas Popsicle stick craft idea can be also used as a photo frame. First, make a rectangle with 4 popsicles and then add the tail and the face of the reindeer which are cut-outs from the popsicles only. You can craft the ears separately and use the pipe cleaner for the horns. Add the eyes and the nose at the end. Tie a thread on them so that they can be easily hanged on the wall.

The hats of the Santa are made of popsicles. The stick are joined together in the shape of the rectangle as shown in the image and then given the red shade. One of the sides of the triangle is covered with cotton and the opposite point is covered with a cotton ball. Tie a thread at that end for easy hanging on the tree.

The hanging style popsicle crafts for Christmas


This reindeer Christmas Popsicle stick craft idea can be made without much efforts. Join around 7-8 popsicles together as shown in the image and then paint them with brown color. Add the artificial eyes and a pom pom for the nose. for the horns of this reindeer, you can use twigs from the gardens which are not too much dry. You can paste all these parts together with glue and provide a hole at the back for hanging.

This popsicle stick elf requires a hat apart from the ordinary craft material. After joining the popsicles together, paint them with light brown shade and then draw the face of the elf. You can cut out the eyes from the paper and paste it on the sides. Then make the elf wear the cap as it is too cold outside. Also, you can give a background to the craft if you tend to keep it on the table with back lying downwards.

For this tree ornament, all you have to do is paste the sticks together which has the ends at one side on only one point, and the opposite ends are at the points which will combine and make an arc of a circle. Now tie a thread at the fixed point for easy hanging, and then decorate the piece with different colors, glitters, small balls and other craft material which will be suitable here.

For this Christmas Popsicle stick craft idea, take 4 pieces of popsicles and join them together. Now take two sticks such that they are at an angle of 90 degrees from the above sticks and equal distance apart from the middle. you can use thin popsicle for these 2 sticks. Now paint the figure as shown in the image and draw a good border for the photograph. You can tie a rope piece at the top.


Some snowflakes and reindeer crafts made of popsicles


The size of this photo frame is comparatively smaller than the ones in the previous idea. The sticks used for the border is nearly half of the full size. The ends of the two horizontal sticks are used as hands and legs of the snowman as done in the image. For the face, a circular shape is cut out from the paper. The eyes, nose, and smile are drawn with sketch pens. The hand gloves, shoes, and hat can be cut-outs from colored papers or artificial ones from the market depending on the availability.

For this adorable and unique Christmas tree, start with cutting popsicles into different sizes and then arrange them in the order on a full-length popsicle stick. Color them with different shades. Then use artificial stones and flowers to decorate this Christmas Popsicle stick craft idea. Tie a thread at the tip for hanging.

Snowflakes have their own beauty and are admired by many. Popsicle stick snowflakes can be made by joining 3 popsicles together in the middle to form the shape of the snowflake. Decorate this craft with the glitters of blue colors.

In this Christmas Popsicle stick craft idea, the popsicles are extended further to make the horns of the reindeer. Also, the ears are made of poopsicles by cutting the sticks into small pieces. You can easily understand the method after seeing the above image.

Some interesting Christmas Popsicle Crafts


The small size skis can be made with coloring the popsicles with Cyan shade and then keeping them together as shown. The handles stick for the skis are made of matchsticks and thread. The paint and shade play a major role in this craft for Christmas.

Apart from the above ideas, you can draw and paint various Christmas characters such as a beer, reindeer, Santa Claus and many more. This requires skills and knowledge of how to make cartoon figures.

For the fun games on this Christmas for your kids, you can use this Christmas Popsicle stick craft idea, where at first the sticks are kept together and cartoon drawing is made on it. Then you have to jumble and mix all the sticks together and ask your kids to solve the puzzle by telling the names of the characters hidden in the sticks.

The north pole sign represents the official residence of Santa Claus and it is believed that you can find Santa their only with his elves. So, the signboard has a major history associated with Christmas. You can use the popsicles to craft your own North pole sign as done in the lower right image. Make sure it points to the north when it is installed on its position.

Christmas tree hangings using popsicles


ThIs is a beautiful nativity popsicle craft. You can make this beautiful popsicle craft very easily. Start with clean and dry popsicles. Make a stick home with the popsicles. Add an angel stick figure on top of the home. Now make the parents and a baby using popsicles inside the home. Paint the characters in befitting colors. Add golden pipe cleaner to the angel for the halo. Use black sharpie pen to highlight the features and details.

You may create these beautiful pristine angels with the help of popsicles. Start with clean and dry popsicles. Now paint three popsicles in with white paint. Attach the three popsicles from one side and this will be the base of the angel. Now take thinner popsicles and make the hands and feet of the angel. Cut out white angel wings from a piece of white felt. Also cut out a star for the hands of the angel from golden felt. Add a round wooden bead at the head of the angel. Thread the bead and use it to hang the angel.

These popsicle stick snowflakes are very easy to make. Take six popsicle sticks and clean them. Now stick these popsicle sticks on top of one another in a star formation. Once the sticks adhere to one another, design and decorate the star with glitter, beads, ribbons, etc. This way you will have colorful stars to decorate your homs this Christmas. Use a thread to hang these stars.

You can make a classic soldier using the popsicle sticks. First of all create the body and the legs of the soldier with the help of two popsicle sticks. Paint them in the right colors. Now add the arms, hands and shoes of the soldier. Paint the hands in skin color and the shoes in black. Add a black felt hat to the soldier. Complete the soldier with details using the black sharpie pen and golden paint across the chest of the soldier.

We hope you liked all these beautiful and crafty Popsicle crafts. We wish you a Merry Christmas. Do check out other Christmas related articles on K4 Feed. We will soon come up with more such crafty Christmas decoration ideas to help you decorate your home with beautiful crafts this Christmas. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Feed!

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