Kids all over the world are sweet and charming with no differences in basic traits, energy and enthusiasm. All of the kids want some or the other play activities to keep themselves engrossed. Kids are prone to doing mischief and are really naughty. So we must keep on looking for ways to engage our energetic kids in different kinds of activities all round the year. Such activities are especially required when the kids have holidays at school.

Interactive activities for Kids

1. Sticking and pasting Activities for kids

This is a really cool pasting and sticking activity for toddlers. This sticking and pasting activity will help the kids with precision and motor skills development. Take a print out of a white sheet with shapes printed on the sheet. Now take some stickers. The printed shapes must be similar in size to the sticker. Hand over the stickers and the printed sheet to the toddlers and ask them to stick the stickers on the printed shapes. The stickers must be aligned well with the printed shape. This must be the try of the toddler.

2. Marbles activities for kids

This fun activity can be easily realised by kids. First of all create a wooden base and paint it in white color. Now stick cup shped structures which are in compliance with the marble size. Create a net of such cups for the marbles. Now kids can keep the marbles in these small cups to create beautiful designs on the white canvas.

3. Interactive activities

These are some really good activities to be done based on numbers. You can help the kids with these educational activities. The first activity has a paoer bag on which a cat face and belly is to be pasted. Then the given numbers are to be stuck on the belly of the cat. This way the child will learn identify the numbers. There is one tasty activity which will surely help the kids to learn numbers in a yummy way. Help kids to make sandwiches and ask them to lay gems or other candies on the top of the spread as per the announced number. This will help them to learn and reflect numbers easily. A similar voloring activity can also be conducted.

4. Corn painting activities

We all love to eat corn. We can help our kids paint corn. Take a yellow colored sheet and cut out a corn shaped design from the yellow sheet. Now use a lego piece and dip it in color. Now form different colored patterns on the corn shape cut from the yellow sheet. It will surely end up looking cool.

5. Eraser painting activities for kids

You can help your children color up the different figures and shapes using colorful erasers. You can find some colorful erasers at the store near you. Just buy a lot of these erasers. Now make a large picture of what you want to get colored by the students. If it is a carrot, ask the students to fill it with orange colored erasers. This will greatly help in color recognition ability of the kids. This activity is really fun.

6. Interactive and mind developing activities

This activity is really fun. Write big alphabets on a black chart paper. Now get some sticky notes. Ask the students to stand alongside the sticky notes and the black chart paper. Now the activity is that you call out the names of the colors and the child has to stick the colors on the alphabets in succession. This activity will work on the reflex action of the kid and help in understanding and remembering colors.

7. Apple painting activities for kids

Apples are so sweet and are a tasty fruit to snack on. Who knew one could even paint with an apple. To start painting with an apple, cut a big apple in half from the middle. Now dip the new surface in paint. Now take a hard stock sheet and stamp these paint dipped aplles on the sheet. This will create beautiful patterns on the hard stock sheet.

8. Sheep on a paper plate

Sheep are some loving creatures. One can always fall in love with their soft fur. You can make a soft sheep by using wool, colored paper and paper plates. Fill the plate with cotton balls and stick them in place. Take a black colored sheet of paper and make a mouth for the sheep and feet. Now make details on the face of the sheep. Stick the face and legs of the sheep in place. You get a cute sheeo craft.

9. Pumpkin making activities for halloween

This is a fun halloween activity for kids. Paint some paper plates in orange color. Now cut the plate at the top area. Make a cat from white paper. Now draw the outlines of a cat on it. Stick the cat in the middle of the two paper plate pieces. Now let the toddlers color the cat and paste the eyes, nose and mouth of the halloween pumpkin. Also add a brown stalk and a green leaf to the head of the pumpkin.

10. Flower making activities for kids

Flowers are an integral part of the spring season. Your kids will be excited to make these beautiful and colorful flowers. Start by cutting out a circular colorful disc. Cut out thin strips from colored paper. Help your child to paste the strips on the circular disc with the help of glue stick. Turn the strip halfway and stick the other end too. Stick a green stalk with a leaf to the flower. This completes the spring flower for you. You may guft it to your near and dear ones.

We hope you liked these creative toddlers oriented craft activities. Your kids will surely have fun with these activities. You can check out other related articles on K4 Feed. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your opinions and feedback in the comments section below. We will come up with more such articles for you soon. Keep creating and smiling with K4 Feed.