The craft ideas can come from anywhere and they can be made from anything. That’s the beauty of this small world of craft. You can use anything from a small pin to a wall-sized canvas material. It all depends on the flow of creativity and how we make use of the items and ideas around us to make an alluring masterpiece. In this article, we will focus our attention on the Pom Pom crafts for your kids which you can easily do it on your own at home. These beautiful pom pom crafts are fun to create and to play with. These beautiful pom pom crafts are also appealing to the guests when it comes to decorating your house with exquisite homemade craft pieces of your own. Let’s get started with the beautiful craft ideas.

Pom Pom Crafts for Kids

1. DIY Catapults craft for kids

Make DIY catapults out of craft sticks and use it to fling pom poms around the room. Such a great activity for little ones. Take a few numbers of popsicles and give them any color of dark shade. Use 3-4 sticks as a base and join them together with rubber bands. Now make a clip shape with two sticks in the middle of the base as shown in the image. Keep it as if in initial posting the short length parts meet and to make the longer ones meet, efforts are required. Paste a cap which has a groove in it and you car good to go with the catapults for pom poms. These fun catapults can be made a part of different games like shoot the skittles, toys or a shooting game between teams.

Tutorial: Coffee Cups and Crayons 

2. DIY Pom pom peace sign

Use different sizes of craft pom poms to create this DIY peace sign. Display it in your home for decor. This would be a great decor piece for a child’s room as well. Start with first drawing the design of the sign. Then take the largest-sized pom-poms and paste them on the board. You can give any background to the board but that should be simple such that the design is clearly visible on it. Now take the medium ones and paste it. In the end, fill the gaps with small pom-poms such that the sign looks even and symmetrical. You can create this symbol with single colored pom poms or use different colored and sized pom poms for an added beauty.

Tutorial: Infarrantly Creative

3. Pom pom Snow Globe

This pom poms snow globe is a great morning activity when you have some time to spend with your kids. All you need for this project is construction paper, white pom poms, and glue. Cut the paper in a circle to signify the globe and take a darker shade for the trapezoid as a base. Now you can draw and cut the trees of two shades of green or even use some other element of the earth which will be self-explanatory. Take white color pom poms and fill the round sheet such that it looks like snow. The smaller the size of the balls, the better it is. These white pom pm balls give a surreal effect of the snowballs.

Tutorial: We Have Aars 

4. Pom pom Monster

This sweet little monsters can be used by your kids while playing games. They can also be used in playing roles while telling a story. All you have to do is add one or two googly eyes to pom poms to make these silly little monsters. Try to use different colors and sizes of pom-poms to get a variety of them. The eyes are easily available in the market and that too at cheap prices. These eyes are really helpful in the craft world. You can add a spiral on lower end of these pom pom monsters to make a swinging pom pom monster.

Tutorial: Inspiration Laboratories

5. Gumball Machine Color Matching

Practice learning colors with your children by trying this pom poms gumball machine activity. You’ll need lots of colorful pom poms for this project. Your kids will love it if it is executed properly. Draw a vending machine on a white cardboard sheet with a circular storage area as done in the image. Paint the gum ball machine in the suitable colors. Now paste different colored pom poms in the circular region and fill the area properly. You can cut out this machine from the sheet or keep it as it is. It will be a fun activity to name a color and ask your child to pick the same colored pom pom ball from the gum ball machine. This will help your child to improve on his/her motor skills.

Tutorial: Repeat Crafter Me

6. Mini Pom pom Rain cloud

Clouds are admired by most of the kids. Teach your kids about the rain and clouds with this super cute pom pom rain cloud craft. After you’re done crafting, hang it somewhere in your home. Start with drawing a cloud on a white sheet of paper or white felt cloth and cut it out. Now hang threads from this cloud as shown and then pass these threads from the pom poms with the help of a needle. Try to mix the size of the pom pom balls and make the middle thread longer as compared to other thread lengths.

Tutorial: Sugar Bee Crafts

7. Pom Pom Mittens Craft

Pom poms look adorable on these paper mittens. This is an easy craft for kids of all ages! This is also a great craft for learning scissors and gluing skills. Start with drawing the mittens for both right and left hands. Here we have used blue color for the boys and pink ones for the girls. You may use different colors as well. Now cut these mittens and paste pom pom balls on one side of them. Hang these mittens on a dark shaded wall. You can use snowflakes to increase the beauty of the masterpiece.

Tutorial: No Time for Flashcards

8. Butterfly & Dragonfly Pom Pom Magnets

Get ready for spring with this butterfly and dragonfly craft project. You’ll need different colors and sizes of pom-poms and pipe cleaners. Add a magnet to display them on your fridge. All you have to do is craft wings and antennas from the pipe cleaners. Now join the pom poms in a length back to back with glue for the body. Attach the wings, eyes, and antennas to the body. You can add small-sized pom poms on the wings. For the body, try to use a small stick for strength if available. You can stick these magnet butterfly and dragonfly on the refrigerator as well.

Tutorial: Mommy’s Bundle

9. Pom Pom Garland


String pom poms together to make a colorful garland. Hang it somewhere in your home that needs a bright pop! Wouldn’t this look adorable in a playroom or nursery? You can make this beautiful pom pom garland buntings at home. You can either buy lots of colorful pom poms or make them at home with colorful yarn. To make the pom pom balls start with colorful yarn. Wind the yarn on a fork. Tie the wounded yarn from the middle and cut the edges. Now give proper shape to the pom poms. String the pom poms through and through with the help of a needle and thread. Hang these beautiful pom pom garlands wherever you wish to brighten up the interiors.

Tutorial: Crab + Fish

10. Cardboard tube Snow Craft

Pom poms make the perfect earmuffs for this cardboard tube snowman craft. Craft these snowmen when it’s too cold to make a snowman outside. You can use a toilet paper roll for the snowman or fold the cardboard in a cylindrical shape.  Draw the eyes of the snowman with the nose and the buttons. Now use pipe cleaners and pom poms for the earmuffs as shown in the above image. Add a similar colored pipe cleaner on the top to join the two earpieces of the earmuffs. You can tie the thread of the same color to represent the scarfs for the snowman.

Tutorial: Make and Takes

11. Pom Pom Gecko


How fun and cute is this pom pom gecko? You can make this gecko with simple craft supplies you probably have around your home. Take an old wooden spoon. Start by adding bright green pom pom balls of different sizes on the stem of the wooden spoon. As you reach the back end of the gecko use smaller sized pom pom balls. Attach neon green lace strips to the body of the gecko to make it look brighter and beautiful. Add two white pom pom balls at the front and stick two small black pom pm balls for the eye balls. Also add a thin pink pipe cleaner as the tongue of the gecko.

Tutorial: The Craft Train

12. Printable Alphabet Magnetic Pom Pom Sheets

These magnetic pom pom sheets make great boredom busters for those days at home with nothing to do. This is surely a great fun time activity for young children. You can start with templates for alphabets for the students. Leave some holes in the drawings for each of the alphabet template. Now ask the child to fill up the holes with the required color pom pom balls. This will help in the improvement of the motor skills of the child and help in color recognition. This activity will also help the child to learn the alphabets easily.

Tutorial: Fab n’ Free

13. Valentine’s Day Love Bugs

Make these cute little love bugs to pass out on Valentine’s Day. These are easy to make for young crafters and turn out super silly! You can make these bright and beautiful love bugs for some one special in your life, your friends, parents, siblings, etc. Start with shiny paper. Cut out hearts from the shiny paper. The hearts become the base of the bugs. Collect some fluffy and shiny pom pom balls. Attach them to the heart base of the shiny paper. Add googly eyes to the pom pom ball bugs. Use pipe cleaner to make the hair and horns of the bugs. You can make differently colored and weird bugs for your loved ones. These cute buggy gifts will surely make the day of your loved ones.

Tutorial via: Mom Luck

14. Yarn Pom Pom Cupcakes

Make craft cupcakes with your favorite color of yarn. Then add a pom pom on top to make it even cuter. String them all together for an adorable garland that is perfect for a birthday party! You can start off with colorful pom poms of the suitable size. Now string the poms poms into a twine. Add a smaller pom pom on the top side of the Bigger pom poms. Cover the larger pom poms with cupcake liners at the bottom of the pom poms. This way you get a beautiful bunting made of bright and colorful cupcakes.

Tutorial: Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams

15. Pom pom Snowman Craft

Stack white pom poms together to create a crafty snowman. Your kids will love this craft- especially if it doesn’t snow where you live. You can create this beautiful snow man around a conical hard sheet base. Add a rounded face and add white pom poms to the face as well. Add a bright felt cloth muffler to the snow man. Also add the required accessories for the snow man in the desired places. You can use Christmas decorations to add a dash of glitz to your indoor Snow man.

Tutorial: Crafts by Amanda

We hope you like these pom poms kids crafts. We wish that these colorful crafts are able to bring a smile on your child’s face. We will come up with more such creative content. You may share your feedback and experience with us in the comments section below. Do check out other related articles on K4 Feed. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Feed!

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