Christmas is one of the major festivals all around the world. We must look forward to decorating our homes with sustainable devorative pieces to Save Mother Earth. Terra cotta is a beautiful base for fun and crafts. You can start with such a beautiful craft medium with simple and easy to make pots Christmas Crafts. These Christmas crafts will enable you to achieve quality craft items using such a sustainable and biodegradable craft medium. Terra cotta is easy to form and decorate. If you cannot make pots on your own, you may start by decorating terra cotta pots this Christmas season. This will provide a beautiful insight to your Christmas decorations.

Beautiful Terra Cotta Pots for Christmas crafts


Cakes and pastries are a staple of the Christmas season. You can make a serving plate with a Christmas vibe using terra cotta pot as a base. Paint the pot as a snowman or a penguin. Now keep the pot upside down and attach a plate on top of it. You can serve your cakes and pastries in this beautiful cake plate.

You can also make a reindeer terra cotta candy holder. Start with a plain terra cotta pot and paste two large googly eyes. Stick a red pom pom in the place of the nose of  the reindeer. Cut out two hand imprints out of a brown paper and stick them to the back of the pot. Fill the pot with tasty candies.

Gingerbread man is one of the tasty treats served on Christmas. We can make a gingerbread man out of terra votta pots by using different sizes of the pots for different parts. Start by sticking two similar sized pots one on top of the other. Attach two smaller sized pots on the sides to make the hands of the gingerbread man and two small pots on the sides of the base for the feet of the gingerbread man. Now decorate the gingerbread man with different Christmas decorative material.

You can make some cute snowmen using terra cotta pots. Start by painting the small pots in white paint. Draw and define the features of the snowmen using a black sharpie pen or black paint. Now decorate the snowmen with colored paper, washi tape, woolen caps, mufflers, headphones, etc.

Unique Terra cotta pots for Christmas


Some unique pot designs can be formed with simple techniques. To make a long snowman you can join together different terra cotta pots to increase its size. As in the first image, you can start with a glass pitcher. Now add a terra cotta on the top of the glass pitcher and attach an inverted pot on top of it. Paint the terra cotta pots in white paint. Draw and define the features of the snowman using black and white paint. Add an orange nose, black hair and arms for the snowman. Design the glass pitcher as well.

We can create a beautiful reindeer using a terra cotta pot. Start by inverting a clean terra cotta pot on the working table. Now add a red pom pom nose to it, stick two big googly eyes to the reindeer. Add brown pipe cleaners as horms of the reindeer. You can also accentuate the features of the reindeer by using a black sharpie pen.

You can easily make a stacked Christmas tree using terra cotta pots of different sizes. Start by painting the pots in green color. Once the pots get dried, stack the pots on top of each other. Keep the largest pot at the bottom. Now decorate these pots with different kinds of sequins, stickers, ribbon, etc. Add a beautiful star to the top of the tree using a spring at the top.

You can even make a santa down the chimney sight in a terra cotta pot. First of all fill the pot with thermocol. Make a shape like the top of a house using thermocol on the top. Now make two inverted legs on the santa and attach them with the help of toothpicks. Color everything with glitter and glue. Add cotton to the regions showibg snow. This is the perfect Christmas gift for kids.

Christmas vibe Terra Cotta Pot Crafts


These are some really beautiful terra cotta Christmas crafts.

Sweet Terra-cotta pot designs for Christmas Crafts


Christmas is a time when candies are relished with joy. You make these beautiful candy jars by using some terra cotta pots and glass jars. Start by keeping a terra cot pot in an unverted position. Now paint it in a bright red color. Now attach a glass jar on top of the base of the inverted terra cotta pot. Paint the lid of the glass jar in red paint. Fill the glass jars with candies and add white stars to the red painted terra cotta pots.

You can even make a snow man with a candy jar. Use a terra cotta pot as the base. Attach a frosty glass jar on top of it. Paint the terra cotta pot and the lid of the jar in icy white color. Add different snow man details to this beautiful candy jar and fill the frosty glass jar with sumptuous candies.

You can create an angel using the terra cotta pots. Paint the terra cotta pot in a base color and let the paint dry. Now keep the pot in an inverted position. Add details on the pot. Stick a plastic ball as the head of the doll. Attach grass straws as the hair of the doll. Add a ribnon sash at the neck of the doll. Add other details such as the hem of the dress, eyes, nose, etc. to the doll to complete it.

You can even make some santa clause in the same way as the angels using the terra cotta pots. Paint the terra cotta pot in red paint. Add a plastic ball as the head. Also stick a red conical hat on the head of the santa claus. Make white hair and beard of the santa claus. Add details like nose, mouth, eyes, hands, etc. to complete the santa claus terra cotta pot Christmas Crafts.

We hope you loved all these beautiful Christmas crafts. We wish you Merry Christmas. Do check out other Christmas related articles on K4 Feed. We will soon come up with more such interesting content. Keep smiling and creating with K4 Feed!

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