Memory is one of the vital parts of the human body. Brain do control the activities of the human body in the same way it also provides memory to all human beings. Without Brain, no activities should be takes placed in the human body. Nowadays children suffer from short term memory loss. This problem is due to the unhealthy lifestyle among children. They spend most of their time on virtual media consequently, they are suffering from short term memory loss. Increment in the memory of children is a concerning point because today’s children will be the asset of our country tomorrow, thus children must be given methods so that they can increase their memory. Unhealthy diet among children is one of the basic problems of short term memory loss, children must be given a proper diet or a Balanced Diet.

A balanced diet is the essential elements in increasing memory among children. Proper diet plays a very important role in the increment of memory among children. Poor diet leads to poor retention of the brain and consequently, the memory of the children automatically get decreased. Here is the list of some food items that used be included in a child’s diet, so that the retention power of the children get increased.

  1. Fatty fish, especially Salmon.
  2. Protein-Filled Eggs, with the Yolk.
  3. Vitamin E rich Peanut Butter.
  4. Whole grains like Bread and Cereal.
  5. Brain and Energy fuel–Oatmeal.
  6. Antioxidant-rich Fruits and Berries.
  7. Milk and Yoghurt.
  8. Colorful and Fresh Vegetables.

There are various ways in which a child’s memory can be increased. Some of these are written as follows:-The very first method to increase the memory of child is, Encouraging them to put more and more questions. We should encourage the child to put more and more questions so that their memory should get increased. Through this their mind gets active in the topics they are learning about. To ask questions are not good for children but it is important for each student. From a study, it is drawn that, a student who asks more questions could get more marks than the student who rarely ask any question. Understanding a subject is the first step to remember the content. Encourage your child to ask questions to make sure he or she is developing a deeper understanding of the subject.

The next way to increase the memory of children is to make learning exciting. A student can’t just mug up & gets the knowledge but gets the knowledge by making the children learn in an exciting way. For example, if a child is reading a story, we can add colorful pictures also, we can play the same story for them in virtual media. So they can learn things in a creative way and in this way the knowledge would retain long-lasting in their mind. We can also encourage and teach them about the library and various creative things so that they can enhance their knowledge. Encourage the child’s enthusiasm for learning by taking a trip to the library to check books or videos on different subjects. One can also visit a museum or art gallery. If the child is interested in the content he or she is learning, it will be easy to remember it in the future.

Child’s participation is one of the vital elements that play an important role in enhancing the knowledge of children. It is very important that a child would draw his/her own examples while learning. When your child makes his or her own examples from personal experiences, it makes processing content easier.

Another to increase the knowledge among children is, let the children teach you. By this, they would take active participation in the learning process. From this method, we can also see the development of the child and the creativity of children. It is a well known saying that the child is just like clay, parents participation in making their child’s memory is very important. Encourage the child to explain the information he or she is learning to us (or a sibling or friend). Then go back & review any of the material the child was unsure about.