Immunity system which forms antibodies in our body for fighting against the diseases. The body is constantly subjected to the attack of carriers of different kinds of diseases. These attacks can be foiled when our body is strong enough to resist diseases.

Doctors say that immunity is going down in people because of irregular eating, insomnia, late-night work habits and irregular routines. Also, according to doctors external bacteria and virus become more powerful during weather changes too. And there are many kinds of virus attack that can affect the immune system.

There are many of the processes to increase our immunity system.

The most important thing which we have to choose for increasing immunity system is a good and healthy lifestyle. Regular lifestyle plays a major role in increasing immunity. This gives the most impact on our immunity system.

As we all know in today’s time most of the teenage and adult generation used to smoke which decrease their immune system and because of this, they have to suffer from many of the diseases. If you have to increase your immune system you should not smoke. You should do exercise regularly this will bootstrap your immune system for sure. If you want to increase your immune system should not drink alcohol Bacardi and all. These are very harmful to our immune system. Take a healthy diet regularly eat fruits and green vegetables as much as possible. Always take complete sleep because adequate sleep is very necessary to increase our immunity system. Take less stress as much as possible because it affects are mental stability and immunity system. These are some of the basic things in our regular life which can boost up our immunity system.

In today’s modern time a lot of nutrition-based medicines are also available in the market which helps us to increase our immunity system. For example, Vitamin C is nutrition-based medicine which provides Vitamin C in our body and as we all know how important vitamin C is for our immunity system. Not just Vitamin C but more like multi-vitamin, Tulsi, etc. Some people take a hard diet to get all vitamins minerals for boosting up the immunity system whereas some take smart food like eating these nutrients medicines.

Things which you can add in your diet to increase your immunity systems are as follows:

  1. Fruits like oranges, papaya, Kiwi
  2. Lemon
  3. Red wallpaper which contains a lot of vitamin C
  4. Garlic, ginger
  5. Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli
  6.  Milk
  7. Dry fruit like almond,
  8. Some non-veg meals like shellfish, mutton etc.
  9. Zinc also has a big role in boosting the body’s resistance; Dry fruits also contain plenty of zinc.
  10. Tulsi curry leaves are full of antioxidant elements. Chewing the eights or ten leaves a day increases their resistance to diseases.
  11. Incorporate the tomatoes into your diet to increase your immune levels. The antioxidants called lycopene are essential for the health of your brain.
  12. Green vegetables contain vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e and plenty of fibre. All these properties make the broccoli a great meal for immunity. Consume broccoli daily if you want to grow immune power even more naturally.
  13. Consuming yoghurt also increase immune power. It helps in improving the digestive system.
  14. Both green tea and black tea are beneficial for the immune system. But only drink one-two cups in a day. Otherwise, an overdose may cause harm to the intake.

Water is very helpful in working of the immune system it carries oxygen to our cells. The proper amount of water should we drink neither very much nor so less because it can give a negative impact on the immunity system also. Regular exercise yoga should be done by a person who wants to boost the immunity system. It helps a lot in making our immunity system more strong. Vitamins which we need in a very adequate amount for increasing our immunity system are vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. Vitamin d is very important for us. It is important to take vitamin d to keep the bones strong and prevent heart diseases.

So take a diet which contains all those vitamins. Other else Consume mushrooms and herbs they are very effectual in increasing the immunity system. Consume natural sunlight because it provides vitamin D to our body. Take juices of apple orange, tomato beetroot, and mango so that it can provide you with the vitamins which are needed and boost up your immunity.

Metabolism is important in increasing resistance to diseases. Not only is breakfast necessary to boost metabolism, but it is also necessary to have some healthy food at intervals of four hours. Taking a proper diet with a regular exercise is the simplest way to boost up your immunity. Remember that do not gain much weight because fat is the reason for a lot of diseases so take a healthy meal which does not contain much fat.

Most infection is spread by touching contaminated surfaces, then applying them your mouth and nose. The possibility of this infection can be overcome with some good habits, such as taking care of the hygiene around, washing hands before and after meals, and not eating contaminated food, biting your nails etc. Boosting up our immune system is very beneficial for us as it protects us from diseases and keeps us safe. By having a strong immunity system, we can have a disease-free and good life. When a proper diet reaches our body, our immune system boosts up. According to WHO our body requires 13 vitamins 11 nutrients. This is required for having a strong immune system.

Our body needs plenty of immunity, so it can fight a variety of diseases and infection. It’s important to take care of your body, eat a healthy diet and take care of your immunity. If we have a strong immune system, it will not only protect us from cold and cough but also protect us from many diseases including hepatitis, lung infections, kidney infection.