Every kid is bright in his/her own right. It is just that some kids take time to bloom. You can always help your kids to learn new things. Motor Skills and fine motor skills are very important for the growth of your child. Better motor skills ensure that they comprehend and learn easily and better when they grow up. This early development of motor skills will help your kids with many things in the future. We have brought to you some interesting motor skills activities for kids. We Hope your kids will enjoy these.

Motor Skills Activities For Kids

1. Useful Motor Skills Activities For Kids

Making shapes and lines is a very important part of motor skills development. This beautiful sand board helps your child to write and rewrite things on the board. This will be helpful to the planet as well. This project helps your kids learn so many things at once and does not use paper which makes it environment friendly. You can plain out the sand once the drawing or or shapes have been made. This will be a great activity for your kids.

2. Motor Skills Activities For Kids With Popsicles

This is a very interesting activity to enhance motor skills of your kids. This cool activity will help your kid to understand the addition in a deeper sense. You will need old Toilet paper rolls, colored paper, black marker, popsicle sticks for your motor skills craft. This activity has two components. The toilet paper carries the numbers and the popsicle sticks carry the equations. The child has to solve th equation and then place the popsicle in the cylinder which carries the answer.

3. Wall Climbing Motor Skills Activities For Kids

Wall climbing can be fun. If done under supervision and with proper equipment. This helps the child to learn balancing and hand eye coordination. Such motor skills help the child to cope with the struggles of life. This wall climbing activity can be set up along the walls of your home. Keep a soft and sturdy mattress beneath the climbing wall. This looks nice and helps kids pass their time indoors.

4. Numeral Motor Skills Activities For Kids

This is a very nice motor skills activity for your kids. You only need some simple things from around the home for this motor skills activity. You will need colored paper, black marker, pipe cleaner, beads, a pair of scissors and glue stick. You will handing out the addition or subtraction questions to your kids. The kids will be given a pipe cleaner with a certain number of beads in it. They have to Accordingly add or remove the beads to the pipe cleaner. This will help them reach the answer in a very Beautiful way. This will help them learn the addition and subtraction easily.

5. Learning Numbers Motor Skills Activities For Kids

This is a very beautiful and interactive motor skills activity for kids. You will need hard stock sheet, colored paper, Clothespins, a pair of scissors and glue stick. There will be two parts of this activity. One is the circular pieces of card stock sheet with numbers written on it or some colored circles drawn on it. The kids are required to attach colored clothespins to the hard stock circles. It looks pretty and helps children learn numbers and to count too.

6. Hand Print Motor Skills Activities For Kids

Hand printing is a craft known to many. You can easily make this pretty cater pillar with your kids in the vacations. This will keep the kids busy and happy. You will need a hard stock sheet, water paints, paint brushes. Your kids will love to paint their hands in two colors and then print them on the hard stock sheet. The fingers will become the beautiful legs of the caterpillar and the palms will be the body. Now add a red circle for the head and draw some antennas. This looks perfect.

7. Alphabets Motor Skills Activities For Kids

This is very user friendly and environment friendly motor skills activity for your kids. This is very nice and can also be used to take some tests of the kids. But testing will have to be done on the spot. You will need a wooden box. Fill it with some salt or flour. Now make some placards on which you can write the alphabets or numbers. Now give these placards to your kids. Kids are required to draw the same alphabet or number in the salt or flour area. This can be reused upon shaking.

8. Motor Skills Activities For Kids Using Shells

Who knew that pebbles and shells could be a great way of learning. This is a very low investment leaning method for your kids. You will need a plastic tub, some clay, pebbles or shells. You will also need placards to write the different alphabets or numbers on it. Now show these placards to your kids. They will write the numbers or alphabets written on the placards on the clay with the help of pebbles or shells. Keep the clay and the pebbles in the plastic tub to avoid the mess caused by working with clay or soil.

9. Motor Skills Enhancement For Kids Using Paper Bits

Who knew that bits of paper can also be able to teach our kids something. This is an awesome activity. This tells us about the cohesion of motor skills in a kid. We can understand how well does a kid understand different instructions given to them. You will need felt sheets, white marker, square bits of colored paper and glue. Give out the felt sheets to your children. Now ask them to stick the square bits of papers in series, adjacent to each other on the spiral or curves drawn on the felt sheet. You can turn it into a competition as well. You need to check the right patterns or if the children has problems while sticking the squares side by side.

10. Connecting Dots Motor Skills Activities For Kids

This is an awesome number learning activity. Your need a wood saw board for this. Cut out the numbers from one to ten on paper sheet and stick them on the saw board. Add pin boards to the board alongside the numbers. Give some rubber bands to the kids to join the numbers in series. The kids are required to join the numbers in series to each other. This way they will be able to learn the right series and you can correct them easily too. This will be fun as a weekend activity.

11. Large Drawing Sheet For Kids On The Wall

Every child loves to paint the walls with his or her creativity. This is a great way to let them paint their creativity without ruining the walls. You can get a large paper roll and set it up in your hallway or in the kids room. Make sure you have a hook or ledge in place to hold the page in place at the bottom. Now your kids can use their creativity along with crayons, sketch pens, pencil colors, paints to paint it out. Your kids will love this installation. They can now draw and paint whenever they want.

12. Addition Motor Skills Activities For Kids

This is a nice motor skills enhancement activity. You can this make craft on a plastic base. You will styrofoam cups and a stand for them. Write down different maths equations on paper and stick it to the plastic base. Now write the answers on the back of the styrofoam cups. Your kids have to fit the styrofoam cups with the right answer in front of the equation which it answers correctly. This will help them learn well and easily. This will also help in retaining the mathematics they have learnt at school in the vacations.

13. Using buttons To Create Trees

This is a beautiful crafty motor skills activity for kids. This is a very beautiful craft activity for kids. This helps you to ensure that the kids have a wide vision and can imagine different things. Your will need a lot of colorful buttons, twigs and glue stick for this activity. You will also need a hard stock sheet for the base of the craft. Now lay the twigs like the branches of the tree. Stick them on the base. Now ask your kid to add the leaves in the form of colored buttons. You will surely love the outcome Of this pretty craft.

14. Re-writable Alphabets Motor Skills Activities For Kids

This is a really awesome reusable DIY motor skills activity for your kids. They will surely love to enjoy their learning sessions even more now onwards. You will need a zip seal bag for this motor skills activity for kids. Now get some gelatin and food coloring. Mix them together. Now fill the zip seal bag with a slight amount of the gelatin and food coloring mixture. Now get some alphabet or numeral placards. Your kids will have to use a q-tip to draw the alphabet or the number mentioned on the placard. To reuse just move your hand over the zip seal bag or pick it up and keep it flat again.

15. Dominoes Motor Skills Activities For Kids

I am sure your kids love to play with Dominoes. Now this is the time to unleash their potential with Dominoes. You will need some large placards with numbers or alphabets written on it. Now give out lots of dominoes to your kids. Ask your kids to balance the dominoes all along the alphabet or the number which is written on the placard. They will learn to balance the Dominoes. They can push the last dominoes in the end to see a beautiful fall of the dominoes. This will truly be mesmerising.

We hope you liked all these motor skills activities for your kids. We wish that your kids learn well and fast. You can check out other related articles on K4 FeeD. We would love to hear from you. You can leave your feedback in the comments section given below. We will soon come up with more such articles for you and your kids. Until then keep smiling and creating with K4 FeeD.