Holi is a festival of colors. It is celebrated like people throw colors over each other. It is celebrated in the spring season because Hindus believe spring is full of colors, so they throw colored water on each other. But the main thing is we find out that we play safe Holi with kids as well. Especially kids are very excited about this festival. People forget their worries and indulge in this festival to celebrate brotherhood.

Parents keep a watch on their kids that how they are playing Holi and use pichkaris safely. Avoiding water spraying on the face, eyes or ears of other kids or avoid water balloons it is fun to play but can hurt the person whom the balloon is being thrown at. Colors should be kept away from the mouth. We make sure to teach our child not put colors in their mouth. It may cause reactions in our body like vomiting and poisoning in our body. We take care child to give them better knowledge or respect their neighbour’s or colleagues that not allow them to be rude. Do not allow our kids to use eggs or mud to play Holi. Simple is that give respect take respect to everyone.

The colors available in the market are mostly full of chemicals and it can be harmful to kids because it is affected by their harsh skin. Parents can ensure their children to play eco-friendly Holi colors. Parents apply the moisturizer in their kids face and their body as well. Make them wear long-sleeved clothes and encourage them to wear sunglasses and colorful wigs to safe the hair and eyes because children’s have very sensitive skin. It’s depended upon the parents how they ensure their child to play safe Holi.

Parents must ensure that they purchase a better quality of colors and use skin-friendly colors which children also used. Use pink & red colors which look and easily taken or colors are harmful or it contained chemicals. Must cover the hair or applied lot of oil in the hair, So it can’t affect the hairs. Put the worst clothes then after Holi, thrown it out. Play with safe children who are ensured to play safe Holi. Take the bath much after the entire Holi celebration is over.

We keep a list of emergency contacts on our phone. The list should be the kid’s doctor ambulance, nearby hospitals. Apply oil in the hair and put the moisturizer in all over the body it can safe our hair damage and skin rashes and use sunscreen to protect from the sun rays. If we have a baby girl, we must tie a girl’s hair before she leaves to play or also tie a scarf on her head as a means of protection. We fully prepared our child before we send them out to celebrate the festival of colors and ensure our kid is safe and give peace of mind so we also can play safe Holi and enjoy the festival wholeheartedly with our friends and family.

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