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Born (Date & Place) 11 May, 1999 in Allentown Bethlehem- Easton Metropolitan Area, United States
Full Name Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter
Nicknames Sab (switched at birth)
Height 5’0
Age/DOB 20
Popular Movies/TV Series Tall girl (2019), The hate you give (2018), Adventures in Babysitting (2016), Sierra Burgess is a loser (2018)

Series- Girl Meets World (2014- 2017), Disney Milo Murphy’s Law (2016), The Goodwin Games (2013), Sofia the first (2012-2018)

Debut 27 June, 2014 with the theme song “Take On The World”
Awards/Honors Radio Disney Music Award for Best Crush Song (2015)

Radio Disney Music Award for Best Anthem (2016)

Address Paradigm Talent Agency

8942 Wilshire Blvd.

Beverly Hills,


Family Father- David Carpenter

Mother- Elizabeth Carpenter

Sister- Sarah Carpenter

Shannon Carpenter

Social Profiles

Facebook: Sabrina Carpenter

Twitter: @SabrinaAnnLynn

Instagram: @sabrinacarpenter


Sabrina Carpenter is an American actress and singer. She is also signed for Hollywood records. She is best known for her melodious voice in her songs and she did gave few popular movies and also worked in few television series as well. She produced songs such as ‘eyes wild open’, ‘all you need’, ‘can’t blame girl for trying’, ‘smoke and fire’ etc. Sabrina is described as a ‘teen pop’ singer.

Carpenter has explored many different genres such as pop, folk pop, acoustic. In an interview, Sabrina revealed that Christina Aguilera, Adele, and Rihanna are her music influencers for her. She also took an inspiration from the song writing of Taylor Swift and Lorde.

Early Life & Family

Sabrina Carpenter was born on 11 May 1999 in Allentown Bethlehem- Easton Metropolitan Area, United States. Sabrina’s full name is Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter but she uses her short name for her professional life. She was home schooled. Sabrina is also an YouTuber and starting her channel in 2010 when she was just 10. At an very early age she showcased her talent of singing.

She uploaded many videos on youtube of her singing. As she was very talented at an early age, to enhance her talent and skills her father built a purple recording studio to fuel her passion for music. In the contest of Miley Cyrus which was titled as ‘the next Miley Cyrus project’, and she was ranked third in that singing contest.

Love Life: Relationships/Affairs

Sabrina Carpenter is just 20 years old and she is single. She dated few celebrities. These celebrities involve Bradley Steven Perry, Bradley Simpson, Corey Fogelmanis, and Casey Cott. These all relationship of her are mostly from the past and it doesn’t seem like she is ready for any serious relationship because she thinks that she is too young for it and she first need to focus on her career and build it as its been few years in the industry. She had a boyfriend named Bradley Steven Perry with whom she was in a almost serious relationship for one year from 2014 to 2015. This relationship was also named as ‘Brabrina’.

He proposed her in a very unique way and on this matter she said that “It wasn’t first grader status- it was very sweet. I think he knew I was going to say yes anyways”. It is said that he was her first love but they broke up in 205 and her song the ‘smoke and fire’ was about them splitting. During the tour The Vamps she got close to James McVey Connor Ball and Tristan Evans. But she mostly got close toward Bradley . But later she confirmed that she was not having relationship and that they are just good friends. Corey Forgelmanis are mostly seen as best friends but people assumed as they were dating each other.

They always have a blast as besties. She once also wished him happy birthday through post which cleared that they are just good friends. Caset Cott and Sabrina was seen in an romantic music video. Sabrina chose Cott as the perfect match for the music video and their romance was only on on- screen. About him Sabrina says that “He is such a great actor, and I think like especially when we were looking for the person for music videos, its also kind of last minute. Not all the time, but it was one of those things where it was like. And I was such a fan of him because I know he is such a good actor”.

Professional Career: Popular Movies/TV Series/Albums

Sabrina Carpenter is known for her movies, series and music videos. She debuted with her crime series and a music video in 2014. She was first seen in a crime thriller series ‘Law and order’, her role was as the young version of Chloe Goodwin in the TV series ‘The Goodwin Game’. Later, she was casted for Disney Channel series ‘Girl meets world’ . She is also a voice actress and she played a role as Princess Vivian in the Disney Channel. She released her debut song ‘eyes wide open’ in 2015.

Since then she released two studio albums ‘evolution’ and ‘singular act 1’ in 2016 and in 2018. Her another fourth studio album ‘singular album 2’ in 2019. Sabrina’s popular movies are ‘tall girl’ (2019), ‘the have you give'(2018), ‘adventures in babysitting’ (2016), ‘work it’ ,’horns’ (2013). Carpenter’s popular series are ‘girls meets the world’ (2014-2018), ‘Disney milo murphy’s law’ (2016), ‘the goodwin games’ (2013), ‘Sofia the first’ (2012-2018).


Sabrina Carpenter is a very active actress on social media . She is on tweeter, facebook and instagram. She maintained her social profiles full of peace and positivity. Sabrina posts jokes on her tweeter handle and let the world see it . But one of the user commented negative about it that she don’t know what is going on in the world. This was because she don’t mostly posts her opinions on social issues and on controversies. She replied to the user to leave her alone as she turned her positive space into the negative on. She also calls tweeter and shut down the hater as well.

Sabrina Carpenter was once sued by her former music managers for not paying commissions. In 2011, Stan Rogow and Elliot Lurie casted Sabrina for her music video . They formally casted her as she needed a boost in her music industry. They both signed an agreement on that music video in 2011. The agreement stated that the managers will get half of Perlman’s commission from the profit of her music video. But later they did get nothing and when they demanded it as per the agreement they were fired by Sabrina in 2014. This made them go through a legal action against an 18 year old actress and they also sued along with her family.

Less Known Facts

  • “Sabrina’s loves dolphins, dogs and cats. She has a dog named, Winston”.
  • “Carpenter’s favorite color is yellow”.
  • “She wrote her first album when she was just thirteen years old”.
  • “Sabrina admires Jennifer Lawrence, Lilly Collins, and Emma Watson”.
  • “She co-hosted the 2016 Radio Disney Music award along with Sofia Carson”.
  • “She represented American Music Award with Lilly Singh and the MTV EMAs with Daya”.
  • “Sabrina loves to eat Mexican food”.
  • “Carpenter is said to be good at ballet”.
  • “She loves the show ‘pretty little liars’ the most”.
  • “Sabrina was appeared at number seven on Just Jared Jr’s listt of the top thirty actresses of 2017”.
  • “She is an ambassador for Ryan Seacrest Foundation”.
  • “Sabrina has a weird habit of falling asleep when she wear heels”.

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