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Biography: Mia Wasikowska

Born (Date & Place) 25 October, 1989 in Canberra, Australia
Full Name Mia Wasikowska
Nicknames Rowdy
Height 5’4
Age 30 years
Popular Movies/TV Series Stoker (2013), Jane Eyre (2011), Only Lovers Left Alive (2013), Restless (2011), Damsel (2018), That Evening Sun (2009), Amelia (2009)

Series- In Treatment (2008-2009), Troldspejlet (1989), The Kilborn File (2010)

Debut Suburban Mayhem(2006)
Awards/Honors AACTA Award -Australian Film Institute International Award for Best Actress (2010)

Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie- Rumble (2010)

Australian Film Institute for Young Actor’s Award (2006)

AFI International Award for Best Actress (2006)

SXSW Film Festival Special Jury Award for Best Ensemble Cast (2009)

Independent Spirit Awards for Best Supporting Female (2009)

Teen Choice Awards Choice Movie- Breakout Female (2009)

Boston Society of Film Critics for Best Ensemble Cast (2010)

Gotham Awards for Best Ensemble Cast (2010)

Washington DC Area Film Critics Association for Best Acting Ensemble (2010)

Detroit Film Critics Society for Best Breakthrough Performance (2010)

Broadcast Film Critics Association for Critics Choice Award for Best Acting Ensemble (2010)

Empire Awards for Best Newcomer (2011)

British Independent Film Awards (2011)

AACTA Award for Best Actress (2019)

Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for Best Actress (2016)

Address William Morris Endeavor Entertainment

9601 Wilshire Blvd.

3rd Floor

Beverly Hills


Family Father- John Reid

Mother- Marzena Wasikowska

Brother- Kai Wasikiwska

Dan Wasikiwska

Sister- Jess Wasikowski

Former Partner- Jesse Eisenberg


Mia Wasikowska is a popular Australian Actress and a Director. Mia is also famous for her work on the HBO television series ‘In Treatment’. She debuted with TV drama ‘All Saints’ in 2004 with her feature film debut in ‘Subueban Mayhem’ (2006). She also got most recognition from her character of Alice in ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Afterwards, she did many films with independent roles. Mia Wasikowska is also a brilliant photographer that in her free time she spares her time by doing photography. She often uses her photography skills on her films sets and keen to capture images wherever she travels to. She also used to carry a digital camera in her costumes at her film sets or during filming.

Early Life & Family

Mia Wasikowska was born on 25 October 1989 in Canberra, Australia. She lived in a family with her father, mother and an older brother Dan and her older sister, Jess. Her mother, Marzeno is a born photographer whereas her father, John is also an Australian photographer and collagist. On the matter of her family photographers she says that “We never had to smile or perform. We weren’t always conscious of being photographed. We just do our thing, and she takes pictures of us”.

When Wasikowska was nine years old, she learned ballet and also wanted to pursue it as her profession. Mia learned dancing and joined classes where she had to dance for 35 hours per week plus she also had to manage her school and studies. She had a very hectic schedule in her childhood after joining dance classes that she used to leave her school in the afternoon and then rushed to her dancing classes where she danced till nine. But later after one year she quit dancing.

She says that somehow ballet helped her in handling her nerves in auditions. Mia was small when she explored the European and Australian Cinema. Wasikowska was the one who was very shy in her childhood. She wanted to try her acting skills after watching Holly Hunter in ‘The Piano’. According to her, acting in a film is the way to explore human imperfections. She was serious about her acting skills that she contacted twelve Australian agencies but got only one response because she didn’t have any experience and somehow arranged a meeting.


Mia Wasikowska had few relationships with celebrities. She dated some man and also got married once. But her marriage didn’t last long and got divorced soon after the marriage. She tried to keep her relationships private and not public. Mia Wasikowska was once in a relationship with Jesse Eisenberg.

They both dated each other in 2013. But they broke up after two years of the relationship. Later she dated Robert Pattinson in 2015. They started dating each other after they filmed a film together ‘twilight’. They dated each other for quite some time but they never got engaged or married. Afterwards she never tried dating others and she became busy in focusing on her career.

Popular Movies/TV Series

Mia Wasikowska debuted with her TV series ‘All saints’ in 2004 and she was featured in her first film ‘Suburban Mayhem in 2006. She was more recognized by her work in HBO television series ‘In Treatment’. She is often remembered for her character of Alice from her film ‘Alice in Wonderland’ by Tim Burton’s. Later she was appeared in ‘Jane Eyre’ (2011), ‘Stoker’ (2013), ‘Alice In Wonderland’ (2010), ‘Restless’ (2011). In 2007, she was appeared in one horror film ‘Rogue’. She won ample number of awards for her performances in the films.

Mia was also featured in an short film ‘Lens Love Story’. In this short film she had no dialogue. Mia is known to beat 200 actresses for a part in the drama called ‘September’ (2007). In 2008 she again released her another short film ‘I Love Sarah Jane’. She played the character of Chaya in ‘defense’ (2008). Wasikowska worked on the biopic ‘Amelia’ in 2009.
There are many other popular movies by her such as -‘Maps to the stars’ (2014), ‘The Kids Are all Right’ (2010), ‘Madame Bovary’ (2014), ‘Lawless’ (2012), ‘The Turning’ (2013), ‘Blackbird’ (2019). Mia worked in short films and TV series too, some of her popular TV series such as – ‘In treatment’ (2008-2010), ‘Trodspejlet’ (1989), ‘The Kilborn File’ (2010).


Mia Wasikowska is not that popular name in the world of controversies. That is why she didn’t had any major controversy as such. But she was once into the controversy due her film. The film was the actual adaptation of Ryu Murakami’s ‘Piercing’. This novel was an scandalous novel and they were about to adapt this novel into a film. The director of this said that “Actually I read PIercing at a time when filming ‘my mothers eyes’.

I bought all the books of this writer and just devoured them. I thought that it would be amazing with the exciting game of cat and mouse. “About the filming of the movie he said that “The characters and the names of the novel are being changed in the movie. The main reason why I experimented to make this movie because while I was reading this book in my head already the movie was spinning”.

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