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Born (Date & Place) 19 October, 1983 in Stockholm, Sweden
Full Name Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundstrom
Nicknames Not known
Height 5’5
Age 36
Popular Movies/TV Series The Greatest Showman, Doctor Sleep, The Girl on the Train, The Snowman, Hercules
Debut Nothing’s Real but Love (2011)
Awards/Honors EDA Special Mention Award (2019)

Genre Award (2016)

Slate Award (2016)

Fright Meter Award (2019)

Breakthrough Performer (2015)

Golden Statuette (2016)

Address Universal Talent Group

71-75 Shelton Street

Covent Garden

London WC2H 9 JQ


Family Mother- Gerrie Ferguson

Former  Ludwig Hallberg

Son- Isac Hallberg


Rebecca Ferguson is a popular Swedish actress. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Miniseries or television film for ‘the white queen’. She began with Swedish soap opera. She worked as model in her very early age. She is capable of speaking both the Swedish and English language. She also appeared in many magazines, commercials for cosmetics, jewelery advertisements etc. before she debuted in Hollywood. Rebecca Ferguson is the first Swedish actress to be nominated for Golden Globe award since Ann- Margret in 1999.

She proved her acting and action skills in her most popular film ‘mission impossible’. She also worked hard for the movie by going under vigorous fitness and stunt training, six hours a day training schedule which included Pilates, fight, dance and stunt practice.

It was said that Tom Cruise chose her for the movie because he was very impressed with her skills and talent in her series ‘the white queen’. Rebecca is a claustrophobic and suffers from vertigo. Ferguson was named one of variety’s 10 actors to watch in 2015. She says that she was inspired by Cate Blanchett, Helen Bonham Carter, Maggie Smith, Helen Mirren and Isabelle Huppert. She is a huge fan of Breaking Bad. She married to Rory in 2018 and they are having two children.

Early Life & Family

Rebecca Ferguson was born on 19 October ,1983 in Stockhlom, Sweden. Her full name is Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundstrom but she used her short name for her professional life. she is a Swedish actress. Her mother, Rosemary Ferguson is an English and her father was Swedish that is why she is capable of speaking both the languages.

Rebecca used her mother’s surname as her stage name. When she was just 13, she started working as a model and did many commercials , advertisements and appeared on magazine covers and on television. She learned ballet, tap dancing, jazz, street funk and tango in her very early age. She also did few short art films.

Rebecca was not very sure about being an actor, which made her do many other jobs such as at daycare centre, as nanny, at a jewellery shop, at shoe shop and also in some Korean restaurants. She always desired to work with director Tim Burton and also wanted to work with Helen Mirren, Maggie Smith, Hugh Laurie and Helena Bonham Carter who she also admired the most.


Rebecca dated few people. Rebecca dated Zac Efron, Ludwig Hallberg, Tom Cruise and Rory. But some were just rumors about her relationships. It was a rumor that she dated Zac Efron. It was a rumor because people thought that they both were spotted together at many places. They were photographed by media om many occasions. This rumor was in 2017. Rebecca had a relationship with Ludwig Hallberg .

They both had good relations and great companionship but something lacked in their relationship which lead them to break up and split apart in 2015. Rebecca Ferguson gave birth to her son Isaac Hallberg when they were together in 2007. It was a rumor that she was dating Tom Cruise.

The rumors started when they did a very popular movie ‘mission impossible- rogue nation’ in 2015. Once in an interview, Rebecca admitted that she had a celebrity crush on Tom Cruise when she was young. But she never confirmed her relationship with Tom Cruise. Rebecca Ferguson is finally married to Rory. She started dating him in 2016 and never revealed his surname in public and the relationship was private as well. They had a private wedding too where they married on an holiday occasion and only close friends and family was invited.

Rebecca explained her marriage by saying “It was more for us and our family, we rented a cottage. It was our friends and family and Wellington boots and big woolly socks and big ruggy jumpers, games , snooker, table tennis”. Before marrying him she shared a six month old daughter and she said that she was sleeping when they were getting married.

Popular Movies/TV Series

Rebecca Ferguson debuted or started her career by working in Swedish soap opera in 1999. One of the Swedish director spotted her in an town market in 2011 and this gave her a opportunity to work in the film ‘a one- way trip to Antibes’. She also did a horror film called drowning ghost in 2004. In 2013, she did a popular historical television drama ‘the white queen’.

This television series made her won the Golden Globe Award and was also nominated for the Best Actress award. She played a lead role in another popular film which was ‘mission impossible- rogue nation’ in 2015. Tom Cruise himself picked her for the lead role after watching her in ‘the white queen’ series. Again in 2018, she worked in another part of the film which was ‘mission impossible- fallout’.

Rebecca played dual role in ‘Cold War espionage thriller’. She played roles of Katya and Lauren in the film. In 2017, she did a sci-fi horror film ‘life’. Rebecca had major film roles such as ‘doctor sleep’ which was the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name. Her few popular series are ‘the white queen’, ‘the red tent’, ‘Nya tider’, ‘wallander’, ‘ocean ave’.


Ferguson was not seen in many of the controversies and she was never a part of any controversial issues

Less Known Facts/Fun Facts

  • “Rebecca once played a undercover agent in her film and that was the scene of roof where she actually runs in high heels.”
  • “In the film ‘mission impossible’ where Tom Cruise do his own stunts by himself on the other hand Rebecca let her double Jane step in to do the more dangerous scenes”.
  • “Rebecca has a fear of height . So for a month and a half she went to training to gradually work up to being able to do a scene that required a 75 drop. They prepared for the jump by lifting her up a few meters a day in a harness”.
  • “Rebecca once wore a breath taking golden dress and was looking beautiful as she moved. The costume designer Joanna Johnston noticed her in the film where she runs on the roof and the way she moved her body for the stunt made the designer design a dress for her and it was made with special fabric.”
  • “Rebecca is a brilliant sketch artist that on the sets of her film she had a sketch that captured every detail of her face. She always used to click a picture of it through her phone”.

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