A descriptive guide to exploring the Top Vietnam Attractions and Places to Visit with tips about things to do and places to see.

Traveling is the necessity when it comes to relaxation, rejuvenation and unwinding. Asian country Vietnam is the answer to all travel questions. It’s that straightforward. With its intriguing history, world class cusines and culture, Vietnam will energize everyone who visits there. Vietnam is probably one of the tranquil, exciting and unwinding place on the planet. Vietnam is getting recognized as one of the world’s Best travelling places due to its magnificence. White sand sea shores, limestone mountains, terraced rice fields and more alluring explorers from around the world. ‘Vietnam’ although is one word but it can’t be described in single word.

Here is a list of places which makes Vietnam an Asian Paradise.

Top Vietnam Attractions and Places to Visit

Ha Long Bay

With its water green water and bunch of limestone rough outcrops ascending from the water like ocean winged serpents, Ha Long Bay takes after a scene from a dream story. Situated in northern Vietnam, this extraordinary small bay includes in excess of 2,000 wild islands due to which this place is locally know as ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’. Ha Long Bay is covered with captivating caves, grottoes and lakes. October and November are considered to be the best months for visiting Ha Long Bay. Travelers visiting Ha Long Bay should definitely experience Cruise Tours in and around the Bay.


Hanoi truly speaks and portrays the Vietnamese History. At the core of Hanoi is its Old Quarter, an outside exhibition hall of memorable Asian and French pioneer engineering. Hanoi has also been a witness and victim of Vietnam war. In Hanoi among picturesque tree-lined streets, travelers can explore crowded markets, taste espresso at bistros. Travelers visiting Hanoi should also explore The Grand Opera House, The Presidential Palace and Saint Joseph Cathedral.

Hoi An


Hoi An is a lovely, old city Situated off the bank of the South China Sea in South Central Vietnam. Hoi An is also an UNESCO World Heritage site which is known for its religion and culture. The city’s noteworthy design, customary culture and structures make it one of the most visited place in Vietnam. Old town of the city depicts wonderful old engineering, conventional wooden houses and many shops selling dress, shoes, sacks, trinkets and hand crafted antiques and goods. May to July is considered to be the best time to visit this beautiful place. Travelers should also explore An Bang Beach, Cua Dai Beach, Museum of Ceramics, Fujian Assembly Hall, and Central Market


Built on the banks of the famous ‘Perfume River’ in Vietnam is this city ‘Hue’. This place went through a lot during Vietnam War which is still reflected in the city’s design, culture and food, which also makes it probably the best place to visit in Vietnam. Hue is a blend of Old Architectures and urban methods. ‘The Citadel’ is the city’s most renowned structure. January to August is the best time visit Hue. Travelers should also experience street foods from the vendors or spend the evening in the local cafes, enjoy the local bands performing in evenings. Travelers should also explore Hue Citadel, Tran Binh Dai, Tran Hai, Tran Hai Thanh and Dan Nam Giao.


Encompassed by pictorial mountains, rice farms and a decent variety of tophills in the remote northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is a peaceful town. Sapa is also a base for trekking in the Hoang Lien Son Mountains and visiting rice paddies and conventional towns. Travelers visiting Sapa can experience Scrumptious Food , customs and lifestyle among the neighborhood. March to April and October to November are considered to be the best time of the year to visit this well known Heaven.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is The capital city of Khánh Hòa Province situated on the coastline of South Central Vietnam. Nha Thrang is full of Beautiful mountains, Beaches and rich islands which makes it a most loved beach destination among visitors. This place is a heaven for Swimmers and scubadivers. This place has a lot of resorts, palm trees and a stunning promenades which attracts a lot of travelers throughout the year. People visiting Nha Thrang should also explore Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam, Po Nagar Tower, Vinpearl Land, and Long Son Pagoda.

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta, known for its Natural product plantations, rice paddies, sugar stick forests, and towns attract large number of travelers. Nicknamed “Vietnam’s Rice Basket,” the Mekong Delta is a farming area. This place extends from the Gulf of Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City. Mekong Delta is most popular for its Floating markets and Houseboats. Travelers visiting this place should definitely experience Cruise safari, floating market, and feeding catfish in fish farm.

Ho Chi Minh

Lying along the Siagon River close to the Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh . Today, Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city of the reunified nation, offering a perfect blend of traditional as well as modern day architecture and lifestyle. Travelers will explore Traditional and old Vietnam war affected places, structures and memorials to Modern day wonders like Shopping Malls, Restaurants and Bistros. May to November is the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh. Although it pours during this time period but it would only make journey more memorable as it makes city more green.

My Son

This unusual named beautiful place is situated on the coastline of Vietnam close to the Duy Phú town. My son is the most significant archeological site in Vietnam. One of Southeast Asia’s most eminent old places, My Son was at one time a critical focal place of Hindu functions. My Son is one of the most visited places in Vietnam and Indians in large number visit this place annualy. Travelers should must visit Temples of Bhadresvara, Prakash Dharma, and Sambhu Barman.


Dalat provides cool climate, ideal landscape of hazy valleys, lavish pine trees and vivid blossoms that makes a perfect travel plan. This enchanting town in the South Central Highlands of Vietnam is a well known place for those who want to escape from heat and warmth. This extravagant city is famous for its Strawberry Jams, Avocados and Dry fruits. December to March is the best time of the year to visit this paradise. Travelers should also Explore the Xuan Huong Lake, Lake of Sorrow and Valley of Love.

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