A descriptive guide to exploring top Sri Lanka Attractions and Places to Visit with tips about things to do and places to see. 

Want to explore exotic golden beaches, lush green tea gardens, emerald forests, awe-inspiring sights, this finest and teardrop-shaped island will be the perfect destination for you. Yes, I am talking about Sri Lanka. Srilanka is one of the islands, which is famous for its spellbinding beauty and artistic diversity of places.

From relaxing on the beautiful exotic beaches to do amazing adventure activities like trekking and parasailing, Srilanka makes us mesmerized by its incredible natural beauty. The magnificent beauty with historic and cultural stories, this small island made itself a memorable destination to visit.

Though it is a small island, it’s full of life, exotic places, a chirpy environment that will not let you stop you from keeping it out of your traveling bucket list.

There is no shortage of soothing places and jaw-dropping beautiful sights where you can forget all your chaotic life and relax yourself to the fullest.

Let me tell you some unmissable awesome destination to enjoy in Srilanka

Beautiful Places to Visit in SriLanka


Start from the capital of the city, Columbo, the first to place your feet on. A visitor’s delight, Columbo attracts everyone for its many beautiful tourist places. From casinos to the Museum of columbo, and Tea and herb tour, columbo is a mixture of different types of beauty. Since it is the capital of Sri Lanka, it has a plethora of well-maintained hotels, a good transportation system, a great crazy nightlife with some exotic drinks and amazing music. From the warm hospitality and sweet welcoming people to blessed nature and urban parks, Colombo is the perfect place to sojourn. After listening to all these, Definitely Don’t even think to miss it!


Stacked with greenery, tea plantations, beautiful gardens, and Srilanks’s greatest gem, Kandy is the perfect place for a romantic holiday. Surrounded by the central highland, this large city is a World Heritage Site, to which you can go to enjoy a festival “Esala Perahera” in summer and get a taste of Sinhalese culture. “Temple of the Tooth” a highly sacred place is a must-visit place here which has one of the Buddha’s teeth. The city’s beautiful centerpiece lake is surrounded by hills and impressive colorful houses. Pour yourself in its breath-taking beauty.

Yala National Park

A true abundance of SriLankan Wildlife, and an unmissable destination, Yala national park is truly a place for wildlife lovers. Located in the South-East part of Srilanka hugging the Indian ocean, this national park is home to the highest concentration of leopards the world nesting lazily on tree branches, elephants and a group of elephants bathing in streams, aquatic birds, monkeys running around the park’s grassy plains and forest areas. A complete package of natural beauty, this park will quench your eagerness to explore and learn more about wildlife and make this visit one of the most unforgettable experiences. Enjoy your jeep ride here!

Arugam Bay

The best place that loves surfing and catching quality surf breaks. Arugam bay is a south-eastern coast located beach which is famous for surfing and attracts surfers from around the world. There are many surfing points like the main point, whiskey point, or peanut farm. These surfing points are for beginners, advanced and intermediate surfers. Apart from surfing, there are other water activities too like diving, speed boating and you can also dine on traditional Srilankan curry in the restaurants. The coconut trees on the side of the beach and the blue water will vivify you. And this makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Adams Peak

And who would love to see the breathtaking view of the rising sun at dawn? Sri Lanka’s most amazing and mesmerizing tourist destination which is hard to forget. The vivid greenery and spectacular views are unique and so is the destination.
Like the name, Adams peak is 2243 m tall, a pointed mountain located in central Sri Lanka also has cultural and religious beliefs. People start to climb the slopes at night at 2 am to reach the peak till the sunrise. The little difficulties you will have on the way will be worth the experience you will have.

A complete bundle of natural heritage, beauty, and happiness, this place will let you experience and will capture your heart. And No one can dispute its incredible beauty and astounding places will make it difficult to leave back home. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets and Fly!

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