A descriptive guide to exploring the Cheapest Cities To Visit in the World with tips about things to do and places to see.

Cheapest Cities To Visit in the World

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam Cheapest Cities To Visit in the World

Hanoi the capital of Vietnam is the first city that comes in the list when you want to explore the cheapest cities. It is well known for its southeast architecture and has a rich cultural background of Southeast Asia, Chinese and a lot of french impacts. It has many beautiful temples and trade streets full of household goods and street food.

Transportation prices: 3km taxi ride= 1.99 to 3.02 USD.

Meal prices: Breakfast= 1.21 to 2.37 USD(Which comprises of noodles specially and many other western options are available).

                         Lunch= 2.16 to 3.88 USD(Special Vietnamese cuisine is cheapest).

                        Dinner= 3.88 to 6.90 USD(Prices in the sit-down restaurants).

Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane, Laos Cheapest Cities To Visit in the World

It is the capital and largest city of Laos. It is well known for its French colonial architecture with lots of Buddhist temples as “The Pha That Luang” which is a historic gold stupa of height around 44 meters. The city is home to many sacred places of the Buddhist deity with showcases number of Buddha images and is a mesmerizing view to visit the places along with the beauty of lined trees in the streets.

Transportation prices: 3km tuk-tuk ride= 1.69 to 3.37  USD.

Meal prices: Breakfast= 1.46 to 3.37 USD(In nearby cafes and restaurants to your hotel).

                         Lunch= 1.80 to 3.37 USD(Rice, noodles dishes along with a variety of sandwiches).

                        Dinner= 3.04 to 5.12 USD(Meals are basically from Mekong range).

Manila , Philippines

Manila , Philippines Cheapest Cities To Visit in the World

It is also the capital city of the Philippines and is located on the island of Luzon. It has a mix of colonial Spinach architecture with a touch of modern skyscrapers. It has many places of colonial times like the “Intramuros, a walled city”,  “San Agustin Church” of the 16th century. It is also well known for the best universities and the National Library. Although, it is a big city and has many spots of attraction along with cheap costs.

Transportation prices: 3km taxi ride= 2.55 to 3.14 USD.

Meal prices: Breakfast= 1.47 to 2.55 USD(Street stalls and fast food).

                         Lunch= 1.96 to 3.92 USD(Local favorites and dining).

                         Dinner= 3.14 to 6.89 USD(Sit down restaurants especially).

Pokhra, Nepal

Pokhra, Nepal

It is a city located on the Phewa Lake and is known to be the gateway to “The Annapurna Circuit”. The famous 2 story Pagoda is located in the city itself. It has splendid yoga centers and restaurants at the lakeside where you can give a relaxing time to your body and have the enjoyment of tasty food. Pokhara also has a mesmerizing museum that showcases the history of mountaineering and the lives of people of Himalayas.

Transportation prices: 3km taxi ride inPokhara= 1.01 to 1.32 USD, Bus from Kathmandu= 3.51 to 5.27 USD.

Meal prices: Breakfast= 1.23 to 2.20 USD(Tasty street offerings).

                          Lunch= 1.58 to 2.64 USD(Dal Bhat platter or Tibetian momos).

                         Dinner= 3.08 to 5.27 USD(Chinese and Indian cuisine).

Quito, Equador

Quito, Equador Cheapest Cities To Visit in the World

Quito the national capital of Equador is established on the footing of the ancient Insan city and the sculptures are the blend of many earliest styles. For what Quito is famous is its heart touching 16th and 17th-century churches. It is also home to the best-preserved, unaltered and largest historic center and is also the first “world cultural heritage sites” declared by UNESCO in 1978 along with Krakow, Poland. Overall, it is a nice place to explore if you want to know the history, colonial rule.

Transportation price: 3km taxi ride in Quito= 1.45 to 4.00 USD.

Meal prices: Breakfast= 2.00 to 3.50 USD(Local places servings).

Lunch= 3.00 to 5.00 USD(Combo of chicken and rice).

Dinner= 4.00 to 8.00 USD(Proper restaurants would have a great budget list also).

 Chiangmai, Thailand

 Chiangmai, Thailand Cheapest Cities To Visit in the World

It is Thailand’s second-largest and second most popular cultural city after its capital Bankok. The Old city’s Cultural and Religious Center also have remnants from its history as wells and moats. Chiang Mai as lies in Thailand it has many Buddhist temples and what a peaceful ambiance is found there is just undefinable. Most of the attractions here are free or so cheap that you can use your money to buy different memento at various markets and the food is also not that expensive.

Transportation price: 3km taxi ride= 5.26 USD, 3km tuk-tuk ride= 1.32 to 1.65 USD, Public bus ride= .66 USD.

Meal price: Breakfast= 0.99 to 2.47 USD(Price at street stalls).

    Lunch= 1.48 to 3.95 USD(Street stall meal price).

Dinner= 2.96 to 5.26 USD(Sit down meal in the evening).

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia Cheapest Cities To Visit in the World

It is located on the coast of the island “java”. It is a crowded, rambled city with hot and humid weather always. But what makes it be counted in the cheapest cities across the world is its excellent shopping options and nightlife at a cheap price. Also, it has a mixed variety of Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European cultures embraced in its architecture, cuisine and even language.

Transportation price: 3km taxi ride= 1.03 to 1.24 USD, Public bus ride= .15 to .26 USD.

Meal price: Breakfast= 1.54 to 2.56 USD(Local cuisine price).

Lunch= 2.34 to 4.49 USD(Local specialities).

                        Dinner= 3.88 to 5.86 USD(Indonesian meal at sit down restaurants).

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is very well known as the land of “Mount Everest”. If one who wants to experience mountaineering, visiting the base camp or anything they will have to pay the expenses but if you are moving to visit the city and explore the Buddhist terrains then it will surely lie in your budget. Most of its historic sites were demolished during the 2015 earthquake but some of the places were reconstructed as the Durbar Square’s Palace which becomes more enlightened at the time of Indra Jatra, a religious festival.

Transportation prices: 3km taxi ride= 2.11 to 2.66 USD, Public bus ride= .18 to .31 USD.

Meal prices: Breakfast=1.84 to 2.63 USD(Regional cuisine price).

Lunch= 2.28 to 3.51 USD(Price of Kathmandu dining).

Dinner= 3.29 to 5.27 USD(Basic rice and lentils dishes).

Delhi, India

Delhi, India

The capital state of the country is not cheap in terms of stay at hotels but if you want to explore across the city it is free or not that expensive. If you are happy to enjoy the delight of street food then it will surely in your budget and you will even find many options to taste but if thinking of taking meals at an air-conditioned restaurant then it will surely take over your budget.

Transportation prices: Metro ride= .14 to .84 USD, 3km taxi ride=.75 to 1.12 USD.

Meal prices: Breakfast= 1.41 to 3.39 USD(At casual restaurants or stall food).

Lunch= 1.90 to 3.52 USD(Local fare price).

Dinner= 3.37 to 6.33 USD(Meal at sit down restaurants).

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