A descriptive guide to exploring the Best Destinations for Solo Trip in India with tips about things to do and places to see.

Touring and exploring new places is the most adventurous activity one can do to enjoy and know the diversity and beauty of places. Many times it is possible that you wish to go for a trip but if it a solo trip then the selectivity of place must be such that it can accompany your mood and accomplish the dream of your excitement. And below discussed are some of the mesmerizing locations where you can go for a solo trip and enjoy it.

Best Destinations for Solo Trip in India

Varkala Seabed in God’s Own Country “Kerala”

Varkala Seabed in God's Own Country "Kerala" Best Destinations for Solo Trip in India

Varkala Seabed

Varkala is a calm rockface look over the Arabian sea which is basically a beach town and what makes it different from other beaches is that it is not that crowded or rushed but actually a peaceful place to get relaxed and enjoy. It is a place where one can feel close to the sun, nature’s beauty, sand, and water. There are many adventures like boating in Kappil Lake, playing water sports and a lot more. The beauty of Varkala is such magnificent that you can lay down at the beachside and watch how the day passes on and also enjoy the ayurvedic spas and massages which are very relief giving to the body.

Glimpses: Papasnanam Beach, Kapil Lake, Janardhan Swami temple are some exciting and beautiful places to visit.

Hampi, Karnataka

 Hampi, Karnataka Best Destinations for Solo Trip in India

Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in North Karnataka and is a must visiting place if you are a history lover. There are more than five hundred monuments scattered across the scenery of beautiful hills. And once you are on a trip to a place like Hampi then make sure you have a sufficient amount of time to explore around. Here architecture of structures, buildings can be visualized from the back times of the Vijaynagar Empire, rock formations and beautiful carving.

Glimpses: The political, royal centre of the Vijayanagara empire, temples, the quarters of Muslim officers in the royal army.

Ladakh Land Of Exciting Adventure’s

Ladakh Land Of Exciting Adventure's


If you are a snow admirer and have a dream of enjoying the thrilling adventures over the snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes and icy-glaciers. It is a land of rich culture where great ancient Buddhist monasteries and tranquillity paths make it a perfect destination for a solo trip. Several adventures like trekking,  mountain biking, rafting and even go for a safari on the Bactrian camels. The eye-catching speciality of Ladakh is that here you can get a sight of a White leopard which can be founded hardly in some parts of the world.

Glimpses: Pangong lake, Magnetic hill, Chadar trek are some exciting places to explore.

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Kasol, Himachal  Pradesh

Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

If you want to give your eyes and heart a peaceful scenic view then I think Kasol would be the right choice. Its a village on the bank of river Parvati. Now when it comes to sports then water sports have a different level of energy in them, that is they give a mind-boggling experience when you do them and Kasol would be the correct option for sport like rafting taking’ chappu’ in the hands, wearing helmets and enjoying the roller coasters. And also it is a tourism attracting place so ya if you are interested to go solo but return with some new experiences and friends then this would be the right destine.

Glimpses: Kheerganga,  Pin Parbati Pass and Yanker Pass, Tosh and a lot more.

 Pondicherry, A French Touch View

Pondicherry, A French Touch View

Pondicherry, A French Touch View

Pondicherry is again a seaside tourist spot but what makes it unique is its french inspired architecture that is i you wish to incorporate the french architecture in your trip list then by moving to Pondicherry you can experience it in India. It is the land where Shri. Aurobindo devoted him to spirituality and spent his most of the time in meditation and writings. His writings are honestly a vision to go through and once you get to Pondicherry then you must surely go through the ashram where even his relics are present and impressions of his life can be seen. Although it is a peaceful view along the seashores where you can imbibe yourself into a different connection to spirituality.

Glimpses: Shri. Aurobindo Ashram, Auroville Temple.

Rishikesh, The Holy Land

Rishikesh, The Holy Land Best Destinations for Solo Trip in India


Rishikesh is located in the foothills of Himalayas and is a place of convergence for Ganga and Chandrabhaga River. It is quite famous for its rich culture, ancient temples and rafting. It is a splendid view to the eyes and soul of a person to watch the Ganga Arti on the banks of Ganga. Rishikesh truly goes to the heart as that music, those chantings, and the arti takes you to another level. Rishikesh is also known to be the “World Yoga City” since it has a peaceful and beautiful environment which makes it a right ambience for Yogic activities.

Glimpses: Triveni ghat, Laxman jhula, Parmarth Niketan ashram and waving around the bank of river Ganga.

Jibhi, Tirthan Valley

Jibhi, Tirthan Valley Best Destinations for Solo Trip in India

Jibhi, Tirthan Valley

It is a mesmerizing place surrounded by lush green forests and particoloured mountains. It is an exact place where you can relax your mind away from the industrialization in the lap of nature. The dense forests, fresh lakes and prestigious temples make it an amazing destine to go for a visit. It has Victorian-style cottages which will spellbound you. So go for a trip and have a cup of hot tea in your hand and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Glimpses: Jalori pass, Serolsar lake, Chehni Kothi and a lot more interesting places.

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