A descriptive guide to exploring the Best places to travel with friends in Europe with tips about things to do and places to see. 

Traveling with friends has always been very exciting and especially when we all have a crazy gang to do fun in every situation. Friends not only travel with us, but they also help us in making some amazing unforgettable memories which are indelible for all of us. So if you are planning for a trip with friends, Europe is the best, where you can have some insane fun and incredible time together.

Europe is a vast continent with some breathtaking destinations that feels like heaven. Russia is the biggest country whereas the Vatican city is the smallest in Europe. Europe is a blend of culture, heritage, architecture, languages and some amazing people. From Castles and Palaces to exotic beaches, beautiful Islands and spectacular scenery, everything has its own taste here. Apart from these, It offers the world’s best beer and exotic drinks, and some crazy nightlife to dabble into it.
So, Explore this awesome place and let me tell you some stunning places for you and your friends to enjoy and create amazing memories :

Let’s pack up for amazing Europe.

Best Places to Travel with Friends in Europe

Paris, France

The most popular attraction in Paris is the beautiful Eiffel tower which is the most popular in the world. This city of love is more than romance and you can have some best party nights herewith your friends. Apart from these, the city’s beautiful architecture can be seen in Museums and some landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Louvre. Apart from these, this capital city of France is choked full of cafes and patisseries which sell delicious pastries, cakes, macarons, and some world’s best dessert. You can also get to see numerous luxurious hotels and resorts. All in all a great place to hang out with your friends.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is the second most visited country in Europe. There are many cities in Spain to visit in, and one of them is Barcelona which is a city of color and life. The place ideal for food lovers where the most amazing Spanish dishes like Tapas can be found. This city offers great, and crazy nightlife and you can enjoy the beach-side clubs here. Numerous masterpieces by Antoni Gaudi and buildings with mind-blowing architecture can be found here.

Vienna, Austria

Ranked among the 15 most beautiful European destinations, Vienna undoubtedly should be in every traveler’s bucket lists. This is truly a city for Friends, solo travelers, photography lovers and the glittering charm of the city draws many travelers here. Also called the world’s unofficial opera capital, Vienna is perfect for those who love music.
On the other hand, Vienna architectural heritage is also very famous and worth watching.

Venice, Italy

Italy with approx 58.3 million visitors per year, has some incredible cities which are beautiful to visit and famous for its breathtaking charm and beauty. Venice is one of the magical places which doesn’t offer any reason to say No. The Cultural, the food, the atmosphere, everything is just Wow here. With peaceful sunsets to enjoying an Italian dish, Venice is just a place where everyone should go at least once. The floating city of Venice is one of the things that is worth watching.

Lisbon, Portugal

The second oldest capital city in Europe and one of the best budget cities in Europe with great accommodation and nightlife and excellent quality food makes it perfect for an affordable European trip. There are lots of hills in Lisbon and it is built on hills and there are nice sandy beaches, castles, sublime landscapes and sumptuous monuments. I am sure you and your friends will have a great time here and you will all have a crush on it at the end of the day.

Berlin, Germany

A capital city known for its culture, history, entertainment, Berlin is a unique city in the world. Best museums, impressive monuments, and galleries are some of the attractions here. Rich in culture and life full of enjoyment, people here come and lost themselves in a different world. The super clubs in berlin will give you a major party goal, excite you to put up your dancing shoes and dance from dusk to dawn.

London, UK

With a rich history and some most mindblowing culture on the planet, London is the most visited city in Europe with a diverse culture attracting 27 million visitors each year. With some distinct and vibrant atmosphere, world’s best dining and shopping, it has thrived over centuries. Shoreditch, London eye, Camden, Thames cruise are some popular visits to the city. With some prominent landmarks, activities, and experiences, London is a classic city which has everything and the list is endless.

Budapest, Hungary

The capital city of Hungary, Budapest is the trendiest destination to visit. The famous monuments such as Buda Castle, the chain bridge, the parliament, the spas , Budapest is a perfect destination for friends to visit. You all probably don’t know that Budapest has a nickname “City of Spas”. Yes, It offers more than 118 natural thermal springs which are very relaxing and sumptuous. Book early as it is so busy in peak seasons.

Athens, Greece

Surrounding by remarkable mountains, this sprawling city is established among seven hills. With a confusing blend of historical and modern features, Athens is the birthplace of democracy and cradle of western civilization. Not only for archaeological monuments and ruins, Athens is famous for nightlife, culture, and sports also. The city has some exceptional museums with fascinating artifacts and breathtaking ancient ruins. Among all the cities in Europe, Athens will give you a totally different experience with its dazzling and glorious tourist attractions.

Prague, Czech Republic

Drawing about 4 million visitors per year, and with fascinating centuries-long history, Prague offers a compact city center and one of the most popular destinations on the continent. Called as the “city of a thousand spires” you will get amazed by the splendid views of soaring old towers and lovely domed churches and It possesses one of the best-preserved historic city centers with some well preserved historical buildings.

Europe is a continent that gives us a major traveling goal and the whole continent is unique in its own way. There are more to discover and many places are there which are still unexplored. So packs your bags up and have a great time with your friends. Enjoy!

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