A descriptive guide to exploring the Top Thailand Attractions and Places to Visit with tips about things to do and places to see.

World’s 13th friendliest country, 20th most populous country and world’s most visited places, Thailand is a studded with an incredible concoction of historical and cultural sites. The enticing floating markets, over more than 40,000 Buddhist temples, unique terrain, exotic beaches, thick jungles and amazing dishes especially seafood, makes Thailand the most popular destination in Southeast Asia and has everything to offer with different interests and budgets. For many travelers, It is also an ideal place to travel because of the affordable price.

Located just above the Equator, Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that has never been colonized by a European power. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, a very nice city full of ancient temples, modern shopping malls. and generally very crowded. Before going to Thailand you must know for what Thailand is actually famous for? So let me tell you, It is famous for spellbinding exotic beaches, super delicious foods, temples, arts, and Nightlife. It has also many small islands which have various beautiful resorts.

With a thriving tourist industry here, It is well developed, and people here are very welcoming and nice to tourists. One more thing, I want to tell you is that Mangoes here are said to be the best in the world. So don’t forget to eat mangoes when you go there. It has a tropical climate and the best time to visit here is from November to March when the heat and humidity, both are low.

Top Thailand Attractions and Places to Visit

So, In case you decide to do vagabonding here, let me tell you some must visiting places here-

Floating Market

So as the name, Floating markets are a unique way here to do the shopping and eating where the vendors carrying the fruits and eatables in the boat. It’s an authentic travel experience that gives tourists a closer look into their traditional way of life. This at-least-one-time visit place is crowded in the morning but once you will reach there, you will be mesmerized by the colors, chaos, atmosphere, and flavors which makes it very distinctive. Some of the famous floating markets here are Amphawa and Damoen Sadauk markets.

Similan Islands

Located in the province of Phang Nga in southern Thailand, Similan island is one of the most popular diving destinations in the country. The underwater rock formations and the gorgeous, colorful coral reefs, tropical fishes, just take you to a different world. Basically, Similan refers to the nine main islands in the group. The clear blue water surrounding and exceptional underwater visibility make it the best in the region.

Full moon party

An all-night beach party and a perfect place for bachelors, a full moon party is a party organized along the beach of Haad Rin where people across the globe come to put on their dancing shoes and enjoy the dancing. It is the most happening place to visit in Thailand and it alone draws a crowd of about 20000-30000 people every month. There are also other parties like the Half-moon, Shiva Moon, and Black Moon parties.

The Grand palace

Apart from the exotic beaches, lots of adventures and savoring the taste of seafood, this place in Bangkok is an important landmark here, which should be at the top of your traveling places’ list. It has both historical significance and splendid arts. One must-see sight in Bangkok, it was a home of the Thai king for 150 years ago, build in 1782. One should dress properly and talk politely to visit this spectacular Grand place.

Ko phi phi

This truly enchanting, and beautiful Phi Phi archipelago is located in the Krabi province nearest to Phuket. Some of the loveliest in Southeast Asia, this picture-postcard island offers stunning rock formations, classic beaches, and colorful marine life and thus attracts hundreds of visitors to stay. One can enjoy the nightlife here to the fullest with the whole island chock full of bars, pubs, and clubs, perfects for the partygoers.

Railay Beach

Again one of the most places in Thailand located in the Krabi province. This island is the home for people who love adventure like trekking. This place is incredible and feels like heaven. And this small place has a lot to offer, and you cannot miss beautiful viewpoints and trekking sites. Railay offers lazy days, sunkissed beaches, chilled-out evenings attract every traveler here.

Chiang Mai

Famous for temples, cheap shopping and night market, Chiang Mai is located in the north of Thailand and has a completely different vibe than Bangkok. Here you can found an intoxicating blend of culture and nature, can meet ethnic hill tribe people, can see elephants at an ethical sanctuary, enjoy stunning waterfalls and plenty of bars to enjoy the nightlife. IT is the largest northernmost city in Thailand. Temples here have breathtaking architectural beauty and fine structure, worth watching.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a perfect place for history and culture Enthusiasts, is a two-hour ride away from Bangkok. It was initially founded in 1350 and there are many temples scattered throughout the city. One can see the Brilliant examples of Thai art here and a wide range of Thai architectural styles. It was the ancient capital of Siam for 417 years. Apart from the architectural styles, visitors here also experience a unique blend of cultural and historical sites, enclosed with an array of fossils.


Escape the hustle in Bangkok and visit this place with beautiful national parks, stunning waterfalls, which is only two hours’ drive from Bangkok. Apart from the natural and wartime attractions, there are interesting museums, Caves, Bridge and some more mesmerizing views. Get this off-beaten track and find peace in this less crowded area.


The place whose switch is always on and fun, fantastic nightlife which is world-famous, night bazaar for shopaholics, and a variety of fun to do for visitors. The beaches with a constant brim, best for the water sports lover. There are lovely islands off the coast that offers diving and snorkeling. The huge Sanctuary of Truth, Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, and many more places to visit here.

Though It is a small country, it has a lot to offer. For those who love beaches, Thai cuisines, Buddhist temples, beautiful resorts and want to experience adventure, This is the right place for you to visit. Enjoy!

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