A descriptive guide to exploring the Top 20 Places in World to Visit in Summer with tips about things to do and places to see.

When it comes to summer season, there is only one thing on everyone’s mind, which is Travel. Everyone works hard during winter season and when summer season arrives, everyone wants to rejuvenate, relax and explore. World is so small to be explored entirely. But there are certain places in the world which can be visited during the summer season.

List of the places in the world to visit in summer.

Top Places in World to Visit in Summer

Koh Samui, Thailand

While there are such a large number of spots to explore in Thailand, Koh Samui is among the ideal summer visiting spots on the planet for holidaying with your friends and family. Best time to visit here is  from March to June. This place genuinely makes a late spring break magnificent!

Whistler, Canada

Situated in the Coast Mountains, Whistler in Canada likewise makes as one of the incredible summer vacation goals. With such a large number of interesting experiences like touring the climbing trails, going on a bear visit, and then some. Best time to visit here is from June to August. Traveling to this town implies seeing the sparkling Canada at the same time.


Being probably the best place to visit in summer in the world, Iceland is the place each explorer should be if nature and experience is the thing that they love. Iceland offers stunning perspectives, Travelers can explore Gullfoss, go on a whale watching tour, witness the northern lights, and more. While this spot can be visited whenever after March, the best time is during July or August.

Marseille, France

Marseille is a lovely port city that fills in as a standout amongst other summer visiting places in France. Marseille appreciates a rich social legacy with over 1500 years of history. Best time to visit here is from June to August. Thinsgs to do in Marseille are Kayaking in Old Port, explore Fort Saint-Jean, caving and hiking and more. Travelers are recommended to Book their stay in advance as it is the peak time.

Salt Lake City, Utah

The capital of Utah is the place you should be for on vacation where you can remain more often outside. With such a large number of lovely sea shores, charming climate, and extraordinary experiences, the Salt Lake City offers an ideal touristy mood where one can relax and rejuvenate. Best time to visit here is from September to October.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is an extraordinary spot to travel in the U.S, particularly when the temperatures ascend as that sets in the ideal opportunity for the world’s best pool parties and Gaming at the gambling clubs. Travelers can visit MGM Grand, Grand Canyon, Fremont Street, Bellagio Fountains, and more. Best time to visit here is from March to May and September to November

Maui, Hawaii

Home to around 30 miles of sea shores, Maui is a concealed jewel in Hawaii. This spot is a standout amongst other occasion goals on the planet, where you can appreciate and live at your very own pace. In any case, if a heaven is all you look for, there’s nothing else that you should be persuaded. Best time to visit here is from April to May and September to November

Colombo, Sri Lanka

In case you’re searching for the modest spots to visit in summer on the planet, Colombo is the best place to go. Colombo offers the ideal experiences to appreciate a break from warmth and embrace it like a master. Best time to visit here is from April to May. There’s nothing in Colombo that you wouldn’t like and that is the thing that makes it so unique.

Barcelona, Spain

In the event that you are searching for the best places in summer, at that point head to Barcelona in Spain. Travelers can visit La Sagrada Familia and Park Güell. Best time to visit here is from April to June. The city has an amazing nightlife because of its very good quality pubs and bars.

Hamburg, Germany

Situated in the north of Germany, Hamburg is a trading port, which is otherwise called the ‘Gateway to the World’. Travelers can visit Heide Park, Miniatur Wunderland, Reeperbahn, Rickmer Rickmers, and more. Best time to visit here is from May to October.


While Colorado is to a greater extent a winter place, it is additionally a late spring heaven worth exploring. Colorado has moderate temperature, letting you enjoy exercises like climbing, mountain biking, fly angling, and the sky is the limit from there. Best time to visit here is from March to May and September to October.


Miami draws travelers, particularly Europeans and South Americans getting away winter. To keep        cool in the bursting heat, Travelers take a plunge in the Atlantic, Biscayne Bay or on the other hand an infinity pool. One have the option to spread out on South Beach, in addition to people-viewing on Lincoln Road and Miami Beach’s epic nightlife will be as engaging as ever.

Dubai, UAE

Try not to mind the high temperature when in Dubai, where you can ski (inside) in the desert and shop at the world’s biggest shopping mall. Dubai is known for it’s weather, food, trade , nightlife and much more. Travelers can visit Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Dubai Mall. Best time to visit here is from March to April.

Kerala, India

The most acclaimed and outstanding amongst other summer occasion goals in South India, Kerala is a name which needs no introduction to explorers over the world. Being an ideal mix of slope stations, tea ranches, backwaters, and sea shores, this tropical heaven of Kerala fills in as extraordinary compared to other occasion goals in June-July.


Much renowned in the midst of the honeymooners, the tropical jewel of Mauritius likewise fills in as one of the top summer occasion goals for all sort of explorers the same. Celebrated for its perfectly clear reefs, tidal ponds, and sea shores, Mauritius appreciates a cool atmosphere in summers that makes it one of the best place to travel in May-June.

Bali, Indonesia

The hiker’s heaven and honeymooner’s paradise, Bali is an ideal mix of mountains, volcanoes, sanctuaries, reefs, and sea shores that makes it one of the best places to visit in summer season. Bali is additionally well known for nightlife, shopping, and its yoga withdraws.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Viewed as the beach front pearl of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a genuine indication of nature’s magnificence. With its pleasant scene, beach front pinnacles, thick timberlands, and pastel structures on the bluff, the Amalfi Coast sparkle brilliant like a star in the night and wakes up with first beam of the sun. Best time to visit here is from May to September.

Paros, Greece.

Situated in the core of the Aegean Sea, Paros is one of the most visited islands in Greece which is well known for its sea shores and rustic towns. The entire town is painted in white which finds some kind of harmony. Best time to visit here is from April to June.

Hoi An, Vietnam

None of the antiquated towns on the planet are as impeccable as the city of Hoi An in Vietnam. Hoi An is an ideal canvas of blended societies and conventions. Travelers can visit Japanese Covered Bridge, Museum of Trade Ceramics, An Bang Beach, and more. Best time to visit here is from April to May.


From the start, Amsterdam may appear to be strange on this rundown, yet summer is the perfect time to visit the city. Dim skies being lifted, celebrations flourish and occasions to appreciate incorporate the Open Garden Days, when guests can look into the private gardens behind the wonderful houses that line the renowned trenches. Amsterdam is a joy place to travel in summers.

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