After a breakup, everyone becomes hurt or sad because breakup will always suck. It doesn’t matter her relationship ended with a bad fight or loving conversation and after break up she need peace in her life. It’s hard to see our friend going through a breakup. Our duty to give her time and teach her to that she is awesome & she will find love again. She is dependent to run her life in owns way. Now she is taken her own decisions, nobody bothers her and now she is free and single.

It’s often painful and hurtful to adjust to life as a single person, everyone needs her close friend who understands her and gives her time. We say to her that she is allowed to be sad. But after she is done with these things, we are the one who says to move on in your life and go head or focus into her career and set her life well. The best thing and good friend duty is firstly to listen her carefully, what she exactly feels about her breakup. Then after guides her in good way. We say to our friend that she is beautiful in her own way, be in single is also a good one. No one runs your life. Only you are one who freely lives your life. Heartbreak doesn’t last forever. You eventually meet someone better than him or what way we say it’s a totally in the positive way because only we are one who understand to her. We tell our friend who through break up that everyone had heartbreak, she learned a lesson and take experiences from her breakup.

When we are too real to our friends & she really mean to us, it’s our time to heal her pain very smooth way because good friends will encourage you to enjoy life, don’t take too much stress and learn to lessons about your bad days you gone through. We should always support her love her when she was very sad. Tell her that everything happens for a reason. It’s her good time or bad time, always be there for our friend. As a friend, we have to be going their home and cuddle up to some TV and playing games with her or pint of ice-cream with her. What she like most we do for her like she is crazy about to go outside, we have to go with her and give surprises to make her happy. We tell her that be patient I am with you always, everyone sees hard times also; it’s depends on us that how we are tackle the situation. We don’t talk about her ex and anything related to them. We are also detached to her ex, because she doesn’t want to connect him again so keep distance after her breakup. Tell her to find her own path in her own time it’s her life to grow very beautifully.

We must have fun together and time spends with her than she doesn’t miss her past days which she gone through. In most times, after her break up she is become irritating and anger comes out. Let her anger gets outs than feel comfortable and tell her not everyone is evil when just one person hurts you. There is someone better than him. Friends are the family that we choose for ourselves. True one always supports her friend in good times or bad times. Life has ups & down & it’s very difficult to our friend deal with a breakup. We become her strong pillar to lean her pain as they deal with breakup. We don’t compare her with ourselves because everyone has different story and we engaged with her in activities which she like most. We always there for in bad times as well as because life is too long to take decisions by our owns way. So never take too much stress and get move on in for our better life.

If your friend has a breakup, do not criticize them about this matter, nor make his or her mistakes unnecessarily. If a friend has mistake, then tell them as a friend, but do not hurry to tell mistakes, give it some time to recover. Avoid talking on these issues immediately after a breakup.  We always cheer up her friend after a break up by patiently listening her complaints, providing reasonable and enjoyable time because that time is like feeling powerless, so a good friend who understand her solve her every problem and realizing her not to do these things in again. Enjoy every moment of life or doing things what are right for us. There are many such friends in our lives who we consider as companies in our happiness and sorrow. With such friends, we speak our heart and share our secrets. Our happy and light moments are also associated with them. Life without friends seems incomplete, while friends have all the colours in life.

If your friend has a breakup then he or will need you the most to get out of this difficult situation and because it is not an easy thing to go through the trouble of breakup. There is only one friend who can understand the pain after the breakup. If your friend has a breakup too, then give them full support. Recommend your friend to think positive. Emphasize that what happened is right for his pr future, it was better to face more problem later on that things were settled.