There is a well known saying that “Healthy Mind resides in a healthy body “. Our morning thus should be also based on increments of the immunity of our body because if our body is healthy, automatically everything should be done with extra energy and on the other hand if the body is not healthy we should not be as productive as we should be In the first morning, we should drink two glasses of water without brushing your teeth, because it’s said that throughout the night contain different bacteria that can filter our body.

These bacteria’s are very strong and natural to detox the body. Detoxification of the body is very important because if it is not properly detoxicated, you should not be feeling healthy throughout the day. Detoxification of the body in the morning is thus very important. We all know that morning rituals are very important and consequently drinking two glasses of water is very important.
You have noticed that those with disciplined morning routines are most energized and productive. You will need to make positive changes to make your routine more productive. Here are some suggestions that you can make in your morning routines.

Boost productivity with morning rituals

Morning rituals are very important and vital part of healthy lifestyle. These rituals decide the overall activities of life and thus it is very important that one should have proper morning rituals with set of some rules and regulations. Having healthy morning rituals boosts the productivity of a person and on the other hand, poor morning rituals decrease the productivity of the overall day.

Here, there is a question that how morning decides the overall activities of the day, so the answer for this question is as follows: We do planning for everything and thus morning rituals act as a planning base for the overall activities of the day. It works in the following manner and it is explained as follows:-

First step is to set goals or set what we have to do in the whole day for the achievement of our goal.

The second step is to decide how the activities should take place. For this step, we should prepare a list in a sequence so that we should know which step should be done after the other.

Third step is to decide the efficiency of the work. Here efficiency means completion of work with minimum time and with maximum output. So in the third step we will assure that we should not waste our time and do quality work in minimum time and maximum quantity.

Last step is the result of our planning process and with that we would come to know that what’s the effect of morning rituals in the productivity of the overall day.

In the last there must be some defaults on the beginning in following the morning rituals but we would find the actual performance and would compare the same with the standard performance and then that the difference is known to be deviation and then we would work on that deviation and as a result we would be able to follow proper morning rituals with set rules and regulations to increase the productivity of the overall day.

One who doesn’t follow proper morning rituals is affected by various unhealthy lifestyle diseases. These are asthma, Diabetes, Blood pressure, etc. The patients of these diseases are increasing day by day and there is a shocking fact that children are also affected by the same. All this happens because the don’t follow proper morning rituals regularly. Regularity is one of the keys of being succeeded in any of the things. Thus regularity in following the morning rituals properly is very important. Self-introspection is very important.

Self-introspection means self-realization of our own. We should give time to ourselves so that we should know our flaws and strong points, and decide the activities for the future accordingly. This is one of the most important morning rituals and it is “Give time to you”. Indeed morning rituals play an important and essential role to boost the productivity of the overall day.

Exercise is one the important ritual for every individual. It’s not necessary that we should join any gym or any aerobics classes; we can also do basic stretches and mediation in our home. We should not need any professional guidance for this, thus we can do the same at home. Dance is the love of most of the individuals. We can also do dance and it acts as one of the best exercises and dance would not be a burden because we can do two things at the same time.

First, we can do our exercise through dance and second we can enjoy and learn various moves. After detoxification of the body, we should do dance and exercise based on individual choice and this leads to the increment of productivity for the overall day. Exercise is one of the important morning ritual and everyone should add this in their morning ritual. There are various unhealthy lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Blood pressure, Asthma, etc. This is because we don’t follow proper morning rituals.

Productivity requires mental attention. Your brain needs to be active and attentive to complete the work. Workload increases the mental stress that makes you mind weak and tired, so you should meditate every morning for better mental health.

To be healthy and messy, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You need plenty of energy to stay productive throughout the day, so feed yourself with some power breakfast like avocado toast, green smoothie, cereal bowl with fruits and seeds.

Never skip breakfast as this food will charge you from morning to night, as well as keeping a box of nuts and proteins bar with you when you are hungry.