Many people usually begin doing yoga when they have serious health issues. However, once the problems have become more severe, it’s harder for yoga to make a difference. That’s why it’s recommended to start practicing yoga when you’re young, as it can have a lot of positive effects on your health.

Bakasana - the cow pose

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Do you want to learn an easy asana that is also beneficial? Bakasana is the perfect option! It may appear to be challenging, but it’s actually the simplest of asanas. Bakasana is a Sanskrit word and is also known as the crane pose. It is highly praised as the pose can help reduce fear.

How To Do Bakasana (Crow Pose)?

If you want to do Bakasana, just do what the instructions say.


  • Start by standing on your mat. This pose begins with a different asana. Put your feet together and stand in the mountain pose.
  • Now slowly lower your body, putting your arms in between your legs.
  • Gently place your hands on the ground and spread your fingers. Make sure your shoulders are not touching your body and are away from each other.
  • Now, raise your hips up as high as you can. Then, bend your elbows out to the side with your arms resting on your knees.
  • Once you have assumed the pose, look downward and concentrate on a certain point. As you inhale, try to shift your weight onto your toes to make the pose more enjoyable.
  • Breathe out slowly and stay in this position for around 3-4 minutes. Then, lower your feet and get back to where you were before.

If you’re just starting out, this posture may be uncomfortable for your wrists, so be cautious. Don’t do it if you have an injury to your arms or wrists. Pregnant women should avoid this pose. People with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome should not do it at all. It is best to practice this pose in the early morning.

This pose gives you a lot of strength and helps you become more flexible. Many people say it is great for your body’s well-being. It also helps to bring balance to your body. This pose has many health benefits that can be helpful for you. Read more to learn about these benefits.

Bakasana Benefits

Bakasana is beneficial for our body in tremendous ways

  • Exercising can help strengthen your body and give extra support to your core muscles.
  • It stretches your upper back, making your spine more flexible.
  • It is beneficial for your digestion and can reduce acidity and help with heartburn pain.
  • This stance aids in the general growth of your body. It assists with coordination, focus, and balance.
  • It makes your organs, especially your groin and stomach area, work better.

Doing this exercise may make you feel like a bird, and breathing correctly is essential. Start practicing this pose to stay physically fit and healthy. If you experience any pain, get advice from a professional. Have fun learning!

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