Pregnancy is one of the important moments for every woman. There is several medicines as well as equipment for its examination. However, all these things work from the very next month of conception. That means that you are not aware of pregnancy at an early stage, Due to which you don’t know what food to eat what are the precautions to be taken etc. Pregnant women need to recognize early signs of pregnancy, for which you have to feel every change that happens in your body.

Let’s know, about symptoms of pregnancy in the first week, indicate that menstruation is considered a symptom of pregnancy. Pregnancy also affects the digestive process, as a result of the hormonal change, leading to constipation.

Early signs of pregnancy include nausea, vomiting, and frequent urination and so on. Apart from this, a woman complains of fatigue when she is pregnant. In addition, some women experience headache as well as swelling of the legs in the beginning. During pregnancy, the taste of the pregnant women’s mouth becomes better. In such a situation, she likes to taste only sour things instead of food.

Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

 Changes in the body: during the early days of pregnancy, the pregnant woman suddenly feels heaviness on her breasts. Suddenly freckles are seen on the face. These changes are seen in the first six months or the last six months of pregnancy.

Child development: in the first week of pregnancy, fertilized egg split. This circle of cells is called blastocycle in the language of science.

 Diet – drink plenty of water; include green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and pulses. Eat fruit with vitamins etc.

Pregnant women feel tired all the time due to changes in hormones. You feel tired all the time due to changes in hormones. Tiredness and sleepiness are the initial signs of getting pregnant; feeling tired after doing minor tasks is extremely common. Increasing levels of progesterone can be blamed for increased sleep trend and continue during the entire first trimester period. The body begins to produce more blood to support the growing embryo resulting in increased exhaustion. It can be cured be eating a healthy diet rich in minerals, vitamins, iron and plenty of fluids.
Nausea – Nausea or vomiting is a common symptom, often referred to as “morning sickness”. This symptom is prominent and may indicate that you are pregnant. Within a few days of conception, you may start to feel restless and feel nausea. Because of an increase in levels of estrogen and progesterone, you may feel vomited as soon as you wake up each day. Nausea does not always occur in the morning, it can happen anytime and can last throughout the day, and this discomfort can continue throughout the whole period of pregnancy.

The urge to eat something special, irritated by something and sensitivity to smell-
Pregnancy hormones play a major role in manifesting your favorite food cravings and can also cause irritation with certain smells. Suddenly increased sensitivity to smell, craving for spicy taste, and some foods may be irritated during the early weeks after insemination, and may continue during the whole of pregnancy. Some pregnant women have a risk of not feeling hungry before they have a period.
A sudden change in mood – Hormonal changes can make you feel either happy or apathetic. Another early sign before menstruation occurs is mood change, it tends to change mysteriously. And you could start crying over most minor or trivial issues. Hormonal imbalance affects the neurotransmitters in the brain, leading to sudden emotional impulses ranging from anger. If you don’t feel normal, take some time to relax.
Reeling of head – A feeling of dizziness and fainting is an early symptom of pregnancy that occurs in many pregnant women. Blood vessels widen, causing a decrease in blood pressure and feeling giddiness and imbalance. This symptom appears during the first trimester and gradually subsides in the following months.

Headache – Headache is the most common menstrual symptoms before they occur. Hormones cause the blood sugar levels to fall, leading to headache, as brain cells struggle to cope with low levels of sugar.
Strange taste in mouth – Hormone activity can cause you to feel a strange taste in your mouth. You will feel as if you have eaten some tasteless metal. Symptoms usually end after the first trimester but some women may persist longer.

Excessive thirst or frequent tendency to eat– Don’t be surprised if you drink a lot of water, increase your blood volume can cause you to feel extreme thirst before the date you missed your period. As hormone growth increase, you should feel hungry and want to eat more and more.

Strangest dreams – strange dreams appear to be common in the early weeks of pregnancy. This is a strange pregnancy symptom, where many women experience an awkward feeling within a week or two after conception. Pregnancy hormones work in a bizarre manner, causing a pregnant woman to dream and confuse unnecessarily.
Spots and pimples – Acne and pimples are sometimes common before the scheduled time of menstruation. As a result of increased hormone levels after conception, they can suddenly increase very much. Well, the opposite can also happen, pimples may be very clean before the scheduled time of menstruation and it can be a sign that pregnancy has started.
Feel the heat – It is commonly experienced at the scheduled time of menstruation has stopped, but sudden warmth can also be an early sign of pregnancy.
Breathing may be another early sign of pregnancy because the body requires more oxygen and blood when breathing for two organisms.
Change of choice – pregnancy changes in mood, food tastes, dislikes, smells, etc. Sometimes it’s not just your favorite changes, but it can cause your body to become allergic to your favorite food or odor.
This striation is very common for a woman. These symptoms can help determine whether or not a pregnancy is present during the six to eight weeks of pregnancy.