When our body smells bad and find unpleasant it is termed as body odour. When a person comes in puberty and does not take measures body odour usually become evident at that time. Many of the peoples are obese and they eat spicy food some of the people have their medical problems such as diabetes and etc. These kinds of people mostly have a body odour problem.

Many of the people sweat a lot this is the reason why their body odour. Sweat is from one of the causes of body odour. Sweat itself is a very big reason for odour. In humans when the sweat is a present rapid multiplication of bacteria take place and then the breakdown of sweat into acid happens due to which a very unpleasant smell causes.

Many times body odour is used to identify peoples especially by the dogs and some other animals also. Is a person having different body odour which is based on their diet gender medication and regular life? You will notice that body odour of each person is always different.

Whatever died we contain daily affects our body odour. Many types of food are there such as hot papers spicy food and etc. Mostly the Aroma of onion or garlic which is carried in our sweat. Drinks with caffeine or alcohol me also make you sweat more.

Types of food which causes body odour

1. Spices
As we all know the smell of spices are very strong that’s why they causes body odour spices like curry, cumin a pungent punch when they attached to tongue and teeth.

2. Garlic and onion
Garlic and onion causes odour in our body which gives us a very bad breathe. Even when we sleep after eating garlic and onion our mouth sink and a very bad odour comes. Garlic has many medicinal properties, but it can also be the cause of body odour. When the Sulphur compound allicin present in garlic breaks down into allicin and comes out from the skin pores, it causes bad odour from the body.
Onion also causes foul smell from the body. This can increase the odour of sweat. Therefore, eating raw onion should be avoided.

3. Red meat
Red meat causes very bad odour and also releases all the protein proteins from food through Perspiration. Red meat is high in calories and difficult to digest red meat. It often stays in our digestive system.

4. Fish
As we all know fish contains many of the vitamin and Minerals but it causes very bad odour. Its smells very bad before and after eating. Even if we will convert a by product called choline into the fishy-smelling trimethylamine and whether you will smell it. Fishes having a very strong smell.

5. Cruciferous veggies
Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels, sprouts and cauliflower are cruciferous veggies. During digesting of these food sulphuric acid releases in our body which causes odour.

6. Alcohol
As we all know alcohol is a drink which is acidic. Drinking of alcohol causes odour in our body. There is evidence to say that overdose of drinking makes a lot of good bacteria in the mouth. It causes also mouth odour and tooth diseases. Our body digestible the alcohol to acid. Acetate causes stinking of sweat.

7. Asparagus
It does not cause that much odour in our body but it gives effect on your urine smell. After eating it the stinky chemicals that are excreted in urine as their body breakdown asparagus. It doesn’t result to everyone.

8. Milk
Milk has high amount of order causing sulphide compounds it does not fight bacteria properly which are present in the mouth there by it produce bad breath and as we all know milk contain choline which cause nasty body odour.

9. Coffee
Coffee and other caffeinated beverages produce acid in our body which cause body odour it is not antioxidant and it will give bad breath. Coffee is very high in acid, so drinking coffee can make your body smell worse. After a cup of hot coffee, eat cloves or mint. You must change the negativity for the coffee.

10. Pumpkin
Pumpkin gets metabolized into trim ethylamine and it contains choline also. It causes very bad body odour.
These are some of the basic things we used in a regular like to eat which is cause of body odour.
These products are having vitamin nutrients which are necessary for our body so we will not recommend you to stop eating it but eat in moderation. You all are intelligent to decide what is best for your health and what is not. Take a diet which is necessary for you because sometime this sinking and odour can embarrass you in front of many.
These foods can cause to body odour. So it can be consumed in small quantities.

How To Improve Body Odour

Body odour we can also said smell from body. Sometime because of body odour we have to feel embarrassment in front of many of the peoples. So we should take care that our body should not smell. Some of the ways to do it are:

1. Because of sweat sometimes our body odour so apply an antiseptic cream at night before sleeping so that it work while and your body may not sweat. You can also apply antiseptic after taking shower through this the Sweat which was on your body will be washed. Whatever product use you should make so that product contain and antiperspirant.

2. Keep your underarms clean and dry. Because bacteria attacks on and dirty places most. So if you will keep them clean and dry bacteria will have a hard time breeding. Through this your underarms will not odour.

3. If you want so you can also make a solution of hydro peroxide and water which can help you to fight from odour. For making hydro peroxide you need one teaspoon of peroxide one cup of water. Mix them and wipe the solution on underarm feet, groin without clean cloth this solution can help you to destroy the bacteria’s which create odour.

4. The persons who workout daily is having body odour problem for sure, so they should wash their workout clothes often because sweaty clothes are Bacteria breeding ground.

5. You should shave from the pubic places of your body regularly this will help you to prevent your body from bacteria which causes odour in our body.

6. Due to a diet which we contain in regular life body odour is caused as we all know spices are strong and ginger, garlic onions, etc. are the things which produce acid in our body which results in body odour. So we should avoid that kind of diet.

7. You should brush regularly a day for two times so that sinking of your mouth can stop.

8. You should take part regularly so that the Sweat and bacteria’s present on your body can removed and in summer you should take a bath for at least two times because in summer times bacteria attack most and then sweat is produced.

9. Take bath with antibacterial soap so that the bacteria which are present on your body can be killed and you will be prevented from body odour.

10. Use deodorant
You know Deodorant make the skin more acidic so it will become difficult for bacteria to thrive there. Deodorant block the sweating action and then the Sweat will become less so the odour will automatically become less. Always purchase the deodorants which are made of natural ingredients and should always use after searching about it.

11. Foot odour
Because of wearing socks and shoes sweat is produced in our foot so we should what is food once a day to clean bacteria and always clean your food after removing your shoes and socks. If your foot is having dead skin so remove it because bacteria thrive on dead skin through this you can be prevented by foot odour.

If you smell foul, that can cause fungal growth. Use an anti- fungal shampoo to avoid this problem. Avoid processed food. Baking soda and cinnamon powder can help your body to reduce the odour. Apply coconut oil to your skin. The uric acid in coconut oil helps kill bacteria. People whose bodies smell like sweating should minimize the use of high Sulphur food like garlic and eggs.

As we all know body odour is caused by bacteria breaking down sweat and is largely link to apocrine glands. Most of the apocrine glands in the skin are mainly located in armpits growing and the nipples. Mostly the about in our body causes in that skin parts.

In today’s time all the peoples like to have spicy food and outside Food which is acidic and causes odour in our body. We cannot stop eating those because they also have protein and vitamins which are necessary for us but we can eat those things in limit. You should take all the prevention which has described so that you got some help to get rid from body order problem. This problem can make you down in front of many peoples. No one will like to stand with you if you are sinking. So you should be aware for it.

If someone is having body odour problem very much so the person should consult with doctor for once. Sometimes because of any disease our body odour’s. So you should know a difference between normal and disease based odour. Take your self clean so that bacteria would not be able to attack on your body.