A descriptive guide to exploring the Top destinations for family vacations in Europe with tips about things to do and places to see.

Whenever it comes to family vacation the maximum time that we spent on is on deciding a perfect destination for the trip and of course, it is very difficult to select because there are uncountable destinations which are extremely beautiful so, to make it simple below mentioned are some splendid destines of Europe which are full of undefinable ancient monuments and sculptures which are just adorable to explore.

Top destinations for family vacations in Europe


It is the capital city of Greece and is known for its fascinating history, city values, and civilization. A big part of the town’s historic center of around three kilometers is been converted into a pedestrian zone that attracts towards its beautiful archeological sites. It has many magnificent picturesque places which are just adorable to visit and has many interesting sites as the Patission street which is a busy street with buildings like the National Archeological Museum and the N mansions of the Polytechnic School. Overall it is a perfect destine for a family vacation as it has a rich history to explore and roam around.

Places not to miss- The Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Ancient Agora, and the Plaka and Anafiotida neighborhoods.


It is a city down to the early 20th-century generation artists like Antoni Gaudi and has some not to forget buildings which are just unbelievable to believe. Adding to this there are clean beaches, fun nightlife and many options for shopping. In fact, if you are a food lover then it has twenty Michelin stars and for the culture, it has many choices of events. There is a project of Antoni Gaudi of scale and ambition that is only three fourth complete and the time when its spires are completed it will be the tallest church building in the world.

Places not to miss- UNESCO listed “Basilia de la Sagrada Familia”, Barrie Gotic “Gothic Quarter”, Casa Mila, La Rambla.


Well known for its traditional culture it is a city bounded by sea and lies in northeastern France. It has many things that make it a perfect pick for a family vacation as the historic town Quimper which has small pastel-painted, half-timbered houses and pedestrian footbridges with flowers plotted alongside. the town of Vitre has a medieval ambiance including ancient town walls and towers and was awarded France’s title of “Ville d’Art et d’Historie which implies “Town of Art and History”.

Places not to miss- Saint-Malo, Crozen, Quimper and similar lot more places.


Known to be the emerald island Corfu is one of the greenest islands in Greece. It has a rich cultural heritage, beautiful historic monuments, picturesque landscapes, crystal clear fresh seas. It is the land where the first Greek university “The Ionian Academy”, first “Philharmonic Orchestra” and “SChool of fine arts” were founded. It is believed to be the rule of four centuries of Venetians which makes today The Old town of Corfu a UNESCO world heritage site. Altogether it is a nice place to explore with your family.

Places not to miss- Old town of Corfu”Kerkyra”, Vlacherna Monastery, St. George’s Church and don’t forget to visit the unique spot “Canal d’Amour”.


It is a coastal area and is symbolized by its cute and tiny villages, rocky coastlines, splendid beaches, and beautiful mountainous peaks. basically it is a large spread area so if you want to explore its beauty to the fullest then you need to take a car as the routes are not that extensive that they could be covered by bus and also if you hire a car you will have an option to halt at those tiny villages and relax yourself so that you can enjoy your trip to the most. Costa Brava is undoubtedly the land of some magnificent beaches with unusual rock formations and cliffs.

Places not to miss- Pals: Build around a palace it is one of the most attractive villages in Costa Brava, Tossa de Mar, Blanes: home to the best botanical gardens in Europe.


It is one of the most visiting tourist destinations across the world. It was formed in the time of Romans and today it is the leading city and leads in the track of art, commerce, entertainment, media, healthcare and a lot more. It has many beautiful sites to visit the London Eye, Shard in London and is a mesmerizing destination to visit with your family. It has places known for their interior specialties, the heart of the city that rotates smoothly over the Thames river. It has depictions lay down from the ancient Roman times.

Places not to miss- Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, The National gallery, Madamme Tussauds.


Madrid is a city that imbibes culture and art within it. It is home to some of the best museums in the world, along with it Madrid is a green land with beautiful gardens, it has superb shopping options which you can enjoy with your family and also feel the thrill of watching an art exhibition and theaters. Also if you a food lover then you could enjoy the roller coaster of Michelin star restaurant cuisine and relish your taste buds.

Places not to miss- Museo del Prado “One of the best Art Museum”, El Rastro market, El Retiro Park, Puerta del Sol “The gate of the sun”.


The city is full of grand monuments as the Eiffel Tower, the Pantheon and so on. The beauty of this city lies in its detailings as the perfect blend of trees, magnificent pieces of art, and also one thing that cant be left is their fashion sense which is always at the notch to hit the magazines. Paris is the place that could be a dreamland for a child due to the fact that Disneyland is in Paris and no matter what the age is but is is a prominent desire of every kid to see those mickey and Minnie mouse of television in the real world and as you are looking for a family vacation so this could be the perfect click for you.

Places not to miss

Disney land, Paris Catacombs: named as the “World’s largest graveyard” which has remains of six million people and whenever we hear about something like this it creates an immense curiosity to visit the place, Palace of Versailles, Musee du Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Seine River.

Europe is such a beautiful continent which is a land to some beautiful creations like Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia which is a masterpiece by Antoni Gaudi and its construction started in 1882 and still is under construction and is believed to be completed by 2026 and something that makes it special is the kids favorite Disneyland. So make your trip a memorable one with your loved ones.

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