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Born (Date & Place) 14 October,2001 in Los Angeles ,California, United Sates
Full Name Rowan Eleanor Blanchard
Nicknames Row
Height 5’5
Age/DOB 18
Popular Movies/TV Series A Wrinkle in Time (2018), Spy Kids (2011), Invisible Sister (2015), The Back Up Plan (2010), Little in Common (2011)

Series- Girl Meets World (2014-2017), Snowpiercer (2020), Dance -a-lot Robot (2010)

Debut The Back Up Plan (2010)
Awards/Honors Young Artist Award (2015)

Teen Choice Award (2016)

Kids’ Choice Award (2017)

Teen Choice Awards (2019)

Address 350 S. Beverly Dr.

Suite 200

Beverly Hills


Family Father- Mark Blanchard

Mother- Elizabeth Blanchard

Brother- Shane Blanchard

Sister- Carmen Blanchard

Social Profiles

Facebook: Rowan Blanchard




Rowan Blanchard is a known American Actress in Hollywood. Blanchard is also known for her activism. She is greatly active in areas such as feminism, human rights, and gun violence. She posts many of her opinions and her views upon political and social issues. Blanchard posts them through Twitter and through her other social media handles.

She also has spoken at the UN Women and at US National Committees annual conferences as a part of #teamheforshe which is a feminist campaign. She is popularly known for her Disney Channel show ‘Girl meets world’, she was cast as Riley Matthews. Apart from acting she is great singer as well. Rowan Blanchard was named after the character of Anne Rice’s ‘the witching hour’. She is one of the most finest actress in Hollywood who earned so much because of her talent and acting skills plus won many awards and entertained people at such an early age in her acting career.

Early Life & Family

Rowan Blanchard was born on 14 October, 2001 in Los Angeles, United States. Rowan’s full name is Rowan Eleanor Blanchard. The back story about her name is that her name was kept after Anne Rice’s ‘the witching hour’. Her parents name are Elizabeth and Mark Blanchard who are a yoga instructors. Rowan’s family also includes her two younger siblings, Shane and Carmen.

When Blanchard was just five, she began her career in acting. Her first movie in which she was cast was ‘The back up plan’ in 2010 at the age of seven. Soon she appeared in few films and popularly known fr her character in Disney Chanel series ‘Girl meets world’ in 2013. She also wrote a book titled as ‘Still Here’. Blanchard always has been an activist and the one who puts opinions, ideas and views. Her mother also accompanied her to her award function of Teen Choice Award in 2011. She joined her acting career at an very early age and won many hearts by her wonderful performances.

Love Life: Relationships/Affairs

Rowan Blanchard didn’t dated many of the guys but she dated two guys. She dated Owen Lang. She was once rumored to be dating Uriah Shelton. He was a co-star of her in ‘Girl Meets World’. They dated each other in June 2016. But in an interview Shelton clarified that she did not get along with him and that it was only rumors.

In an another interview when Uriah was asked about the same matter, he said that he was never too friendly with any of her cast members and he has a lot of differences with Rowan that they are not that good friends either. Rowan also dated Peyton Meyer. They started dating each other in 2015, and broke up in the same year.

Later it was clear that their relationship didn’t lasted for so long. But Peyton was known of dating few actors before he really started dating her. It also seems that Rowan is likely to keep her relationships private and she is just 18 to be in an serious relationship and she knows it well that she have to focus on her career.

Professional Career: Popular Movies/TV Series/Albums

Rowan Blanchard is popularly known for her role as Riley Matthew. She appeared with this character in the popular series of Disney Channel ‘Girl Meets World” in 2014. Later in 2017, She was seen playing the role of Jackie Geary on ‘The Goldberg’s’. She started acting at the age of five and still trying her best to entertain her audience. The big break she got after debuting was for the film ‘The back up plan’.

As she is a great singer too, in ‘the girl meets world’, she also sang the title song for the series by herself. Rowan is also seen as an active person of Disney Channel Circle of Stars. After one year, she was featured in the Disney Original movies ‘invisible sisters’ in 2015. She played the role of Cleo in that film.

In 2018, she published a book named ‘Still Here’. This book was written by her when she just 17. Rowan was a cast in one of the film adaptation ‘a wrinkle in time’ in 2018. She also won awards such as, Teen choice awards, Kids’ choice awards and the young artist award. But she majorly won these awards for her the most popular film, ‘Girl Meets World’. Rowan Blanchard’s other popular films are- ‘little in common’ (2011), ‘invisible sister’ (2015), ‘spy kids’ (2011). Blanchard’s popular series involves- ‘snowpiercer’ (2020), ‘dance-a-lot’ (2010).


Achieving so much in such small age is an big achievement in itself. Rowan is a popular and one of the youngest star of Hollywood. But she wasn’t really involved in many of the controversies but she was caught up in one controversy. She was into controversy because of her essay she wrote on feminism.

As she was very aware of the surrounding and she was an open minded girl at such age that she also didn’t hesitated to pen down her views, perception, ideas and opinions on the real and social issues. Essay revolves around the topic of feminism. Particularly, this essay was about the significance of inter-sectional feminism.

So one of the Tumbler user asked about what she think on ‘white feminism’. In order to answer this question she gave references about a white pop star, Amandla Stenberg. She called her ‘black woman’ in that answer and which seemed to be disliked by her audience. But many people appreciated her confidence and her answer and people also said that why everyone can’t look at the world the way she sees it.

Less Known Facts

  • “Rowan is best known for her series ‘girl meets world’ but she was not even born when the Disney channel released ‘boy meets world’.”
  • “She has been singing since her childhood and sang a song by herself for her series ‘girl meets world’.
  • “Rowan states that she hates scary movies and she also hates cats”.
  • “She revealed that she is dog person”.
  • “Rowan is an pescatarian and only consumes marine life food.”
  • “She is allergic to the ‘shellfish’.”
  • “Once she said that she is open to liking any gender in the future and which is why she is called as queer”.
  • “Rowan keeps a teddy bear with her everywhere she goes. She says that that teddy bear is with her since her childhood”.
  • “Blanchard’s favorite holiday is, Halloween”.

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