Every day, we all face all odds in our lives. Sometimes there are situations that we may not even want to handle. So many times we have to face a lot of tension while dealing with them. Whether home or office, man has to face stress everywhere in this 21st century because people run so desperately for their work that it is natural to have stressed. In a state of stress, the mood of a man changes all the time and the man does not understand anything in it. At the same time, in case of stress like other diseases like fever, headache and muscle pain, no such symptoms are seen. However, it is easy to explain whether a man is under stress or not.

As we all know stress is that state of mental and emotional strain which is caused by different circumstances held in our daily life. There are a lot of ways how can you find that the person is stress or not from those some are:

1. Acne is the most visible way of knowing about stress. A person is having stress will for sure have acnes. Stress can spread bacteria and through this acne are developed. Higher level of stress causes acne. There are also many other causes of acne but stress is from one of those cause of acne. Through acne stress will be visible on your face very easily.

2. The person who takes much stress will for sure have headache. By taking stress headache occurs. It has been studied that stress contributes in the development of headache. Increase of stress will increase headache for sure. The person who is stressed will always have a lot of headache because of thinking so much.

3. The person having stress can be sick frequently. Because of taking a lot of stress the nerves of a person becomes slow to work and energy level decreases thus a person suffer from sickness. Taking stress can affect your immune system badly.

4. A person who is having stress will always behave fed up. You can see on the face of a person that a person is a stressed or not. Stressed person will become more irritated and behave frustrated.

5. The person who is stress cannot have a proper sleep because of the things going up in their mind. Stress they are having in their mind cannot let them sleep properly. They will have a lot of dark circles and patchy skin. Their eyes will always be full of sadness.

6. A person will go through a many of the health issues like digestive system issue. Stress mainly affects the people with digestive disorders. This will be characterized by stomach pain bloating and etc. This is a very simple way to know that the person is stressed or not.

7. When a person will be stressed that person stop talking more. That person will start living quietly. The person who are stressed always like to be alone and to be in themselves only. They do not like to hang with other peoples or having fun. You will always see a fake smile on their face because the stress which is going up in their mind cannot let them happy.

8. Because of taking a lot of stress many people goes into depression. If a person is having a lot of stress you can see that a person will for sure have a depression. A lot of stress contributes for the development of depression.

9. Sometimes because of taking a lot of tension and stress people’s Heartbeat also become Rapid. Because of taking a lot of stress their heartbeat level increases and this can also have a bad impact on their heart.

10. Many times the people who take a lot of stress have a sweating problem. This is stress causes excess of sweating in their body. Stress significantly increases the rate of sweating.
These were some of the signs to know the person is stress or not accept this there are a lot of Signs and mainly you can got to know by seeing the face of a person that the person is stressed or not It will be visible on their face very easily.

11. Most men are less likely to want to talk about what’s going on in their families. He often speaks of his own mind and his stress gets immortalized on his mental and physical health. Often, under the influence of cigarettes or alcohol, they try to keep themselves away from stress. The tendency to drunk in a stressed person suddenly increases.

Let it be known that stress is not going to make you a problem, but it can also cause a variety of illnesses that will make you feel lethargic. Stress causes a lot of pressure on your mind, which can cause your heart to beat faster, resulting in problems of heart problems such as high blood pressure.
Without stress, life cannot be imagined. An extent psychological stress is part of our life which may prove necessary for normal personality development.