Present scenario is the scenario of lockdown and all of us have to stay at home in order to combat corona virus. But How to stay productive while working from home is one of the best things we can discuss because in the modern world we can stay productive even if we are at home. We can be productive while staying at home but for that planning is very important. Planning is the first and one of the most important functions of every work. Before starting a work from home, one should have a proper plan. One should be all set with an amazing plan and planning should be explained as follows:-

First step is to set goals or set what we have to do in the whole day for the achievement of our goal. Second step is to decide how the activities should be takes place. For this step we should prepare a list in a sequence so that we should know that which step should be done after the other. Third step is to decide the efficiency of the work. Here efficiency means completion of work with minimum time and with maximum output. So in the third step we will assure that we should not waste our time and do quality work in minimum time and maximum quantity.

Last step is the result of our planning process and with that we would come to know that what’s the effect of morning rituals in the productivity of the overall day. In the last there must be some defaults on the beginning in following the business plan we would find the actual performance and would compare the same with the standard performance and then that the difference is known to be deviation and then we would work on that deviation and as a result we would be able to follow proper business plan with set rules and regulations to increase the productivity while staying at home.

Working from home is not an easy job but it is not that toughest and in this competitive world, we have to work, no matter what. Working from home will earn us a livelihood which is very important in today’s era. One can stay productive with some motivation. Our goal is our only motivation so when we feel like giving up, we should think of our goal. We can write our goal in a paper or chart, and where we use to work like in table or anywhere most pf the times, we should stick that paper in front of us, so whenever we feel like giving up, we should consider it, saw it, and remember what we need to do next.

We can also write some quotes like, “Do not quit, because there is opportunity in disguise. According to this quote there is always an opportunity when we feel like it’s not. So we should keep on working. It is a well known fact we should keep on working on regular basis in order to get succeed, so the moment the regularity got missed we would not be able to achieve the desired goals. Self motivation is one of the most powerful thing, Other motivation would also work, but up to a certain limit, but self motivation would work deeply, and it can only be gained by the way of thinking of achieving our goal Thinking doesn’t involve stressing ourselves but positive make plans in order to get our goals.

Being happy is one of the most important feature so after doing work from home, we should do things that make as happy and by this way we can do our work on a regular basis. Spending time or quality time with family members is very important so it is must that we should spend time with family in order to feel fresh. Family is the backbone or they are the one that makes us happy and they also act as our motivators and we can also play games with them and after doing all these things we would be charges against and our productivity can be increased. The whole world is struggling with the crisis of the corona virus right now. Which has led to the situation of lockdown or curfew but there are many works you can do by sitting at home.

Decide workplace – There should not be a glut of personal belongings in the work area. Desk, chair, computer and lighting should be arranges in such a way that there is no problem in the work. You should choose a workplace where there is complete peace. If you work by sitting near an open window, you may be distracted. Try to work in a room whose doors are closed.

A regular work cloth should be used to create an office environment in the work area. Be professionals when you feel professional. Not only will this affect your work, but it will also boost your confidence. One advantage of working from home is that here you do not have to face small obstacles that arise in the office. Here you are saved from the gossip of the kuligas, but many times there can be a lot of problems at home. Therefore, you should set clear boundaries in time and place for the family, children and friends. This way you will not have to be in trouble during challenging tasks. You should turn off facebook, WhatsApp, cell phone and television in order to focus on work.

You should never get caught up with extra work at home. You should increase your focus to become productive and then focus on another after completing one task. From work – from home it appears that a lot of easy work can done at home, but if the proper planning is not done, it can be very difficult to get away with it. This may affect your output. Therefore, it is important to manage everything better by doing work- from home so that both home and office hours can adjust and the productivity does not get affected.