Triangle tattoos are seen as symbols of balance, creativity, and harmony. Each triangle represents a unique facet of life: mind, body, and spirit. They have strong lines and important meaning, while also being a way to show what you believe in. People may get them to represent the connection of mind, body, and soul, or as a sign of stability and power.

This article explains triangle tattoos and what makes them so popular. We’ll take a look at what they can mean and how they are interpreted artistically. Keep reading to find out more!

Triangle Tattoo Designs with Meaning

Let’s look into the exciting world of triangle tattoos, which can provide ideas for your next tattoo because they have many different meanings.

Wrist Triangle Shaped Tattoo Design

Wrist Triangle Shaped Tattoo Design-20 extraordinary motivating Triangle Tattoos for the year 2023

Image Source: Instagram

Lots of people decide to get tattoos on their wrists because they can show it off more easily. They might also pick a symbol that is meaningful to them, as it was thought in the past it could give off a spiritual power. For example, a triangle tattoo in Christianity has a spiritual connotation. This tattoo has small gaps on each side, making it stand out when it is on the wrist. It can also be put on the neck, ankle, and arm.

Tattoo With Footprint Design and Date

Tattoo With Footprint Design and Date-20 exalting Triangle Tattoo pictures for 2023

Image Source: Instagram

This triangle tattoo idea with footprints has a special meaning and looks beautiful. The triangle stands for harmony, balance, and change. The footprints show the journey a person has taken in life. The three sides of the triangle are engraved with important dates, making the tattoo even more special to the wearer.

Triple Reflected Triangle Tattoo With Meaning

Triple Reflected Triangle Tattoo With Meaning-Exciting Triangle Tattoo Ideas for 2023

Image Source: Instagram

A tattoo of three triangles arranged in a certain pattern can mean different things to the person wearing it. For example, it could represent the connection between the mind, spirit, and body, or the past, present, and future. It can also symbolize balance and unity. The meaning of the tattoo can also depend on the person’s individual and cultural beliefs. This tattoo is a great choice if you want to give it multiple meanings.

Double Inverted Triangle Tattoos For Partners

Double Inverted Triangle Tattoos For Partners-20 Inspirational Triangle Tattoo Designs for 2023

Image Source: Instagram

If you’re looking for a tattoo that shows unity, balance, and connection, a double triangle tattoo could be perfect. The intertwined triangles usually overlap to represent two people in a strong relationship. The tattoo shows that together, they are stronger than they are apart. Since this tattoo symbolizes love and commitment, the wrist or forearm is the best place to get it.

Three Triangle Tattoos On The Back

Three Triangle  Tattoos On The Back- 20 Uplifting Triangle Tattoo Artworks for the Year 2023

Image Source: Instagram

This triangle tattoo design looks simple but is special. It is made up of two bigger triangles, which could represent the parents, and one small triangle, which could stand for the baby. It is usually put on the back of the neck, but it can also be put on the upper arm, fingers, wrist, or arm in different sizes.

Triangle Forearm Tattoo With Elements

Triangle Forearm Tattoo With Elements- 20 Magnificent Triangle Tattoos for 2023

Image Source: Instagram

Triangles symbolize immense strength and energy since the weight is divided equally on each side. The tattoo consists of four triangles pointing up and down, each representing one element such as Earth, air, fire, and water. The regular black ink style looks pretty, but adding colors to the tattoo will make it appear more realistic. The ideal body locations for this design are the forearm, wrist or shoulder.

 Wrist 3D Triangle Tattoo

 Wrist 3D Triangle Tattoo -Superb Triangle Tattoo Designs to Inspire You in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

If you are searching for a geometric triangle tattoo that reflects the uniqueness of the person wearing it, this design could be a great option. You could make the tattoo stand out by adding shading to each triangle, which can represent the wearer’s emotions or family members. Every person may have a different interpretation of the design. The tattoo consists of triangles of various sizes intertwined to symbolize endless hope.

Inverted Triangle Lion Tattoo

Inverted Triangle Lion Tattoo -20 Inspiring Triangle Tattoo Ideas for 2023

Image Source: Instagram

A triangle tattoo pointing upwards is a simple yet popular design in body art. It symbolizes a woman, motherhood, creativity, balance, and positivity. To further emphasize power and strength, some add a realistic lion inside the triangle, and a wave representing ferocity, emotion, and strength, making it an ideal tattoo for girls. The best places for it are the leg, shoulder, or upper arm.

Simple Triangle Tattoo Design

Simple Triangle Tattoo Design-20 Creative Triangle Tattoos to Look at in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes a small tattoo can have a lot of meaning. This simple triangle tattoo is perfect for anyone, no matter their gender or age. It is small enough to be put anywhere on the body. Christians view the triangle as representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Thoughtful Triangle Shape Tattoo With Nature

Thoughtful Triangle Shape Tattoo With Nature-20 Thrilling Triangle Tattoo Designs for the Year 2023

Image Source: Instagram

If you’re a nature lover who wants to get a tattoo, this triangle design could be perfect for you. It has trees, mountains, and birds intricately drawn from the bottom to the top. Including a name at the top makes the tattoo even more personalized. You can make it look more natural by using authentic colors, or keep it simple with just black ink.

Geometric Triangle And Circles Colored Tattoo

Geometric Triangle And Circles Colored Tattoo-Twenty Triangle Tattoos That Will Inspire You in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

This is a cute and elegant geometric triangle tattoo that uses sleek and subtle lines. Adding multiple colors to the triangle in the front gives it a beautiful effect. You can choose any two or three colors to make the tattoo more meaningful to you. The other triangles in the back are left without any colors, which creates a 3D effect. The best places to get this tattoo are the forearm, wrist, or foot.

Colored Picture Cosmic Triangle Tattoo

Colored Picture Cosmic Triangle Tattoo-20 Amazingly Inspirational Triangle Tattoos for 2023

Image Source: Instagram

If you want a triangle tattoo that has a scene on it, this might be a great choice. You can pick any design you want, like a mountain range, night sky, or a camping scene, and fit it into a triangle shape. You can also make the two triangles face each other, with different scenes on each one, and use different colors to make it stand out.

Elegant Triangle Tattoo Designs For Man

Elegant Triangle Tattoo Designs For Man-20 Triangle Tattoos to Get You Motivated in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

This awesome triangle tattoo is made up of four triangles, two big and two small, all facing the same way. It symbolizes spiritual, fertility, birth, growth, and imaginative forces, and each triangle has different shading to make it stand out. You can also add a special date in Roman numerals to make it even more special. This tattoo can be placed on the ankle, back, neck, or wrist.

Unusual Triangle-Shaped Tattoo Design

Unusual Triangle-Shaped Tattoo Design-20 Uplifting Triangle Tattoo Designs in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

This triangle tattoo is special and eye-catching. It has geometric shapes and lines that give it an attractive look. It can represent ideas like change, stability, and balance. You can put it anywhere on your body and it is great for people who like geometric art and meanings.

Colorful Triangle Tattoo On Hand

Colorful Triangle Tattoo On Hand-20 Motivational Triangle Tattoo Ideas in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

One of the trending tattoos amongst the youth is the infinity triangle tattoo design, which you can engrave either in black or use ccolorsto make a significant difference in the tattoo’s appearance. This tattoo features two or more interlinked triangles, making the connection look like it is going on infinitely. Siblings usually prefer these tattoos because they are also called sibling tattoos owing to their inter-connection. The tattoo is highlighted by the splash of colors in the background.

Classy Two-Triangled Tattoo Design

Classy Two-Triangled Tattoo Design-20 Inspiring Ideas for Triangle Tattoos in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

This beautiful triangle tattoo has two triangles that overlap and point in one direction. The direction they point can be chosen depending on your preference. The bottom triangle is made of thick and bold lines and the top triangle is slightly faded with shades of black. The meaning of this tattoo depends on who wears it and it can be put in places such as the upper arm, wrist, neck, ankle, or back.

Forearm Triple Triangle Tattoo Design

Forearm Triple Triangle Tattoo Design-20 Triangle Tattoos to Help You Stay Inspired in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

This tattoo is made up of three triangles, with the bottom one being black. It can represent something different for each person, like being the youngest sibling. It is perfect for siblings to get and make it more personal.

Unique Triangle With Mountain Range

Unique Triangle With Mountain Range-20 Triangle Tattoo Designs to Keep You Motivated in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

If you want to show both the beauty of shapes and the greatness of nature in a tattoo, an upside-down triangle with a mountain range can be a great choice. The triangle often stands for femininity or water, while the mountains stand for strength, ambition, and determination. When these two are put together, it creates a nice balance between them. You can get this special and symbolic tattoo on your back, arm, or bicep.

Colorful Triangle Shoulder Tattoo

Colorful Triangle Shoulder Tattoo-20 Impressive Triangle Tattoos for 2023

Image Source: Instagram

This is a lovely tattoo of an upside-down triangle with an attractive flower in the middle. The top of the triangle shows that the wearer is open to changes. The design has a popular inscription with a flower and a watercolor background, and you can choose either one or two colors for it. It looks great on the shoulder, neck, wrist, forearm, or upper arm.

Cool Penrose Triangle Tattoo

Cool Penrose Triangle Tattoo-Twenty Encouraging Triangle Tattoo Ideas in 2023

Image Source: Instagram

The design of the triangle is important in making a triangle tattoo popular, as it has different meanings for each person. A triangle pointed down represents female energy, while one pointed up means male energy. In this tattoo, the wearer has two interlocking triangles, which is called a Penrose; this means that something can seem achievable but is actually impossible, which symbolizes a paradox and an illusion.


Overall, triangle tattoos are more than just a design on our skin. They symbolize balance, and artistry, and have deep meanings. People get triangle tattoos for the look, spiritual meaning, or to represent something important to them. Let us know if this article was helpful to you!

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