Applying makeup on eyes is done in many ways. This attribute of makeup is based on the type of eye shape we have, the kind of eyebrows we have. There are different kinds of eye shape like almond eyes, wide-set eyes, deep-set eyes, prominent eyes and round shape eyes. Similarly, there are different types of eyebrows too well balanced contoured brow, linear eyebrow, round arch eyebrow, angled arch eyebrows and unibrows. People are not satisfied with the kind of eyebrows they have and hairs on eye brows tend to grow too. So, they want to get a ride of it sometimes.

As we know that there are different faces type and for these faces there are separate make ups that are to be done. For these make ups to look really well, that is make you feel full you need a perfect eyebrow that suits the makeup you do. For this to we have to make our eyebrows according to the needs of the people. For this we need to conceal the eyebrows. Concealing here means erasing of eyebrows for a temporary period of time by few products, so that you can draw eyebrows using pencil, not the usual pencil the makeup eyebrow pencil suggested by makeup artist to draw eyebrows you like.

So, before applying concealer to erase your eyebrows there are few things in care while you apply concealer are:

Suitable shades helps: When you are up for filling and hiding the eyebrows behind the concealer. You need to be careful the color that is shade of the concealer you use. Take in care that the shade matches with your skin shades. That will help you to hide the hairs well.

Works to be done before concealing your brows:

  • Combing: Buy an eyebrow comb so that you can shape up, your brows. If you can not get an eyebrow comb at time, you can use your mascara stick after cleaning the wand. Use the comb in downward direction and set the brows the properly.
  • Use of glue: To stick the brows with hairs all together and bind them so that they do not come out from the concealer altogether. Take in care that the glue is washable, removable and not be itchy (or allergic). Do not forget to slick hair to the face.
  • Powder use: This is a special guideline that is given to people who apply concealer on brows while using the glue. As glue can leave its residue that are sticky and can cause harm to while you use concealer.

Pencil shade: When you use pencil over the concealer have a thing or notification in mind to buy the eyebrow pencil that matches the color of hairs on your hair.

Face wash: Before doing all the works like combing, be careful and wash your face ten minutes before you start combing eyebrow hairs as it can affect of glue’s sticking capacities.

Plucking brows: Do not pluck all the brows if you think it will not be able to be hidden behind the concealer.

Use of highlighter: You can use concealer as highlighter to highlight or feature the main beauty portions of eyes.

Concealer use: It can be used in the end when full eye makeup is done, so that the shape given can not be tarnished, this is done by drawing a rough outlines of eye brows by a thin layer of concealer. But before applying this do final check on the brows that are:

  • Is the eye brow color matching the real hair color of the hair or his/her facial hairs?
  • All the products used on eye brows have not left any area with any space.
  • Is the shape perfect or not?

After applying concealer to hide hairs you can use pencil to mark dark archs of the brows, people want according to their makeup and face shape. Do not forget to fill the whole lines as it will make eyebrows look awkward and fake.  Do it first and then work on other portions of eye makeup that is eyelashes and others.

If you have any doubts, then rework on the makeup and if arch is drawn a bit wrong, then concealer can be used here. At the end only a single advice looks won’t go wrong if you apply makeup with perfection and you are confident about it too. Smile to that works wonders too.