Born baby change your whole life. The cradle of babies is not that easy. Through crying try to tell their needs and in the beginning, it’s hard to know what they are trying to tell you.

Why Do Babies Cry?

The main reason why babies cry is whether they are suffering from any pain or they need food. Sometimes because of distressed babies also cry. Sometimes babies cry to grab attention from others so that others make them more comfortable. As we all know pain is a feel so we cannot say that newborn baby has pain or not. You can get to know when the baby gets distressed and start crying. Parents know that when their baby cries they need some comfort so they hold their baby in their arms and mothers feed their babies no matter they are hungry or not.

It is also observed that many times during using the procedure to carry out the newborn baby e are likely to result in pain. This is also the reason why babies cry.

Surgical procedures in the hospital during the birth of a baby also give them pain which we do not realize. It also results in distress. Babies cry because they want to tell us something with their tears. If your baby cry just after feeding it may be the sign of heartburn. Remember that if your baby feeds from a bottle should make we’d sure that the discomfort is not from swallowed air.

Generally when a new baby born the baby cries around 2 to 3 hours per day. It mainly happens during the first month of birth.

Sometimes because of not getting proper sleep baby cries. Baby needs proper sleep and when they do not get it they become irritated and start crying.

By crying baby gives a message to their parents. They cannot communicate so they provide message of their discomfort by crying. The picture of baby crying is very high it is not easy for everyone to listen that. Sometime because of feeling too hot or took old baby also cry because they want to wrapped up in their blankets. Crying is a part of the normal development of central nervous system of a baby.

Try to play with baby and be gentle with them. Try to spend the time as much you can with your baby. When your baby became familiar to you they stop crying.

The only way to calm your baby is to understand their problem or what they want. All babies are different but the common thing in all babies is the tendency to cry. Feed your baby in every 2 to 3 hours hunger is the main reason of crying baby. Many times because of not getting proper rest and sleep baby cry a lot so make them comfortable on the top of your body calm your baby and try to make them sleep. Sleep is very necessary for a newborn baby. Sometimes parents forgot to change diapers of their baby so when their diapers get dirty the itching starts and they start crying. Never forgot to change their diaper because it make your baby discomfort and can cause allergy also.

Sometimes because of weak digestion stomach pain cause to your baby and they start crying at that point hole baby on the left side or onto their stomach to help with digestion. Sometimes when teaching of a baby starts they suffer from pain and they start crying a lot at that point either you take care of them or you can also consult with the doctor.

Sometimes when any new person meets baby and hold them they start crying because they are not familiar to them so try to make familiar to them with every close one.

Sometime during sleeping nightmare take place and at that time your baby start crying and sometime start screaming also. It’s disturbing for you but it’s nothing they will remember in the morning. Sometime because of crying a lot and for much time brain damage can occur in your baby. So if sometime your baby cries more than always consult to doctor for once. Different size of baby your baby is trying to communicate different thing to you. Sometimes when baby cries while asleep it means they are having a nightmare. If you are a parent so you should know that for what your baby is crying. Babies give signs to you by crying that they need something.

Generally there are three types of Tears in baby Eyes basal tears, reflexive tears, and psychic tears. Sometime because of crying a lot baby face turns blue and because of crying breathing of baby stops so always remember that your baby should not stop breathes during crying.

To feel hungry and thirsty

The first reason why a sleeping child is because he is hungry or thirsty. Actually the young one gets hungry time again. Therefore, it is suggested that a new born baby should be fed 8 to 12 times a day.

To become excessively cold or hot

A temperature is also a key to making the baby feel comfortable. Even when excessively cold or hot the child may get irritable. So check the temperature of the room.

Changing diapers

Some babies can tolerate wet or dirty diapers for a short period time while other babies need immediate diapers. A new diaper will help the baby to fall back to sleep more quickly.

Solving the problem before it starts will ensure that you and your baby have a comfortable night. You can change your baby by using the right methods for the baby to cry.

What To do When Baby Cry?

If your baby wakes up crying at night despite all the necessities then it’s likely that they made it a habit. Here are some ways you can help your baby stay calm and sleep overnight.

Mostly a baby is fully depends on a parent. They feed them take care of them love them whenever they needed. So when a baby cries they just want to tell you their needs. Many times it becomes difficult to know that what a baby want and why they are crying but according to time you got to know your baby much well. In starting many parents got panic that how can they calm their baby?

When you got to know that what is the reason behind crying of baby you can calm them by fulfilling their needs and making them comfortable. Baby stomach cannot contain much food that’s why they feel hungry so sweet them regularly according to the time. Feed them on time so their stomach will be full and they will not cry.

Some babies like to change their diapers again and again because they feel uncomfortable and this is the reason they start crying so change their diapers according to their convenience. Always use different bedsheet and blanket to cover your baby and set the normal temperature. So that your baby will not cry. When sometimes your baby cry a lot take your baby in arms and touch them to your chest they also feel better by listening your heartbeat.

Play and talk as much you can with your baby because this gives them a positive Vibe and they stop crying. Sometimes baby cries because of feeling irritated take them somewhere outside so that they will feel better and stop crying.

Proper sleep is necessary for all babies when they do not get a proper sleep they start crying so provide your baby with proper sleep and rest.

When you had make baby comfortable and after that also your baby is crying then think that what makes your baby cry. Newborn baby always like to be e safe and comfortable so always cover them with blanket and then see your baby is feeling comfortable in it or not. In stomach of mother baby listen Heartbeat and when that come out it stops so when you take them in your laps they listen to your heartbeat and feel more comfortable.
Always try to turn your baby again and again because sometimes when they sleep in one position they start crying.

Always try to make your baby familiar with all because sometimes when they see new people they start crying.
Sometimes baby need touch of parents so when they stay away from Mother for some time they start crying so try to make them calm by taking in your Laps.

Sometimes you may take the baby out of the house and turn it into the open air. This changes the baby’s environment, which can make the baby mood better that ever.

Massaging your baby also helps her relax. His or her muscles ache when the child is learning to sit or walk on knees. Baby shower with mild hot water after the massage relaxes his or her muscles.

Children cry when they have trouble with something. In such a situation you can give them a toy. Many times baby cry for getting positivity show firstly give them big smile and try to make them happy by doing some childish things.

Sometimes because of some internal pain baby cry and we got panic so at that point consult to baby Doctor. Because in most cases, crying can be avoided by meeting your need or calming with your consoled presence. But sometimes excessive crying at night can be a sign of some serious cause, such as illness. If your baby does not stop crying at night and one of the following reason is clear you should contact doctor.

• Physical discomfort or diseases symptoms such as high fever or rashes etc.
• Your baby may be scared of something.

If you don’t have any health issues with the baby and he or she crying even when relaxed, don’t be too nervous. It’s normal for a healthy baby to constantly cry. However, this can cause stress and anxiety for you, for your husband and other family members. Still parents try to silence your child.

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