Create beautiful Diya decorations for Diwali 2023 with these easy and simple homemade ideas. Learn how to make creative Diya designs with readily available materials. Perfect for those looking for an affordable and unique way to celebrate!

Simple and homemade diya decoration ideas are an easy and cost-effective way to add a festive touch to any celebration in 2023. With the help of easy-to-find materials, one can create beautiful diyas for Diwali or any other occasion. Get creative and craft some stunning diya decorations this year. Bringing some really creative diya decoration ideas! From unique color combinations to intricate designs, there are tons of ways to spruce up your diyas this Diwali. Let your creativity shine and get ready to impress your family and friends with some amazing Diya decorations this year!

Easy Homemade Diya Decoration Ideas in 2023

If you’re looking for easy or complicated diya decoration ideas, we have the perfect options for you. Take a look at these creative and unique decor ideas with diyas.

Ganpati Diya Decoration Idea

Ganpati Diya Decoration Idea Crafting your own Diya embellishments for 2023

Image Credit: pinterest

Ganesh Chaturthi is a special occasion, and we all know that Lord Ganesh can help clear away life’s obstacles. Here is an idea for decorating with diyas (small oil lamps) – you can put a diya display around a portrait of Lord Ganesh or create a design with Lord Ganesh himself. The traditional diyas look great, or you can use modern, colorful diyas to make it look even more beautiful. It’s the perfect decoration for new beginnings!

Metal Diya Lamp Decoration

Metal Diya Lamp Decoration Home-made Diya ornaments

Image Credit:  flipkart

It’s a great idea to have a large lamp as a centerpiece, decorated with lights and smaller diyas. This will look traditional and elegant. This is a great choice for festivals like weddings and housewarming. It’s really beautiful!

Beautiful Lotus Diya Decoration

Beautiful Lotus Diya Decoration Possibilities for Diya decoration

Image Credit: BUY NOW

A great choice for decorating would be to try Lotus Diya. It has a traditional and vintage feel and looks amazing with lots of color. You can find many designs for the Lotus Diya – add some flowers or extra candles to make it look even better. What do you think?

Go-Green Diya Decoration

Go-Green Diya Decoration Possibilities for Diya decoration

Image Credit: BUY NOW

In today’s world, it is important to be eco-friendly. Here, we have some great ideas for decorating with diya (earthen lamps). You can make diyas with matki or other earthen materials and decorate them with colors to make them look beautiful. These traditional diyas will look great during any celebration and will definitely make an impression.

Diya Decoration with Pearls

Diya Decoration with Pearls Innovative Diya adornments

Image Credit: BUY NOW

Here’s a great way to decorate diyas (traditional Indian lamps). You can use either candle wax or tealight holders with candles in them. Decorate the holders with colors or flowers for a unique look. Do you like this idea?

Laxmi Poojan Diya And Thali Decoration Idea

Laxmi Poojan Diya And Thali Decoration Idea Create your own Diya decorations

Image Credit:  pinterest

When decorating your home for a special occasion, don’t forget to add a special thali decoration. You can make it look extra nice by adding some pretty decorations, like in the picture. Choose as many or as few as you’d like. Place the colorful diyas on the thali and it will look beautiful.

Diya And Flower Decoration Idea

Diya And Flower Decoration Idea Decorating Diyas at home

Image Credit:

We really enjoy decorating the diyas with lots of flowers. Especially when celebrating occasions or Diwali, adding flowers creates a beautiful addition to the diyas and candles. Try using bright flowers like roses and marigolds to go around the diyas. Place them close to the entrance of your home or the puja mandir for a luxurious and gorgeous feel.

Hand Crafted Diya Basket Decoration Idea

HandCrafted Diya Basket Decoration Idea Decorating Diyas at home

Image Credit: pinterest

You can make a pretty and eye-catching diya decoration yourself. Start by getting a diya or tealight candle holder of your choice and painting or decorating it. Then take some paper and thread to make a design on the holder. Use bright thread to make it more attractive and you can also add paper flowers or other decorations to make it look even better. It’s easy to do and looks great! What do you think?

Easy Peacock Feather Diya Decoration

Easy Peacock Feather Diya Decoration DIY Diya ornamentation

Image Credit: pinterest

Peacock Diya decorations are classic and timeless. You can buy a pre-made one or make your own using peacock feathers and lights. You can even make it look better by adding flowers and other small diyas. We love this idea!

DIY Paper Diya Decoration Idea

DIY Paper Diya Decoration Idea Home-based Diya decoration

Image Credit:

Making paper diyas can be an enjoyable and easy activity for both kids and adults alike. All you need is some colorful, thick paper to create the diyas and then hang them on the walls. Add some lights and you’ll have a beautiful Diwali decoration ready! This is a great idea for decorating your home for Diwali.

Diya Painting Decoration Ideas

Diya Painting Decoration Ideas Ganpati Diya Decoration

Image Credit:

You can easily decorate diyas (clay lamps) by painting them with vivid colors. Get any plain diya from the store and paint it however you like – you can make your own designs or just use plain colors and gold borders. This will give a beautiful and colorful touch to your diya decorations.

Thermacol Diya Decoration

Thermacol Diya Decoration Homemade Diya Decoration

Image Credit:  youtube


This is another great idea to try. Making diya decorations with thermal material is an imaginative and attractive way to add more decor to your home. Put thermocol paste near doorways or walls to make your space look more attractive and elegant. You can make it even better by adding nice colors and glitter.

Diwali Diya Decoration Idea Using Clay

Diwali Diya Decoration Idea Using Clay Decorating Diyas at home

Image Credit: Smilingcolors

Would you like to make your own diyas? You can try making these special clay diyas with your own unique designs. You can make them out of clay and add some color to make them brighter. Put the candles in and you are all set! This is a great way to give a traditional look. What do you think?

Elephant Diya Stand Decoration

Elephant Diya Stand Decoration Designing your own Diya

Image Credit: etsy

You can add an elephant diya decoration to your decor to give it a more vintage, regal, and luxurious look. You can also add other decorations near it, like flowers smaller diyas, or candle holders, to make it even more attractive. Elephant diyas are currently very popular.

Swastik Style Diya Decoration

Swastik Style Diya Decoration Home-based Diya decoration

Image Credit: pinterest

You can decorate your home with a traditional Swastik diya. You can either arrange a few small diyas in the design or use one big colorful diya and add a Swastik sign with flowers or rangoli. Both will look beautiful and give you that classic and timeless decor feeling. What do you think?

Diyas On Rangoli Diwali Decoration Ideas

Diyas On Rangoli Diwali Decoration Ideas Designing your own Diya

Image Credit:  Aapkapainter.

On festivals like Diwali, it’s classic to decorate your entrance with a colorful rangoli and some diyas. This can create a really nice and luxurious look. You can do a simple rangoli and add diyas to it, or you can add some flowers for extra brightness. What do you think?

Hanging Brass Diyas For Decoration

Hanging Brass Diyas For Decoration Designing your own Diya

Image Credit: BUY NOW

The diya hanging near the altar is always special. It gives a spiritual feeling and lights up the area. Brass-hanging diyas with traditional designs are a great choice that gives a classic look for any occasion. What do you think?

Flower Petals With Urli Diya Decor

Flower Petals With Urli Diya Decor DIY Diya ornamentation

Image Credit:  Poojabox

We think that an urli diya design can make any event very attractive. You can look at the classic urli design and see how beautiful it is. You can put it wherever you want, such as near a prayer area or in a corner of your house. Placing it close to some small diyas can give you a nice, old-fashioned look. Do you think so too?

Simple Floating Diya Decoration

Simple Floating Diya Decoration Decorating Diyas at home

Image Credit: Asianpaints

If you’re looking to make your diya décor stand out, consider adding floating diyas. These unique and stunning floating diyas will bring a bright and beautiful look to your décor. To really make it stand out, add some flowers to the floating space. It’s a classic choice!

Temple Diya Decor Ideas

Temple Diya Decor Ideas Personalize your Diya

Image Credit:  Indiatimes

Would you like to make a grand statement in your doorway or temple? Consider this luxurious diya decoration! Put together pretty flowers, diyas, candles, and rangoli for a stunning display. It’s sure to get lots of compliments! What do you think?

How To Light Diwali Diyas The Right Way?

If you are looking for decorations for Diwali, make sure to remember these tips for lighting diyas correctly.

  • Make sure to light the first candle in the worship room. If you have a Tulsi plant, add some candles nearby.
  • Do your best to keep the diyas lit for as long as possible during the night, because we all believe that Goddess Lakshmi will come to the houses with bright lights.
  • If you can find it, use ghee instead of oil to light the diyas. People think ghee is more special than oil, and ghee made from cow milk is even better.
  • Put ghee in the big, continuous flame lamp and refill it regularly so that it will stay lit.

We hope you had a great time looking at these awesome Diya decorations. They are perfect for any occasion, and they can definitely add a classic touch and brighten up your home. Do you agree? What do you think about these decorations? Please let us know your opinion; it would be great to hear from you.

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