A descriptive guide to exploring the Top Greece Attractions and Places to Visit with tips about things to do and places to see.

Greece, popularly known for its Democrats, Artists, Philosophers and Scientists doesn’t need any introduction. The Greek divine beings have structured their nation with absolute flawlessness. There are numerous places and attractions to visit in Greece that are just dazzling. There are excellent scenes and landscapes which will leave one entranced, luxuries and drinks will delight ones foodie soul, and local people who will captivate one with their sweet gestures. Greece is purely famous for its world class cuisines, historical monuments, history, modern architecture, beaches, greenery and most importantly the People. From the design to local people, Greece will make ones getaway phenomenal without a doubt. Months of April to November are considered to be the best time of the year to visit this extremely beautiful place.

Here is a list of places which describes the divinity of Greece and makes it one of the best places in the world which everyone should visit at least once in their life.

Top Greece Attractions and Places to Visit


Athens Top Greece Attractions and Places to Visit

City of Athens is a perfect blend of Extraordinary Modern Architecture and Historical Monuments. Athens is perceived by its cutting edge metros, immaculate roads, well-manicured parks and warm hearted people. Athens is very popular for Japanese and Mediterranean Cuisines. Apart from most visited places of this city, there is so much more to explore for the travelers. Travelers should definitely explore National Gardens, New Acropolis Museum, Mount Lycabettus, Temple of Olympian Zeus, The ancient Greek temple of Erechtheum.


Santorini Top Greece Attractions and Places to Visit

Santorini is one of the most well known Greece’s vacation destinations. Santorini is actually similar to a fairyland, complimenting with whitewashed structures, winding pathways, transcending sapphire arches and stretches of sky blue water. Landmarks, and structures adds to the beauty of this place and thus a lot of songs and movies are shoot here. Santorini is very famous for its Cuisine and rooftop dining experiences. Travelers should also explore and experience Bella Aurora & Thalassa cruise, Skaros Rock, Amoudi Bay, Lignos Folklore Museum, Fira Hiking Trail.


Mykonos Top Greece Attractions and Places to Visit

Culture and Tradition of this iconic place attracts millions of visitors every year. The great whitewashed structures with blue transcending vaults connote the Greek engineering. Iconic  Windmills are the main attraction of this elegant city. Mykonos is famous for its cakes, Seafood, Italian and Greek Cuisines. Travelers should definitely explore and experience Gondola ride, Matoyianni Street, Aegean Maritime Museum, Rarity Gallery, Iconic Windmill.


Meteora Top Greece Attractions and Places to Visit

Meteora is considered to be finest places in Greece. The English interpretation of the Greek word ‘Meteora’ is suspended in the air. Villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki situated at the altitude of 1200 ft are the most mesmerising treat to the eyes of the visitors. This beautiful place is also known for Historic Monasteries. Meteora is famous for its Traditional Greek cuisine. Travelers can also explore and experience Holy Trinity Monastery, Great Meteoron Monastery, Varlaam Monastery, Agios Stefanos, Roussanou Monastery, and Megalo Meteoro Monastery.


Crete Top Greece Attractions and Places to Visit

The biggest island in Greece, Crete is a happening place that is known for scenic views  such as sweeping coastlines, moving mountains, lavish greenery, and rough landscapes. Crete is considered to be most lively and safest place in Greece. This place is known for its intriguing Greek archeological locales and legacy landmarks. Crete is famous for its Desserts, Steaks and Greek Cuisine. Travelers should also explore a Elafonissi Beach, White Mountains, Balos Lagoon, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Spinalonga



Zagori is an uneven place and most visited place during winters and is known as a paradise for nature lovers. This place falls in the district of Epirus. Zagori is full of woodlands, stone scaffolds, streams, waterways, religious communities, and in excess of 45 towns. Many events like Mountain climbing competition and rafting are conducted here annually. Zagori is famous for its pies and organic food.



One of the most well known travelling options in Greece is Hersonissos, an old port town. Ideal for families, couples and solo travelers, it has magnificent sand sea shores, charming exhibition halls, antiquated vestiges and neighborhood shopping center points to explore. The hearty magnificence of the town has its own appeal. This place has Luxury hotels and budget friendly hotels as well and is most famous for Seafood- mainly Fish, coffee and drinks.



The brilliant Greek sea shore town is terrific and its excellence and tidiness is awe-inspiring. Venetian observatory at the northern point is flawless to sit above the city and get to know the amazing history of this city. An ideal getaway place, Tsilivi is appropriate for surfing, parasailing, sunbathing. This place is famous for its deep fried desserts, finger food and cocktails. Travelers should definitely explore and experience Tsilivi Waterpark, Fantasy Mini Golf, Adamieion Ceramic Art Studio, boat tour to the Gorge, bowling game.



Nafplio has been formed by an assortment of societies throughout the years. Nafplio is one of the most lovely and luxurious places of Greece. One will discover the signs of the Ottomans and Venetians on the design and the cooking styles. It is one of the exceptional spots to visit in Greece. Nafplio Is known for its vegan food, appetizers and Mediterranean cuisine. Travelers should definitely explore and experience Palamidi Fortress, The Bourtzi Fortress and streets of the town which looks like that of Italy.



Corfu is an island situated on the northwest coastline of the nation. This place is unquestionably  the best island to visit in Greece. Locate your ideal heaven on one of the numerous sea shores this island brings to the table. The rough mountains in the scenery give an ideal differentiation to white sandy sea shores. This place is famous for Mediterranean cuisine and seafood. Travelers should definitely explore and experience Gorge at Agni Bay , Cape Drastis on the northerly point of the island. Vlacherna Monastery , Sidari on Corfu Island, Old fort of Corfu.

Travelers can also explore various other exotic places and attractions of Greece such as Therasia, Sifnos, Patmos, Nisyros, Parga, Cape Sounion, Apokoronas and Rethymnon.

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