Good sleep is very important to stay healthy. Many of us often have to change curves before sleeping. Some people who do not sleep for too long have to take sleeping medicines. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you will feel tired and stressed the next day. The more food we eat to stay healthy, the more it is necessary to have good sleep. Sleep has the effect on your whole lifestyles. Tiredness, weakness, reduced eyesight, irritability etc. There are a few ways to get to sleep more quickly to make you feel fresh throughout the day.

Tips for Quick Sleep

1. Determine the time to sleep and wake up

Many people sleep late at night, rarely open their eyes in the morning, or even go to bed late in the morning, leaving them exhausted throughout the day. Although six to eight hours of sleep is enough to refresh your body throughout the day, sleep times are different for each person, but it’s important to have a fixed time to sleep and wake up. Sometimes it’s too late to sleep at night but try to wake up at your scheduled time. So that you can then go to bed at the same time at night.

2. Make distance from mobile and T.V.

Watching TV and mobile before going to bed at night has become a common part of lifestyle. These days – you can watch TV, use mobile, but when you go to sleep, stop watching TV and keep your mobile too far away from you, even if you can read a book that lets you sleep faster.

 3. Say no to tea or coffee 

Most people get used to drinking tea or coffee before they fall asleep. Avoid tea and coffee before they fall asleep. Avoid tea and coffee at night, and not before bed! Coffee, tea contains caffeine that causes you to lose sleep and can cause problems like wheezing, giggling which can cause you to wake up more frequently during the night and make your sleep worse.

4. Avoid stress 

Many time sleeps does not come because the problems of office, our business etc. keep wandering in our mind, and our mind constantly keeps thinking about it, due to which we do not have sleep or come too late, but it breaks again and again. The solution is that whatever problem you have, write them on a paper and write in front of it that I will think about it in the morning. It seems minor to read, but in fact, by doing again and again, these tips will help you a lot in getting sleep.

5. Try yoga, meditation and exercise 

Whatever you want to do in the morning yoga, meditation and exercise, it keeps our body healthy, as well as internal peace and concentration, and helps to sleep better in the night.

6. Have a light dinner at night 

Our digestion works a little slower at night than during the day, a more spicy food may cause acidity and gas problems, so eat a light diet at night and eat a light meal keeps blood sugar under control. You should try to go to bed an hour or two after meals.

7. Feet should be washed before sleep 

When we wash our feet and lie down to sleep, our mind becomes calm and it is good for a good sleep. Many people like to take a bath before sleeping. It is also very good, night bath makes you sleep better. You get tired throughout the day and as soon as you take a bath, your tiredness goes away and your body temperature becomes right. It makes you sleep well. If you cannot take a bath then it is also very good to sleep by washing your feet, it makes your sleep better.

8. Bed sheet and cleaning nearby

 Make sure that the bed sheets should be clean, and that there is cleanliness around it will make you feel better and get rid of the sleeping problem in a great way.

9. Listen to light music 

If you are going to enjoy music, you may want to listen to light music before bed, but Music with volume should also be light.

10. Feel the breaths 

You feel you’re breathing and exhaling and try to focus all your attention on your breath, even if the attention is removed then repeat this action from the back. Apart from this, you can also focus your attention on the toe. Both methods are very effective for fast sleep, you can try any experiments. Keep in mind that until sleep does not happen, sleep will come soon.

11. Flapping the eyelids

Open and close your eyelashes as quickly as possible, which will help your eyelids get somewhat heavier and allow you to fall asleep more quickly.

12. Relax the issues

If you want to sleep as soon as possible, then relax your issues. For this, you lie straight and stretch the issues from hands to feet for a while and then slowly relax.

13. Do yoga

You may feel what we are saying, but by doing yoga especially Pranayam, you can sleep soundly and deeply. For this do pranayama by lying on the left side. By doing this, you will able to fall asleep very soon.

14. Imagine

If you are not feeling sleepy. Imagine that you are walking in the calm water in heaven, in the gardens or in a boat or focus all your attention on the things that you are feeling. Doing this will make you sleep fast and deeply.

Every person needs sleep just as much as to eat and drink. Many times our body is shattered by exhaustion, or when we go to sleep at night or try to sleep after a day’s work, it does not take the name of sleep. Not sleeping properly or not getting enough sleep is also the root of many diseases. In the case of sleep, many people take sleeping pills without consulting a doctor, which is dangerous. Sleeping pills head to the habit of taking them after which you can’t sleep without the pills every day. So if your problem has increased then go to the doctor.