Smoking is trend these days for boys, girls and even small children. Smoking cigarettes is harmful to health and causes many life- threatening diseases. This has also been proves in a research, Indian people are at the forefront of smoking. Some people use many methods to get rid of this addiction but they do not give up even if they want to.

Whatever the drug is, it brings it to the door of ruin and makes it stand. The world intoxication fills with negative emotions Today, of all the types of intoxication, the most frightening form of smoking is increasing with the mouth spreading like a smoke. It is easy to say that we smoke but due to this we may not be able to add ourselves before time.

If you smoke, when you take a cigarette at the picture on it, the n I would definitely think that ‘I will quit’ but after that you will forget. “Cigarettes freeze tar in your lings…” then you must be thinking but still not able to give up cigarettes. Today we will tell you about positive ways to quit cigarettes, which can make life better for you, get rid of cancer, and do something wonderful for your family.

Quick Tips To Stop Smoking

1.Make plan 

Think about what kind of person you are as a smoker, when do you need a cigarette and why? This will help you identify the advice, techniques and remedies that may be most beneficial to you.

2. Read about successful people 

There are many successful people who used to smoke cigarettes, later quit. Read his success story and see what changes in his life after quitting cigarettes.

3. If you are going to quit cigarettes, quit slowly. It never leaves its habit in a day. If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, reduce it to 8 for one week, then 6, then 4, 2, 1 and then zero for the next week.

4. Control stress 

A major reason to smoke is that nicotine relaxes them from stress. Once you give up smoking, you can try another way to reduce your stress. If possible avoid stressful situations for a few weeks after you quit smoking.

5. Eat foods rich in vitamin C

For example, orange, lemon, amla and guava. Consuming more of these reduces the desire to smoke cigarettes. This is because cigarettes block the supply of vitamin c in your body, which causes a deficiency in your body, which nicotine fulfils.

6. Salty foods

When it’s time to smoke, eat salty food like chips, pastries, pickle. When you have a desire to smoke, put a little salt on your tongue. Your desire to smoke will be gone.

7. Make friendship with such person who do not smoke cigarettes

When your friend, family members, or people who work with you smoke, it’s harder to break the habit of smoking. In your social circle, everyone should know that you are changing your habit, so tell everyone about your decision. Surround yourself with people who don’t smoke and who can help break that habit.

8. Trust yourself 

Believe it you can. Remember the hardest things you have done in your life and feel like you have the courage and determination to give up smoking. It depends on you.

9. Make self imagination non-smoker 

Close your eyes and imagine yourself as non smoker. Imagine that you get out in the morning for jogging or walking. Imagine if someone offered you a cigarette and you are refusing it. Imagine you are throwing cigarettes all over and getting gold medal to do so. Cultivate your imagination.

10. Create a money box

Make a money box and whenever you want to smoke cigarettes, as many cigarettes as possible, put as much money in that box. Then at the end of the mouth, buy your favorite item with that money. If you buy a gift for your boyfriend, wife or children with that money, then you will get amazing. Yes, you can also donate this money to any needy.

 Some easy but effective home remedies for quitting smoking that will help your quit smoking.

  1. Oats – Eat lots of oats. Oats remove deadly toxins from the body and reduce the desire for smoking.
  2. Water – Water also helps flush out toxins from the body. Drink a glass of water 15 minutes before you eat, so that the metabolic rate is controlled. Apart from this, definitely drink some water throughout the day. Water will help in everything and benefit in quitting smoking.
  3. Honey – Honey, which means honey contains vitamins, enzymes of smoking comfortably. Always use pure honey to produce better results.
  4. Ginseng – It is a powerful herb that increases energy levels in the body. When you are quitting smoking, your body becomes vulnerable to stress and laziness. Ginseng helps to deal with all of this.
  1. Red chilli – Red chilli works to strengthen the respiratory system. It also eradicated the desire to smoke.
  2. Basil – You should chew basil leaves instead of smoking cigarettes. By chewing around 2-3 basil leaves every morning and evening, the addiction to cigarette smoking is eliminated.
  3. Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha detoxes the body and helps in relieving the stress as well as relieving tobacco addiction. Cigarette addiction is eliminated by drinking powder prepared from the roots of ashwagandha mixed with water for a few days in a row.
  4. Grape seed – This is the best way to quit cigarettes. Its consumption prevents the harm from smoking by reducing cigarette addiction as well as reducing the acidity in the blood.