Today its area is growing rapidly. It is going to be used extensively in the coming times. It is currently used in car manufacturing, chatbot (which offers co – information while chatting while surfing website), personal digital assistant (Google assistant, Amazon alexa, apple serie, Microsoft corporation etc.) Robot building, computer, Facebook, you tube, speech restoration, weather forecasting, computer science, aircraft building, medicine, space stations, etc.

Many companies are investing in it today artificial intelligence was started in the 1950s. It works through the robotics system. It works on what one thinks. Also responds to facts. Deep blue computer, equipped with artificial intelligence of the IBM Company, defeated kasporov in chess.

Artificial intelligence was founded by john McCarthy. His friends Marvin Minsky, Herbert Simon, Elaine Newell jointly developed and researched early artificial intelligence. Through these techniques, such complex work can be done which is not possible for human beings.

Thus concept of artificial intelligence is that computer system is to be used to perform tasks that a human being normally requires. These include speech recognition and translation into different languages and all that require visual perception and even decision making.

Pros Of Artificial Intelligence

  1. The advantage of the GPS technology 

Using the GPS technology in the car and phone, we can easily access anywhere. We are not worried about ways to forget. We do not have to remember the signs and signboards. Use this technology to reach the desired location. Artificial intelligence is used in these techniques.

  1. Used in everyday works 

“Artificial intelligence” is also used in our smart phones and computers. While writing the keyboard improves our mistakes, gives the option of right words. The GPS technology is face recognition on the machine as well as tagging friends in social media.

Used by financial institution and banking institution to organize and manage data. The smartcard system also uses “artificial intelligence”.

  1. Those used in search of minerals, petrol and fuels

With “artificial intelligence”, we can do many things that man cannot do. Exploration of minerals, petrol and fuel and complex. The bottom of the sea is under intense pressure of water. Fuel is therefore invented with the help of robots.

  1. Plan strategy 

Now “artificial intelligence” is being used prominently in taking pictures of sports like cricket, football, baseball, and chess. It also suggests strategy to the coach.

  1. In the medical field

Artificial intelligence is now being used in the medical field for side effects of drugs, operation, x ray, diseases detection, investigation, radio surgery.

  1. The repetitive tasks are performed by machine intelligence, which humans cannot do. Machines can think fast from humans and they are multitasking. Machine intelligence can be employed to perform hazardous tasks. Their parameters, unlike humans, can be adjusted. Their speed and time are based on parameters only. When humans play computer games or computer control.
  2. Artificial intelligence is used in mining and other fuel exploration processes. Not only this, these complex machines can also be used for exploring the ocean floor as they are beyond the limits of human.
  3. Other benefits 

Machine with “artificial intelligence” takes no break, which can last several hours without stopping. Repeated acts are extremely tedious for man, but machines can do them more easily therefore, more dangerous/deadly in factory, lab.

Accident activities can be done with the help of machines with “artificial intelligence” is the least mistake. The work can be done with 100% accuracy.

Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Cause of unemployment 

“Artificial intelligence” can cause large – scale unemployment. Factories, banks, bulk use of this product can generate thousands of job.

  1. High price and cost 

Putting machines with “artificial intelligence” is a very expensive proposition such as banks, ATM, hospitals, factories etc. Once spoilt, it is not easy to fix. They are also very expensive. The software program of such machines needs to be changed over and over again.

  1. Creative force can eliminate 

With “artificial intelligence we can create new things. Much of the possibility is to rely entirely on “artificial intelligence” and become powerless and lazy and lose our creative strength.

  1. Construction of dangerous weapons 

It is very likely that with the help of this the machines make automatic weapons which will destroy the entire human race by themselves. When this happens, some people can rule the entire human population, exploit it.

  1. Nothing gets better with experience 

Just as man gets new experience on doing new things and does it better next time, “artificial intelligence” techniques may not be able to do so. It works by using software.

  1. Filing to difference right and wrong-

Machines with “artificial intelligence” technology work according to their food program. Machines have no emotions or moral values; they can’t distinguish what’s right and wrong. In case of opposite situation, machines with “artificial intelligence” technology cannot decide.

Artificial intelligence has many advantage s as well as many disadvantages. It is the branch of science that we should use for thought and for human welfare. It is harmful to rely entirely on it. So we need to use artificial intelligence in a balanced way. Artificial intelligence is in India’s infancy and there are many areas in the country in which it can be applied. Gives its potential in the country’s development, the industry has suggested to the government to identify areas where artificial intelligence could be beneficial.

Today the world is changing fast through technology. The state of the art technology is being used in every area to accelerate development and provide better amenities to the people. While industrialization, urbanization and globalization have accelerated the pace of development, it has also given rise to many new problems that need to be addressed every day. While scientific artificial intelligence has many advantages, they believe that the coming of it will cause the greatest harm to human beings because their work is carried out by machines, which will begin to make their own decisions and if they are not controlled, they may be harmful to human civilization.