Once upon a time, a pair of beautiful pheasants lived close to the Sea. The atmosphere which they were getting was angelic and everything looked breathtaking and felt cherishing to the heart, they spent their time happily singing and dancing on the branches of the trees by the Sea. They were enjoying each and every moment of their life like it was heaven on earth for them there. One day the female pheasant told her husband that she was expecting their baby and he must without waiting instantly look for a safe place where she can lay the eggs. The husband listened to her wife’s demand calmly and said, “My dear, what are you afraid of, this Seaside is enchanting and the beauty is just mesmerizing. I think this is the best place for you to lay your eggs here only. We need not go anywhere”.

The wife didn’t agree and thought to herself what is he talking about, the place is obviously not safe. To make an understanding she replied, “Don’t you know? When it is the full moon, the Sea tide can wash away even wild elephants so what are we before them. Understand my concern and let’s go somewhere else for the safety of our eggs.”

Female Pheasant’s Husband was amused with her reply, he said, “I know what you are saying is a fact and pure truth. But the Sea do note have power to harm us. No one could stop the flight of a bird or a fool who would enter fire recklessly? Will anyone have power to challenge Yama (the Lord of Death) to take his life if he can? You can lay your eggs here without any fear.”

Sea was quietly listening to all the conversations going on between male and female pheasants. The Sea thought, “How vain is this bird which is as small as a worm only! And he is challenging me? Let me just drown these eggs into the waters and see what he can do.” Sea felt challenged.

After laying eggs there near the sea, the female bird left to search for the food. In her absence, the Sea thought it was the best opportunity. So, the sea did what it exactly thought. It sent a wave that sucked the eggs into the waters. The female returned to the nest after some time and she looked for her eggs but founded them nowhere. She was angry and disappointed with her husband’s stupidity. It was a bad decision for him to think near the sea she can lay her eggs safely. She told her husband, “You are a fool. I told you that the waves would wash away the eggs. See what happened now? Those who do not heed the good words of a friend will perish like the turtle who fell off the stick. ”

Male pheasant asked, “What’s that turtle and what is that stick?”

She started narrating the story. Once upon a time, a turtle was there in a pond living his life cheerfully. His name was Kambugriva. He had two swans as his good friends, their name was Sankat and Vikat. It was a daily ritual that they on an everyday basis would meet on the rim of the pond and discuss legends of yore. And with the sunset, they part their ways to their home. One year, there were no rains and the water was slowly disappearing from the pond.

Swans were worried about water crises in the pond. They told the turtle, “Friend, What will happen to you? We are concerned about you. How will you survive with water getting depleted day by day from here?

Turtle replied, “I appreciate your interest in me and your concern for me. I know there is trouble ahead if I continue to stay here in this pond. Please, my friends, I request you to find a way out of this crises and save me from such unpredictable tomorrow when there will be no waters. On top of all that, It is very important that we should not give in to despair. According to Manu, all good men should come forward to the rescue friends and relatives in times of need. I have a solution. Look for a stick or any kind of rope, arrange it. I will hang on to it as both of you hold the two sides of the stick or rope and this way you can ferry me to a safe place.”

“We shall do as you say, Friend, we will save you”, the swans said. “But you are required to shut your mouth when we carry out our plans. Otherwise, you will crash to the ground and that would not be good for you”.

When Kambugriva agreed to plan, the swans brought a stick and asked the turtle to hold it tight with his teeth and instructed him in any condition he should not open his mouth. As per the plan, everything was going right. The swans flew off the turtle hanging from it. On the way people saw this sight of a flying turtle with the help of his swan friends, they exclaimed, “See, how clever these birds are.” Turtle didn’t control his urge and trying to respond to the people, he opened his mouth and instantly fell to the ground and the people gathered there killed him at once.

“This story gives us The lesson is that those who do not heed the advice of their well-wishers meet their end like the turtle did. Any day, the survivors are those who foresee a danger in time and those who deal with it when it comes, not like just sit down and wait for it to come and completely unaware. It shouldn’t be like doing something that Yadhbavishya did. Those who leave things to fate and believe in luck will destroy themselves like Yadbhavishya,” said the female pheasant.

Curious to find about what happened with this Yadbhavishya the male pheasant asked the female pheasant “What happened to Yadbhavishya?”