Yoga includes hand gestures which can provide many health benefits. Garuda Mudra is named after Lord Vishnu’s Eagle ride. Doing this Mudra as part of your yoga routine can help bring discipline. It also helps to balance the Vata (Air) element, which keeps your body full of energy. In English, this hand gesture is called Eagle Seal yoga, as ‘Garuda’ means eagle and ‘Mudra’ means gesture or seal. This Mudra also symbolizes inner freedom.

Garuda Mudra Steps

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Let’s read this article to understand how Garuda Mudra works and its advantages.

Posture and Steps

Garuda Mudra is a hand gesture where the thumbs touch each other. This helps to get rid of any fluids that are stuck in your body by warming up and making the air moist. To do this gesture correctly, follow these steps:

  • Take a seat in a relaxed position.
  • Put your hands on your legs with the palms facing up.
  • This Mudra is best used while meditating in poses like Padmasana, Siddhasana, Vajrasana, Swastikasana, etc
  • Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Pay attention to each breath.
  • Place your right wrist above your left wrist. Make sure none of the fingers overlap.
  • Hold your hand with your palm facing up after joining your thumbs together.
  • Your hands should be positioned like a bird’s wings.
  • Repeat the sound of “OM” to help your mind stay focused and to clear away other thoughts.
  • At the same time, it’s important to do this hand movement with both hands.
  • Keep your breathing at the same rate, not faster or slower.
  • Do this hand gesture three times a day for either 5 or 15 minutes each time.

Duration Garuda Mudra

You can do the Garuda Mudra any time or place, either quietly or with a mantra like OM for better focus. It works best if done between 4 and 6 AM, like other mudras. Do it consistently for two months for the best results.

Benefits of Garuda Mudra

  • These are some advantages of doing It Mudra often. They include:
  • The Garuda Mudra helps you to overcome fear.
  • This gesture balances all the elements in the body, specifically emphasizing the air element, which helps treat Vayu dosha.
  • It helps to make it easier to digest food, which can help the digestive system work better.
  • Doing this motion with your hands helps Apana Vayu work better, so you can get rid of tiredness and have more energy.
  • The Garuda Mudra helps to relax and reduce stress and anxiety by activating the Apana Vayu.
  • It gets rid of any fluids that aren’t moving by activating the fire elements, which makes the air in your body wetter and warmer.
  • Making a certain hand gesture helps the lymphatic system stay healthy, which can be helpful for people with cancer.
  • It boosts your immune system and can help with any breathing problems.
  • This movement of the hand helps to ease period pain and prostate problems with its healing effects.
  • Garuda Mudra helps the kidneys, lungs, heart, and stomach work better by controlling the flow of blood in the body.

Garuda Mudra Contraindications and Precautions

Garuda Mudra has lots of health advantages, however, it should not be done by people with high blood pressure as it increases the blood flow and circulation.

Take care while doing Garuda mudra.

  • People who have high blood pressure should be careful not to do this hand gesture too much.
  • Do whatever is necessary, 3 times each day for 4 minutes.
  • Use this gesture when you feel emotionally weak or stuck in your life.

Garuda Mudra is a great way to stay healthy and improve your mental state. This special hand gesture is a quick fix when you are feeling down, overwhelmed, or exhausted. Let us know if this article was useful!


1. Are there any side effects of performing Garuda Mudra?

Ans:  No bad results will happen when you do any of the Mudras, including Garuda Mudra. To get the best results, don’t press too hard on your fingers because it could make you feel restless.

2. Which chakras are activated while practicing Garuda Mudra?

Ans: Advanced yogis can use the Garuda Mudra combined with pranayama to get rid of physical and mental toxins. This Mudra helps to cleanse the body by improving the functioning of the throat chakra.

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