More often that not, we see videos and articles talking about beauty or make up hacks that can make you look younger. Most people try these hacks in an attempt to relive their younger and fresher, and most people end up with disappointing results.

What most people also fail to acknowledge is that the secret to a younger looking and smooth skin is simply: Healthy Skin.

Healthy skin is what can completely alter a person’s face. People who follow a good skin care routine and regularly take steps to make sure that their skin is not accumulating oil, is hydrated, does not have clogged pores, is free from dirt, and is well moisturised naturally end up having younger looking skin.

Skin care gets more difficult as one grows older. When we are children, our skin has a natural system of regulating its oil levels and other hormonal secretions, which consequently makes our skin fresher, and softer. As we progress through different stages of life, our skin alters due to the internal chemical and hormonal changes in our body. These changes can be distinctively observed during adolescence and old age. During the adult phase too, variations of changes can be observed at different ages depending on different skin types.

Why Do You Need Special Skin Care Post 30

People of the age of 30 also experience similar changes. Prominent differences observed can be:

  1. Due to changing hormonal levels, skin can loosen and get elastic, which causes dryness and leads to acne flare ups.
  2. Skin get can extra flaky.
  3. Excessive dead skin accumulation.
  4. Sudden and scattered pigmentation in form of dark spots. Due to a decreased amount of melanin in our skin cells, pigmentation may be a common issue faced at this age. According to aesthetician Renée Rouleau, the cells that produce melanin in our body decrease by 10% every decade after 30 years of age.
  5. Extra sun damage.
  6. Dry and scaly skin due to malfunctioning of the thyroid gland.
  7. Occurrence of fine lines ad saggy skin due to lack to collagen.
  8. Loss of hyarulonic acid causing dehydration and dryness of skin.
  9. Drying of skin due to extra wine consumption which increases number of antioxidants in the body.
  10. Lack of sleep can lead to decrease in the production of collagen which can lead to severe tissue breakage.

Skin Care Tips For Womens Approaching/ In Their 30s

  • Skin care routines can’t not start without the golden tip of staying hydrated! At any age or stage of life, it is extremely important for a good daily consumption of water. Hydration is vital to skin care to keep skin moisturised, preventing dryness, and avoiding acne.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of sugar. It disrupts production and working of collagen in the body, making face look saggy.
  • Switch to more natural make up products. Organic products are much easier and more beneficial on aging skin as compared to chemical products, which due to different bodily changes provide great damage to the skin.
  • Exfoliate! Make sure you scrub your face and skin regularly to avoid accumulation of dead skin and dry cells. Exfoliating also helps get rid of debris and extra oil beneath the outer surface of skin. Exfoliate during the night rather than the day for extra and faster benefits.
  • UV rays from the sun damage skin more after a certain point. Therefore, make sure you are not compromising on sun protection and are regularly applying sunscreen and wearing protective hats when stepping out.
  • Avoid tanning under the sun.
  • Use sulphate free cleansers to unclog pores and remove dirt.
  • Use a retinol night cream regularly to stimulate collagen production.
  • Never go to bed without taking your make up off! This can lead to fine lines, early wrinkles and aging skin. During the day, the skin goes through oxidative stress. While sleeping, it necessary to leave skin open and clear for it to relax and regulate its chemical levels naturally.
  • Apply aloe vera gel to naturally regulate oil levels and other skin secretions. Aloe vera gels also leaves behind a fresh feeling.
  • Wash every time you come back indoors to remove stuck dirt and oil, and don’t forget to moisturise after every face wash.
  • Maintain a good and regular sleeping schedule.
  • Avoid excessive wine consumption.
  • Try to sleep on your back to avoid sleep creases and face lines which may begin to show near the forehead or near the temples of the face.
  • Avoid extremely hot showers! While it may be massively comforting, hot water showers can dry out the natural oils under the skin causing it to dry and develop cracks.
  • Aging/ work leads to stress. Stress leads to tension in cells. Tension leads to wrinkles. Adapt an activity that helps reduce your mental stress levels. Yoga works great for this!
  • Avoid smoking whenever you can – tobacco smoke destroys and damages collagen and elastin which gave face its natural glow, and strength. Inhaling action can also lead to increased wrinkles.
  • Make sure your diet has excellent portions of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. Nothing regulates skin chemical levels like a healthy diet. Nutrition is completely responsible for the hormones and secretions that both, make up your skin and that your skin produces. So, try to keep a healthy diet level to maintain a good level of chemicals in the body. Avoid processed carbs.
  • Keep massaging your skin with lotions or essence oils to maintain blood circulation and delay wrinkles (as much as you can!)
  • Avoid sitting in front of the TV for long hours – the emission from devices can cause heavy wrinkling and accelerate the process of skin aging.
  • Find a suitable moisturizer for your skin type and invest in a day time serum with a good balance of antioxidants.
  • Use a night cream and separate eye cream to keep those wrinkles away.
  • Find targeted face masks catering to different needs of your skin depending on your skin type and apply it weekly!
  • Try looking for skin products that are rich in peptides. They help combat skin against different agents such as pollution, dirt, tobacco smoke etc.
  • Take regular face steams to open up pores, and relieve skin of extra oil and dirt that has been deposited under the surface.
  • Use multivitamins – these have various organic products for different skin benefits.
  • Use fish oil capsules. They help prevent inflammation, adult acne, fine lines and wrinkles. As a bonus, they help keep the heart healthy!
  • Scrub using a dry brush and rub it thoroughly without any soap or moisturiser. It helps promote the skins detoxifying process and softens the skin.
  • Use a face mist. Pour some water in a spray bottle and keep applying the mist 5-7 times during the day to keep the skin hydrated. You can also add rose water or some other essence to the water for that extra freshness and fragrance!
  • Use a hydrating toner.
  • Eat lots of citrus fruits for Vitamin C. It also helps prevent scurvy!
  • Try purchasing a separate cream from your neck (different from your face cream and eye cream) for massaging the area.